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  1. Song Ga-in is, I think, the best guest they’ve had on ILA in a long time. First, her voice blew me away even though I’m not particularly into trot or pandori and secondly, her sweet and fun personality. And she has great taste in men
  2. I read elsewhere that they got together for Na-rae’s birthday Cute Kian giving Sung Hoon a five high at the end
  3. Video by Pro Specs , athletic wear company , that he is a spokesmodel for From last week’s episode
  4. His update on IG today I posted other pics and a video posted by the other members of their get-together on the ILA forum
  5. Updates on Sung Hoon, Si-Eon, Ana-Rae and Hye Jin’s IGs today
  6. His agency and related models based company ACONIC announced an end of 2019 party in Seoul on 11/23/19
  7. Seoul Fashion Week starts this weekend; hoping we’ll see him as he’s appeared at least for the past three years, I think. The two designers’ who he’s associated with and that have shows during FW are Dewe E Dewe E and Caruso.
  8. Hi. I actually DM’d the movie’s director a while back but he never replied about it’s release. It’s been two years since Sung Hoon acted in it so I’m afraid it’s not going to ever be released . I wish we knew why not.... but maybe I shouldn’t lose hope. His first movie Brothers in Heaven took a while to be released in the theater and eventually available on DVD so still hoping.....
  9. He’ll be doing a Facebook live stream on October 19th (when he appears in Malaysia). Details are in the caption
  10. Another IG update - I found Waldo...Sung Hoon . I haven’t a clue what he is taking a pic of in the 2nd pic or where he is.
  11. And he just posted an update to his IG
  12. Message to his fans ... can’t handle the cuteness
  13. Na-rae's friend and famous trot singer (a form of singing in Korea) has been a fan of his since New Tales of Gisaeng. Interestingly, she auditioned for the drama as a singer but did not get the part. He has the best laugh
  14. At an event held by a clothing brand at a department store in Gangnam district of Seoul today
  15. Longer clip. Missed Na-rae as the director/ host but a special “guest” dropped in and with the four idiots, made for a fun dynamic https://www.instagram.com/tv/B3OJXChpFgN/?igshid=lglra0s3mojw Looks like the video was removed now for copyright issues. Sorry about that. The best way to view clips is on You Tube. Just do a search for I Live Alone
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