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  1. i send you a private message 

  2. Guess I just have to lonely fangirl him then Btw I'm so happy that he decided to star in those 3 outcoming film. We can expect new content from him at least by this year since it is not likely for him to appear in drama or even variety shows.
  3. Hi, i am a new fan of KNG as well. I finally became a full fledged fan of him after watching him in TFP very recently. Actually this is not the first time I got interested in him as three years ago I first discovered him in LUTYN. But at that time I was still really unfamiliar with the dynamics of fangirling actors and as I watched more and more dramas, my attention started to drift away from him until I had completely forgotten about him. However one day in 2020, I had the sudden urge to watch TFP out of nowhere and being on netflix makes it easier to watch. I binged through everything and finally this time, I fell in love with him for the second time. Since then, in the span of less than one month, I have watched every single movie and drama he appeared of dating from 2010 and above except The Sound of Flower. During this period my interest in him skyrocketed so high that it's safe to say I'm completely smitten by him. As I watched him, I discovered his amazing traits and I fell so hard for him even more and more. I was really hoping to find an active discussion of him in this forum but I guess this forum is too quiet Is there a place where KNG is actively discussed ?
  4. If I may add, asianwiki too. I am very distrubed by the fact that the drama's rating in that site is only 8.5 which is even lower than some other dramas out there even though CLOY are possibly better than those dramas (I'm trying hard not to undermine those dramas but we all know that CLOY deserves a higher rating than that)
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