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  1. whether they're trolling us or not, another thing that I see from them posting almost simultaneously is the fact that they are both online! Which could mean that they could be chatting and sending "Anyeong" to each other PMY is just so pretty in her latest IG post.. meanwhile, I can't understand KJW's post
  2. This color really suits her.. and her pose reminds me of Ryan Gold's stare when he was looking down on Deuk-Mi during Shi An's meet and greet hehehe I also love their couple gold outfits in the last episode Can somebody tell me what the IG comment was about? I was busy the whole day and did not get a chance to see it before it got deleted
  3. Same here! I’ve been watching kdramas but this is the first time I joined a forum because of a loveteam! Such great chemistry
  4. What's really cute about their scenes are those little sweet gestures, which really seem SO REAL. These things are what real life couples do. Their expressions, the flick of their hands, their smiles, how they look at each other... This is the reason why I really like them. It is almost like watching a reality series!! And I'm not even exaggerating. They both are really great actors.. or is there something more behind all the acting?
  5. I really like how PMY is so small that it is easy for KJW to wrap his arms around her. The clips also show how good of a kisser KJW is. hehehe I wonder if those kisses made their heart flutter at least once?
  6. I also thought about this! Why “Jae”, right? Why not, “Yoon Jae”? They never used “jae” to refer to yoon jae prior to this scene. Is this an adlib? So my delulu mind is saying this could have a double meaning i agree @bliss1004.. let’s really #prayhard Also, notice her smile in that scene, it’s genuine
  7. They’re so cute together sung “thor” mi they really seem so close in real life, they always goof around in between takes. We know that KJW is older than PMY, so she should show some respect to him, right? but why is she so carefree, even attempting to hit KJW with the hammer?
  8. Hi! I'm new here and I signed up because I really like this Labbit couple <3 They are my first OTP after a looong time. The last time I fangirled this hard for a drama was I think way back Secret Garden (Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin).. I also liked other kdramas like Goblin and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo recently but Her Private Life is really heartwarming and in the words of lee sun-joo, "on a different level"!! I hope you can include me in the groupchat! thank you and i hope the best for our Labbit couple <3
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