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  1. I found it ..hahahhaha....Thank you So it proves itself, talent can't hide, no need big broadcasting YSY prove it.. Can be our couple attended together?
  2. Yay...and I hope it will go up and up and up...thank you for the update..
  3. Yea...all systems go...Dj fighting..wish for the good result tonight... thank you for your update...and for underground too..miss u all Wow, he gets a lot of gifts from his fans..500 kg..wowww.. I see YoonSiYoon _Thailand, always send rice every press conference. And food truck too.. I think I want to do something like that too.. but I don't know how and very expensive I think..
  4. @Noorashidah Baharuddin yes I think so..he wears the same clothes like the photo and clip for 2d1n next episode. Wow, it's is going to be an interesting episode..
  5. @nrllee..thank you very much..nice one..han kangho character, it's so interesting, we are going to watch our Ysy play that role, and he is going to nailed it.
  6. @nrllee..sad..I can't read it, can you give the summary? or should I ask from underground?
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