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  1. Count me in! Still have trauma tho after previous ship private chat disaster but their chemistry just too strong to be ignored
  2. I believe difficult here means she played two characters, as a curator and a fangirl at once. She stated in many interviews about this, viki/chinese channel of example.
  3. It's common for actors to have interview after drama project. So we just wait patiently Too bad they didnt promote HPL more like magz pictorical shoot or radio interview (i saw other couple from ongoing drama did radio show together) but who knows? May be Labit couple will surprise us *fingercrossed*
  4. Too bad tvn dont hold annual drama awards. The only award from tvn was its 10th anniversary in 2016. Eungi-hyojin is super cute but kim bora already has bf right? BTW, Jo Jung Suk casted for Shin PD (reply series) new drama, medical genre. So im hoping shin pd will cast kjw. Did he ever got doctor/medical related role before?
  5. He play in many dramas before but sorry I couldnt remember his name His name was mentioned at ending title as special appeareance The convo between eommas, DM mom went to orphanage trying to get YJ back but he already adopted. I think I could understand how hard her situation at that time. She lost her child and DM lost her memories of lil bro. And the ending kiss scene just perfect Thank you chingus for all the joy, laugh, tears, insightful thoughts. Love you ❤
  6. I think this was kjw first shoot if i'm not mistaken. Probably at first pmy seemed a bit awkward with how kjw took care of her but later she's getting used to it
  7. It's actually rules of hangeul pronunciation. K/g meet m will pronounce as "ng" same as b/p meet n will sound like "m" (that's why we say kamsahamnida but it written kamsahapnida) cmiiw
  8. Aww..the preview is out! Seeing from their outfit I think the lovey dovey scene happen next morning? Preview mostly misleading but I have faith in writer nim she wont drag the DM omma problem long or make them breakup. Maybe this time for DM to have personal time & space just like RG. So please writer nim, it's rom com not some makjang melodrama My best guess for the finale is they have art exhibition together or watching SA concert . Umm..but I wouldnt mind if they show us fast forward scene to their marriage life with kids
  9. I think the song would be no.8 "I wanna be (ft.Klang)" by U-mb5. It's not released yet. Maybe next week?
  10. That drawing scene is beautifully done. And PMY unnie..even her shadow so pretty I think I heard/saw it somewhere that KJW is ambidextrous? Cmiiw Oh God..one mistery waiting to unfold..I hope it's not the saddest one bcoz involved DM mom For the "bed scene" hopefully we can get a full version on ep.15? Just like kiss scene in the workshop?
  11. I think DeokMi did expected more than playing card that night hearing she said "mwonde" with that voice. Sorry couldnt insert pic or gif Editor Nam, I want a copy of RG magz too, with A & B cut juseyo
  12. I think so too. Remember when HyoJin said about RG is adopted (after DM mom asked about RG birthday), DM mom looks worried or feel a bit guilty? That makes me sure about it. I hope all this sad story will be settled on ep 14
  13. Usually some people found it online later, like R88 DVD which has some exclusive BTS (of yeolri)
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