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  1. Our Wookie when he was 17, not much has changed since in the looks department
  2. Was watching Hotel Del Luna on Viki and I thought I was the only one who noticed it, but the girl on the shot looks like YIN that would be awesome if it were true wonder if she would do something uncredited though...
  3. Look at how Wookie’s looks have not changed at all...he’s only gotten thinner...one good thing about him...he tries his best in everything he does...proud of our boy
  4. Just wanted to share my delulu for the day... I wonder what makes his eyes and smile shine? hmmm
  5. Ok I’ll bite!!! This is awesome!!!! My delulu mind says this is in response to the wedding invitation cameo...they are known to show signs before the 14th like the kiss thing. Again this is my delulu mind saying so...please don’t hate
  6. Not quite the post I was waiting for (7/14 related) but I’m glad to see YIN
  7. What does noona-dongsang mean? I m new with all korean term. Abt YIN n her ex, LDW is much better looking in my personal opinion. But attraction do not base on looks alone. Afterall, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While reading the reports (ehem I mean comments), the eagle eye observations, the detective works, the FanFiction part of my mind kicked in.  Older sister-younger sibling. Taeyang has been in a long-term relationship with his gf-now-wife. As for the ex, I think he pursued her first then publicly declared his love. That can be seen as sincere and courageous IMHO. As for my Wookie, he may not have said anything but you can tell there is something there, IDK whether its admiration or love...watch the Goblin special and tell me what you think
  8. Yeah! just looked into it, it is similar about two people meeting again...these two I will ship as long as possible...waiting for the 14th as well...
  9. This is more like a noona-dongsaeng IRL. This was an MV for Taeyang. I have just watched Queen In Hyun’s Man and I see the chemistry there with her ex but it is nothing compared to the chemistry in TYH....or maybe I am just biased because of Wookie . YIN is a good actress I’ll give her that, she can act that she is in love with the actor but the several TYH bts is not acting. I don’t know her personally but it looks like when she gets flustered she laughs which is why Wookie loves to joke around...miss them both
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzgBTyepGxg/?igshid=16n998hnrfqyw Hope Wookie can get some rest after this drama...wonder why he is working so hard? my delulu mind is asking
  11. This!!!! Lol but I just said I was hoping they’d take it slow...well maybe a long engagement then
  12. Yup that’s what I meant, just one episode I believe. When the story drags on even if the solution is pretty simple, I give up on the drama, that’s why I have only finished a few
  13. I’m glad it was short-lived. I could not stand it because it was for such a silly reason but knowing now what it is like IRL in SK, I can see how it could happen that way. Kudos to the writers for the shortest break up among all of the kdramas I’ve watched
  14. Exactly...no need to rush things...we will be here for them I would rather wait...
  15. No news is good news IMHO...as long as they have not officially acknowledged any relationship with someone else, I am for this ship
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