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  1. The show ends on a happy note.Minglan's life long wish of leading a peaceful life seems a good possibility.The mutineers get punished.Molan is accepted in the family.She looks forlorn,having eaten humble pie at her husband's house. Can only be grateful for Sheng family's benevolence now. The emperor and ED were put in a pedestal as they thrashed out issues of their mistrust and miscommunication.If only rulers of ancient kingdoms were so gracious and wise. I was disappointed on this altruistic twist to the sub plot. Would have loved a scene with Madam Wang reflecting on her actions destroying the lives of her children. Madam Qin's rant at the end blamed her husband for neglecting her sister.She had previously complained about how devoted he was to his 1st wife and her resentment of it. So what was her main grouse about? Was she herself not sure about the real reason of hate towards her husband? Besides such minor plot glitches,some historical inaccuracies of period scenery reconstruction it was an enjoyable watch.I learnt a lot about ancient chinese customs,traditions,dynasties reading the posters here.It was a pleasure interacting with all here.Hope to meet again in a future drama forum.
  2. Thanks for the summary.I hoped for a harsher end to ED.She was the mastermind.The minions got heavy punishment but she was let off so lightly. Very dissappinting.
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