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  1. I'm joining the party of yoo seung ho's come back! The idea of this drama as SBS's buffer for their 2019's big show(s) kinda bothered me. Although nothing is really sure for now. I agree that we have to see first the quality of its materials once they become available. 3 of 4 YSH's post military dramas are penned by rookies. Nothing against them really, some rookie writers have this refreshing way of weaving stories (amazing writers gotta start somewhere) however, I'm wishing that some big name in the industry offer him a script one of these near years. For now, I'm keeping my excitement for BSIB. Where the star's Land will end by Dec 4 that gives BSIB a Dec 10 suppposed premiere. With two months to air, they'll probably have their script reading by this week. I haven't watch Jo Bo Ah in any dramas, is this her first lead role? Her smile is charming, although I find it somehow 'richard simmons', I like her wide eyes too!, hope to see that unique charm in her character
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