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  1. 5 hours ago, tdjunlimited said:

    I just checked on my tv schedule. Looks like KBS World TV is not airing live telecast of the entertainment awards show. Sadly they will show it on a delay telecast on the 28th and on the 30th with subs.:bawling:


    Please, if anyone knows any links on how to watch them, please leave them here. I really want to watch this year's because last year we didn't get to see any awards show due to the strike.:cry:

    You can read at the bottom.. how to watch live

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  2. 11 hours ago, rachelyun said:

    Let me share a description about "Pajama friends"!


    It is a reality program about four women (Song Ji-hyo, Joy, Jang Yoon-ju and Cheng Xiao) who work in different fields in the industry and coming together to enjoy a 2 Days 1 Night hotel vacations hotels of different styles within Korea. The common theme, due to shared preferences, have spa pool and/or swimming pools.


    • Common timing checkpoints

    Early Check-in (3rd stop): 11am

    Assembly: 1 pm

    Check-in: 2 pm

    Dinner: 7 pm

    Arrival of Cinderella boy: 10 pm

    Cinderella boy leaves: 12 am

    Clean-down time: 12:30am

    Daniel's Wake-up call: 7:30 am

    Morning exercise: 9 am

    Check-out: 12 pm



    He should be a "cinderella boy" right? :lol:

    @rachelyun..thank you..When will be aired? 

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  3. 7 hours ago, nrllee said:

    Word from underground is that YSY posted in his fan cafe saying he can't sleep coz he's super excited about today!!  I love how relaxed he looked in that segment last night. He is enjoying himself immensely.  LYY looked so sweet and demure.  Nara radiant as usual and PBE laconic and dry.  4 very different personalities but they've obviously bonded well - can't wait for more!


    Today at 2pm KST is the Radio interview, then Press Con at 3:30pm, then Premiere at 10pm!  All systems go! DJ fighting! :D

    Yea...all systems go...Dj fighting..wish for the good result tonight...

    thank you for your update...and for underground too..miss u all:D


    Wow, he gets a lot of gifts from his fans..500 kg..wowww..

    I see YoonSiYoon _Thailand, always send rice every press conference. And food truck too..
    I think I want to do something like that too.. but I don't know how and very expensive I think..:D

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  4. @rosa123 Your answer its confusing me, I am not good in English, but in the first paragraph you write that it's like that you write that comment on YouTube :blink::blink: and in paragraph two, that you told me that I write  comment on YouTube? I rarely comment on YouTube, so maybe you mean the hatter right?:D:D

    @_gillianne19_ Yes, you are right..:)
    And hope the rating for 4 last episodes will be hitting 5%..
    Am happy that I found this forum, so I can get updates about Ysy.:lol:



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  5. 34 minutes ago, rosa123 said:

    that's a troll (shinta) from YSY, it's not the JJY fans, it's in all the YSY videos, but not from JJY, lol

    so I would not like to generalize to JJY fans, because of a troll, with enough time, kekekeke :lol:

    It's because in every comment he always mentions Jjy, how great he is, so I make conclusion he is Jjy fan. So if he is Shinta, his favourite its Jungmin. So he makes a bad name for Jjy fans too.


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  6. @blackberrypie  Thank you for the article, Ysy its really have a good heart. Maybe because he had been through the same situation. 

    On YouTube right now, maybe you read it too, Jjy fans write hate comments about Ysy, in almost every 2d1n episode, with long sentences and write the same thing. First, I was mad, but right now I think how pity she is, her life full of hate with someone who have a good heart. And I am curious when she will get tired:lol::lol:.



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