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  1. A lurker here, but I agree with this. I thought I was the only one, so I stayed quiet. Daniel has misrepresented himself from the start. He is guilty by being secretive and underhanded. It’s ok to have a crush, but be honest. At this point I feel he only thinks of himself, and is taking every advantage available to him. Riding the bus and putting her head on his shoulder and then putting his arm around her really annoyed me. Then, telling her He is going to speak informally to her, and then goes about touching her (poking her cheek), also coming into the house to eat breakfast, and his smirk, giving himself the upper hand, and smiling and waving to her. UGH, That was it for me. I do not like this about his character, totally disrespectful on all levels. Just because he is cute does not give him a pass. I hope this part of him changes. Just because he had a secret crush for years does not excuse this behavior. I will take sincere, inexperienced CEO any day of the week over someone like him. Sorry if I offend anyone, no SLS here.
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