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  1. Madam Xu has enlightment dawn upon her in ep 44 on how nice Shiyi is..I just missed the halo over her head to indicate blessing of bodhisattva so that she can finally use all the grey cells of her brain. The divorce agreement faithfully kept company till the end.The prop became as important as a character.It just missed a voice to let us know how it felt to be used in the story..forgotten,remembered, forgotten...... I missed Dongqing and Linbo's lightheartedness in the heavy emotional turmoil and angst of ep 43/44. The decoding of the cryptic message byShiyi's family coul
  2. I think we will have a good dose of noble idocacy.For a gravely ill girl Zhang Han's character will put his love on the back burner..FL mom's conversation with her kinda foreshadowed it.They have been keeping secrets from each other and that never bodes well in dramaland.More than others breaking their relationship I think their differing perspectives will be the catalyst in their upcoming seperation.I like the attempt of the writer here to show that even if others try to create problems a relationship won't break unless the ones in it are not in sync.Though the attempt has been marred by
  3. What I like about the drama is it's blend of the modern thought aesthetically packaged in by gone era props,architecture,custom styling etc.,Makes it more palatable to a viewer like me who would get frustrated if it strictly adhered to everything ancient.Wouldn't be an exciting watch may be an engrossing read as a book.My one lingering frustration was the english translation.Very urbane tilt of it was a difficult reconcile to the historical backdrop. I agree he does the historical genre rather well. I totally credit our general in 'General and I' in ensuring chemistry with ice queen F
  4. Since subs are out for ep 39/40 being vocal for women rights in ancient China was a better watch.Some things still remain relevant up to this era..Either you have a supportive father,husband or matriarch backing your desire for having an identity besides being someone's wife/daughter... I watched 2 historical dramas back to back because Wallace was in this one but it was exhausting trying to understand the nuances of the bygone era.I hope Wallace is not in another historical one for a while so that I get a well deserved break.
  5. Thanks for the translation.I could understand part of the conversation not completely.Wish we could have more scenes of Linbo and his wife..It would have been fun to see how things were post the status change to marriage.
  6. I agree..the family time of bliss was too short..wish we could get at least 1 episode of Xu Lingyi and Shiyi enjoying some tension free time with each other and a proper conclusion for Dongqing and Hupo.
  7. Thanks for the link.I wish we could get some extra episode/s of a stable peaceful family since all the conspirators are out of the picture.
  8. Of course the system was horrendous.A practice set up by men to benefit them but women to lend their tacit support in enforcing it.They didn't know there could be a better way to live than the scheming,plotting and killing.If only the women of those times who enjoyed power tried to bring in reforms for her own kind.But it never worked that way.They made the horrible roots grow deeper and stronger. To speculate Shiyi would be devastated if he took another concubine. We see that play out as a trap to lure the Ou spy in Xu mansion. Going by how her character profile has been..she has t
  9. Madam Luo and Erniang's mom loyal enemies till death made them apart.They enjoyed a more closer relationship than each with their husband in life and death. It is been rightly pointed out on the thread by many thoughtful post writers how life in ancient China was stacked against women and their sufferings inside the harem. Women also were enslaved to the thought that legal wife and concubine can't live in harmony.They have to be bitter rivals and keep on conspiring.The idea of being peaceful and content was seen to be not worthy of consideration. The verbal exchange between th
  10. I guess cdrama have an advantage of strict control of media which isn't the case with dramas of other countries..So it helps them to make curbs on things more effective and successful. The oven line..sounded weird to my ears too.I prefer viki subs they are better done.But they also have used tencent subs.
  11. They have liberally allowed every site to use their subbed episodes and got viewers hooked.Perfect time to stop and get more people inclined to take premium memberships of the company site which produced the show.Wolf warrior marketing is perfectly legal.Billion dollar corporations are good marketers too. I am hoping iqiyi will get the subssoon since both companies share dramas on their sites. You can watch the subbed episodes in the legal site Youtube if you have access.They had it till ep 32 on monday..Were down on tuesday..Now everywhere there is parity of subs being available
  12. It looks like tencent may have put a plug on the sub episodes getting released free with only a little lag from it's vip customers.Once they think they it is okay for other sites to air the subbed episodes free we will get them.
  13. Yup! ActII in Paris has the guys ramping up a notch their pursuance.I am just waiting to see if they can give a better treatment to the cliche plot.They have managed to keep the usual tropes in line till now.ZhangHan does carry this kind of role with aplomb.
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