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  1. I finally got caught up with subs. Omo now I'm so excited slash nervous for tomorrow's episode. But I wonder if tomorrow we will just get a lot of flashbacks and the big face off won't happen till Tuesday's episode? An said it was the most painful moment of his life, so I'm very worried what will happen to SM. 

    I know there was a lot of discussion about there being 2 bad guys. Is that thought over with now though, since it seems like this bad guy is responsible for everything? Also is anyone feeling slight sympathy for him after finding out he was kept prisoner as a child himself? It's all so horrible, human trafficking and all that. Can anyone explain what the "panhandling ring" would be exactly ? Do they keep children and have them panhandle in the subways to make them money or ...? I've seen something like that in the movie "Slumdog millionaire" but that's just my guess as to what a panhandling ring is. 

    As for the little prince reference .... So I decided to watch the little prince movie on Netflix to help give me some insight into our show. Really good movie btw, except I found out for the movie they added to the story to give it a more happy ending. Apparently the actual book's ending is pretty sad. I can't figure out who represents the little prince in our show, though. Or if there is supposed to be a character who represents the prince at all, or if the story just goes with our story in a way. The bad guy sure liked the part in the story with the prince and the fox where they "tame" one another and "belong" to one another. But he's clearly taken that interpretation of the story to the extreme which is not love, but obsession. Not only that but his obsession is one sided. So in a way, the bad guy is a messed up version of the prince. I also see An in the prince in a way because the prince learns to see with his heart, not just with his eyes. I guess I see An being like the prince with his psychometric powers of "reading" things. I also see it in SM who apparently had/has alexithyemia and has had to learn about emotions of the heart through others. But neither of our main characters are like the little prince in the fact that they all had the innocence of their childhood stolen from them. I worry what is going to happen at the end of our show given the ending of the little prince. The little prince is given the chance to return home, to his little own planet, with the bite of a venomous snake. He chooses to be bitten and is never seen again. (The movie version added more to the story so you won't cry as much don't worry). Anyways, I can see SM choosing death because he doesn't feel like he belongs in this world with all the trauma he's been through. I hope that isn't the case, but he's the one I'm most worried about dying. 

    Anyways sorry I might not make much sense. Just some ramblings.

    Can't wait for tomorrow!! 

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  2. Who else has finished the first 8 episodes? I should have known, but I didn't find out till around episode 6 that there would be 16 episodes. How long are they gonna make us wait?

    I like TaeO as a character, I think he's sweet and loveable, albeit immature and naive.

    That said, I'm all in on the Do Hyun / Song Yi ship. I find them super adorable together.

    But once I found out there would be 8 more episodes, and once I saw TaeO go and buy those heels and purse for Song Yi, I just had this "uh oh" feeling that TaeO and Song Yi will be together by the end of the series. But I guess we shall wait and see! Only way I'd be on board with that at this point is if Do Hyun does something awful which I don't see happening cuz he's such a sweetheart of a character. 

    My least favorite character, easy, that beyotch (pardon my language but it's true) Se Hyun. She's insensitive with her words, all about herself, totally taking advantage of TaeO's kindness, not to mention she's two timing him. Erghh someone can push her off a cliff I won't mind. Oops did I say that. 

    Lastly I love Ga Rin and Hoon but I wish them to give GaRin some more character development, rather than just having her be Hoon's fangirl. So hopefully that happens in the next 8 eps. Also please let Hoon get a lead role in a musical! He has such awesome stage presence and I love his facial expressions and positivity. 

    I'm very curious how the next 8 eps will play out esp in terms of any time jumps. They are all still so young so I wouldn't be surprised if they throw in one or more than one jumps. Anyhow, let's wait and see! Hopefully not waiting too long hehe.

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  3. Morning. DM arrives to gallery. That sneaky former director shows up and brings her a gift basket. Hmm what is this lady up to? Omoooo there's a new intern at the gallery---sindy! Lol oh boyyy. DM is gonna be all kinds of found out now. And she's gonna have to keep pretending that Ryan is her boyftiend!! She announces it to the co workers who are like whaaat. Lol she screams honey and runs to Ryan and trips into his arms! Ooof. Here we gooo. 

    Preview - lots goong on. More fake boyfriend (with real feelings beginning and a scene with them face to face sleeping together), Ryan learning judo, Sindy up to no good, Ryan and SA bromance starting....looks good!!!

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  4. Okay so I guess Ryan sent the pics to DM fangirl self and wants her to post them (making it look like her fangirl self took them). She's looking thru the pics and smiling and blushing lol. She looks at herself in the mirror like why am I blushing now. She has to open the window for air. 

    Ok Sindy is looking at these pics in her car and I think all these comments are like Sindy was so wrong and got SA a jacket that wasn't unique blah blah. Sindy seems pisssed.  Think she wants revenge on Ryan now?? 

    Cut to Ryan at his house, looking at his lion drawing. He hears someone trying to enter his apartment. He grabs a wine bottle and opens the door. It's drunk SA lol trying to get in the wrong apartment oops lol. Wait his arm is broken? I guess he broke his arm in the car crash? Morning with SA waking up on his couch. Ryan explains what happened and how he crawled into Ryan's house the night before. Embarrassing ! Ryan sees him down the elevator to his floor. 

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  5. Quick scene at judo studio. EG taking his frustrations out on the other students there lol. Poor EG.

    Back to park. Ryan is watching some kids play with bubbles. Oooh the paintings he likes are of bubbles! He has a little flashback of himself playing with bubbles and calling for his mom. DM comes up to him at the same time a little boy comes up to them who seems lost. Ryan takes the boys hand and they walk him to where his father is. DM notices Ryan holding the boys hand sweetly. She smiles about it. 


    After reuniting the boy with his father, they continue strolling thru a park. Think DM questions him a little about the hand holding maybe. She holds out her hand for him and they smile. Then seems like she slips a little and he grabs her hand. My stream is lagging and skipping so I'm missing a little. 

    Ryan drops off DM. EG is waiting for her at the top of the stairs. Guess he's questioning her about the fake date. I dunno she thinks he wants money tho so she gives him money. How will he ever speak his true feelings. 

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  6. Ryan and DM at amusement park now. DM has called bff to find out where she wandered off to. They decide to leave but them I think DM convinces him to take some rides with her. Awww cute they are having fun together. Even spreading  cotton candy on each other's faces. Then they go see a lion and she takes his picture by the lion statue (the one we've already seen with him looking so awkward lol). They walk by some people sketching and she stops and ends up holding on to his hand for a moment. He doesn't pull away. But when she sees what she's doing, she pulls back. She takes a sketchbook and they sit down and she draws a cute lion for him. He seems pleased as she walks off after giving it to him. 

    What a cute amusement park scene! 

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  7. More photo shoot with them walking thru the park together. Her bff receives the sos signal and runs off without telling them. Gets to the judo studio. Oo she angry with EG lol. Oooh did EG know about the photoshoot? Maybe he did it so the photoshoot would end cuz he's jealous ? Not sure but that could be it and makes sense. Think bff knows he likes DM. Hmmmm. Just guessing here, don't take me for my word I've been wrong many times lol. 

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  8. Quick scene of EG at his judo studio teaching bff's little boy.

    Back to photo shoot. Oh I thought it was over with. But there's more now. Now she's photographing them just on the street together. She wants them to cuddle up and hold hands. Oooh Ryan seems uncomfortable and DM remembers he wouldn't shake her hand nor would he shake EG's hand. She's quite observant. So instead she holds onto his arm.

    Back to judo studio. EG seems upset that bff didn't pick up her kid yet. She won't answer the phone. So he sets an SOS signal on the boy's watch and tells him to practice falling down lol.


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  9. Omo next day, DM shows up with her bff. Her bff has a camera like she's gonna take pics of them? Guess if she gets pics out there of DM and Ryan then the scandal will die down. Ryan is all shocked cuz isn't that her girlfriend? Lol I think also Ryan saw her bff kissing her husband from afar so now Ryan is all confused like is this an open relationship or what. 


    Now she's doing a photoshoot for them. Looks like the almost kiss is coming. But since her bff is taking pics of it, I don't think an actual kiss will happen. They sure are close though. Dang he grabs her waist and pushes her against the wall. Phew it's getting hot in here. Think Ryan is questioning her now like aren't you uncomfortable doing this in front of her lol. She doesn't understand but I'm almost certain he still thinks they're a couple. He pulls back and walks away. 

    Now he's in the bathroom talking to the mirror like what is really going on. He comes out of the bathroom and her and bff and hugging and taking selfies again lol. Gosh he's so confused. Too funny 

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  10. Next day, meeting at gallery. DM chases Ryan down after the meeting but I'm not sure what they discuss. Some interview? DM is talking to her bff about it now. Hrmm she seems happy whatever it is.

    She pulls out her phone with her bff and messages Ryan as her fangirl self.

    What the heck is she imagining now lol. Omg I can't even explain it. Her and Ryan are in some enchanted forest and Ryan is made up like a lion haha whaaat. K you'll just have to watch yourself cuz I just don't know. DM seems to be extra charming as her fangirl self. Dunno what she's up to. Think Ryan tells her fangirl self that the curator is his girlfriend so stop stalking her or whatever you're doing. 

    Guess he calls DM now and says something about the fake boyfriend thing.

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  11. SA leaving somewhere. All these fangirls swarm his car. This one girl grabs his arm and his manager pushes the girl to the ground. They drive off with a bunch of taxis full of the crazy girls following them. They arrive at next place. The one girl who had been pushed down earlier is already there and hiding in the bushes. Suddenly she steps in front of the van and all we hear is brakes screeching. Cuts to news. I think his car really did hit the girl. It's all over the news. Think Sindy writes on her blog that it's all DM 's fault so she realizes she'll have to pretend to be Ryan's girlfriend now to keep the girls from doing stupid stuff like walking in front of cars aishhh. 

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  12. DM arrives at gallery and goes to speak to Ryan. Unsure what they discuss. Ryan is thinking about SA's biggest fan, the blue notebook owner, aka DM. Man I can't wait for him to discover the truth hahah. Omo think he contacted her via social media. She was walking outside and saw him send a message and up it popped on her phone and she dropped her phone in shock hehe. She gonna get herself in even more trouble heh. 


    DM and Ryan meet with the older gentleman artist I guess to discuss a new exhibition for him. He's very pleased and so is DM  and even Ryan slightly smiles. 

    Back outside, DM sees Ryan looking at her fangirl page for SA. Think Ryan believes this fangirl is a real problem and a stalker. How is DM gonna convince him she/her fangirl self isn't a stalker? Hehe 

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  13. Next day, EG and DM are going to hospital it appears to visit Grandma (her father's mother). They bicker in the hallway and enter the room to see I think Grandma scolding her mom for not taking care of her dad properly. It seems rather awkward nevertheless. 


    Ryan arrives at the gallery. All kinds of reporters and fangirls are hanging around. I guess this is why he wants to play boyfriend to her. He sends her a text as she arrives at her bff's cafe. They talk for a moment then all the fangirls come inside to get drinks. DM hides but hears them talking all kinds of nasty trash about her. Aish those girls. Michin!

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  14. I'm late to stream so I missed who was in the black car of doom. I thiiiiink maybe it was a misunderstanding and someone she knows because she's laughing nervously in the car now. Whoever it was, they're gone now. Ryan and her bicker some in the car. Think he says he's serious about the boyfriend thing but for what reason I can't understand. He drops her off at home and drives off.

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  15. Just finished episode 3!

    Umm so those girls were nuts!

    I don't know what it's like in other countries but where I live, you pull out a gun, real or fake, and point it at someone, you're probably gonna get shot. So when I saw that I was like dang those girls have lost their minds. Although I admire DM for her sympathy and understanding, I'm sorry but they needed their butts whooped. Hurting someone like that is not cool and they sure didn't learn their lesson by getting off without punishment so they'll end up hurting some other poor woman some day. Michin!


    Ok so other than that I really loved the episode. EG is gonna cause me some SLS. The whole sequence at her idol's house was hilarious. But my favorite was the scene with her and Ryan talking in the art gallery. Her positive attitude and strength are so encouraging, and how nice that Ryan is already starting to open up to her about his past. What a lovely pair they are slowly becoming! 

    And yes, he looked darn sexy when he stopped that car at the end. 

    But who was trying to run down DM?! It appeared to be a man...hrmm I'm very curious! 

    If I have a chance to live recap tomorrow I will. Looking forward to the episode though that's for sure :)

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  16. i get both sides of the debate.

    i definitely noticed some continuity issues (for me, the parked car scene stuck out most, considering the police seemed right behind him). 

    but, the issues are not enough to really annoy me or make me distracted from the main story line of the drama. 

    i think i am like @larrysouth - i enjoy the relationships most, even in a drama like this where there is an exciting crime story to follow. 

    sorry @rika978 i want MORE kissing :P

    i feel like at the moment, there is plenty of time left to wrap things up nicely. 

    but i know about 75% of the time, the kdramas i watch tend to flop at the end. so let's wait and see. 


    did anyone catch today's episode? i missed it all, everything. wahh. 

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  17. Did anyone watch today's ep? I'll post some YT clips:




    And previews:



    I'm so glad An saved JI! Yaaay good job An! 

    And their scenes in the hospital were so friggin adorable! I love them *cries*

    I wish I had subs so I knew what was going on in the investigative portion of the drama. 

    I think SM is going to go after the bad guy ruh roh.


    Can anyone translate the last preview? Ppl on YT making it sound like JI and An spend the night together but I dunno if they're just saying that or what lol. Dirty mind here sorry!! 

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  18. Ryan at home, pouring himself some wine. He is looking at that painting from the auction in NY. The one that her idol likes. He actually has two of them. Back at her place, DM is watching her idol video with the painting in it. Back to Ryan, still staring at the painting. What is it about the painting?? I'm so confused lol! The episode ends with a split screen of both of them admiring the painting. Need explanations lol. 


    Preview - Ooooh her idol comes to the gallery lol I dunno what else was going on sorry! 

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  19. Next morning, DM wakes up to some men knocking at her door. OMO! It's the police. Ryan is having her arrested for poisoning his drink?!? Omg they take her to the police station in her pajamas. As she's being taken to jail, there are all kinds of cameras and news reporters. Her family is there too. This has to be a dream lol. Lol yeah it's a dream. She wakes up in the hospital still, holding onto Ryan's hand. He wakes up too. Awkardddddd.


    She hands him some water but he eyes her suspiciously and won't drink it. Ooops. She immediately explains herself and apologizes. She won't let him talk lol. Okay, he finally speaks. Aghhh I missed their whole conversation due to work sorry!! Though I wouldn't have understood it anyways lol. Looks like DM is still there holding his hand. She's asleep and fidgeting all around with his hands. He seems intrigued that he was holding someone's hand hrmmm.


    Next day, DM goes home. She's repeating something in her head nonstop. Must be something Ryan told her. She's holding onto her heart and starts dancing around happily. It must be related to work, right? I don't think she likes him this quickly...hrmmm...

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  20. Uh oh at the hospital now. So is he allergic to caffeine or something?? He was allergic to something that DM put in his drink. Uh oh. She's gonna be feeling guilty now. 

    Oh while he's asleep in the hospital he has some flashback/memory from childhood. He is a little boy and someone leaves him crying at night on a doorstep. We didn't get much. But definitely some trauma there. 

    DM is by his bedside. She apologizes to him in his sleep and wipes off his hands with a wet cloth. 

    He grabs hold of her hand while he's having the bad dream in his sleep. His face looks pained. 

    Ah, there's always a heart behind the cold exterior.

    DM pats his hand gently. 

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  21. So of course there appears to be a crisis at work. Some of the employees go to the cafe to get DM to come help, since I guess she's the only one who can handle it. She's proving her worth even though Ryan fired her. 

    Ryan finds out I guess about what DM did. Sorry I'm not getting all the details. 

    He goes to the cafe to speak to DM. Hopefully he's gonna apologize and beg her to come back to work at the gallery. 

    She appears to be demanding something from him now. To which he's scratching his forehead. 

    I guess he agrees to her demands because she's happy now. Except she still thinks nasty about him. 


    Oh no sorry I missed some due to work. But I think DM put something strange in his coffee drink. And whatever it was made him sick and pass out. omo. DM tries to call him but he doesn't answer. So she goes to find him at the office and he's passed out on the floor. oh no. 

    Her brother I guess was with her cause he came running in. They carry him out frantically. 

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  22. DM is getting a little emotional at the karaoke bar too. She starts screaming stuff I dunno lol. Now the three of them are drinking. Her friend keeps getting a text from someone so I guess she has to leave. I don't think brother wants to be left alone with drunk, emotional DM. Oh she is lamenting about that jerk Ryan. 

    Her friend goes to get her kid. We see the kid's father for a minute. Hmm I'm a little confused. The friend and the guy hug but they are not together at all? Maybe she is the Aunt of the kid and she takes care of him for her brother? Will need subs to clarify this. 


    Next day, DM is working at the cafe with her friend. Ryan comes in. DM giving him the stink eye. Then she goes off on him. But he leaves. 

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  23. DM is consoling herself by watching her idol on TV. She gets a text from her brother and goes downstairs to her parent's house. Her brother intercepts her and pulls her into his room. Not sure what is going on. Guess he got himself in trouble? 

    Oh, maybe mom and dad are fighting. Guess brother and sister are trying to mediate the situation. It's not working. Mom is angry and yelling. It actually seems really dramatic. Maybe mom is saying nasty stuff about DM. DM starts yelling back. She's getting emotional. So her and her mom do not get along? She gets up and leaves. Brother goes after her. 

    Her and her brother talk outside. Her friend pulls up. The three of them go to a karaoke bar. 

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