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  1. Hello friends ^^ early morning actor Sung Hoon did Instagram LIVE at Busan today he is shooting new drama #MBN name " new work" and another Link for 18 min. of his IG Live is saved at facebook fan page " Sung Hoon International " Thank you very much for sharing https://web.facebook.com/SungHoonBang.FanPage/videos/2152547398389381/ and this evening korean fans met sung hoon at the filming place in Busan photo shared by IG : @canaan_manager thank you so much ^^ And friends I cheer you all pls. visit new topic (new thread) for sung hoon new drama MBN as link below thank you ^^
  2. Hello friends ^^ today 2019.03.12 actor #SungHoon went to Busan for shooting #MBN new drama "New work " #신작 photo credit to IG : canaan_manager Thank you ^^ #성훈 씨 드라마 찍네요!^^ #광안리 Translation : actor Sung Hoon is filming today
  3. [ A-AWARDS ] TODAY 2018.12.05 #SungHoon will attend #AAwards ceremony and SungHoon is selected as the 2018 Arena A-AWARDS WINNER
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