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  1. Not rambling at all! All precious observations! If, as you have pointed out, “THAT deleted video still in the playlist is something that got published AFTER the yellow shirts kiss”, it makes you wonder what that video after the yellow shirts kiss could have contained, seeing it was (in the order it was put up) AFTER this kiss scene. Hmmm....the possibilities...
  2. Marvellous detective work. I couldn’t find an icon to express my excitement! We need a fireworks icon! Our ship is sailing n we are all on deck setting off fireworks! (Pardon the delulu overflow hehe).
  3. Oh someone should have kept that cotton-bud. We could have called them the CC (cotton-bud couple). So much tension, so much meaning in that moment - all conveyed through that cotton-bud. If a fly flew through between the two of them then, it would have been electrocuted - the air was so charged!
  4. I m doing the same thing! Every other romance couple pales in comparison, in my humble opinion! I know at least one other popular ship I guessed right but I asked myself why I did not take the trouble to follow the signs n ship them as intently as I do this pichi couple. I figured it is because in this case, I like both YIN n LDW as actors individually n as a poss power couple. So it is like picking up the signs of happiness and wishing two lovely people well.
  5. After noticing her feeling those biceps, if there was a current BF, I imagine he would be very worried about his own! I doubt if anyone remotely interested in the two of them could take the (at least perceived) “competition” from these two. The two have drawn a very big circle around them, like the way it was in the script: “this is my woman” and “this man is mine”.
  6. A dozen clues that are telling me someone likes THAT person - You get creative in your professional situation to get closer to that person; You accept correction when that person says you are wrong; You praise that person to the hilt so it is clear there’s no parallel; You highlight traits of that person that shows a high regard, not just infatuation; You think at all times - even when all eyes are on you - about that person’s comfort and safety; You look like you are in love with that person when you are only have to act like you are in love; You find your hand locating that person’s water-bottle naturally; You caress that person’s hand when you think no one can see; You tear when visualising the prospect of a separation from that person for real; You relate so well with each other that people working with you say you and that person are really close; You switch suddenly from being close to being detached when you know everyone’s watching; You treat that person with a closeness that would worry a significant other, if there was one already. But thing is, we saw what you (both) did there. (hehe pardon my delulu coping mechanism).
  7. HEALTH WARNING All who enter this thread, do so it at risk of heart arrest, seizure and theft. You may find that your timepieces - however expensive - no longer work effectively to tell time or to warn you that you should get back to work, study, cooking, or sleep. You may find it impossible to enjoy another highly-rated drama. You may develop a scorn for another romantic drama when a kiss scene comes up. If you are still schooling, you may find Chemistry notes particularly difficult to retrieve from your phone, because you get redirected to this forum instead. If you are in a relationship, you may be secretly pleased your significant one is busy, because being delulu is already tiring you out. Unlike rock-climbing, bungee-jumping and spelunking - all evidently highly intense activities - Pichi couple shipping is not physically rigorous, but it is nonetheless necessary to acknowledge that small developments - like chancing upon a “stroke” in a slow-motion video here can in fact trigger a stroke. Note: Life insurance companies are working out a shipper clause.
  8. I saw something! (Not sure if this has been mentioned before). Can u see where his left hand is resting as they pose for the picture? I don’t know about you all, but as a lady, I would feel “sensitive” about a man’s hand resting there - that would be where the bra-strap is, wouldn’t it? Especially with her raising her left arm to show the sign to the phone camera here. But look at how comfortable she is, no flinching at all.
  9. In the interim, before we engage with the next big heart-stopping slow-mo video, here’s an easy way to remember what to look out for in our Pichi couple: Pouting when he wants a hug Instructing others to take care of her Caressing her hair Hand-rubbing Instinctively mirroring her actions.
  10. Yeah, I agree. Need to set up a tent here to recover. Shipping is tough. With the right video - the slower the video, the faster our shipper hearts will beat!
  11. I have seen the LIGHT! This might be the closest I have gotten to a religious revelation! Thank you @riiko1988!
  12. Hi all, I give up, I have to delurk because I find myself reading n saying “Exactly!” to myself too many times. Pichi couple here are showing signs many (me included) saw in Song-Song couple n Nam Joo-hyuk and Lee Sung-kyung (though this couple broke up later). When Pichi Couple are near each other, they move as people who are instinctively aware of the other. They seem to predict the way the other will move and they can count on the other to make them look right. They don’t leave the other alone, or trail behind or walk ahead. In front of a camera or a crowd, without looking, they mirror each other. One thing I note - and I must concede this is my take - it seems that the character of KJR is someone who has high-functioning autism n LDW conveyed well the character’s inability to understand people’s emotions and reactions but here’s the thing, when the script required him to snap into quick reflexive, seize-the-chance-to-kiss mode, our friend displayed an ease and gumption that can only come from within. To me, he was himself when it came to the kisses with YIN’s OJS, n not the socially awkward KJR.
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