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  1. Wow wow wow! this makes me want to re-watch goblin again hehe. when did LDW do that interview? was it recent?
  2. Really excited for this drama. I've actually never watched a SJK drama before but the plot sounds really interesting. Does anyone know if Kwak Dong Yeon is a villain in this drama? He's one of the main reasons I will be watching this
  3. I really think so too. I'm so glad we get to see so much of her lately. She really looks like she is glowing. My hope for her is that she will have happiness in every part of her life, professionally and personally
  4. Interesting! Could you say more about this? I didn't understand what she was saying :/ Do you mean that they broke up and she is spending a lot of time reflecting? I am a Pichi couple shipper still, but I go where YIN goes! I just hope she is happy. If this is the wrong forum for that, let me know
  5. OMG yay!!!!!! Our queen is killing it! I didn't see her in that IG post though. Is she the one with the short hair in the black dress?
  6. OMG YOURE THE BEST!!! THANK YOU CHINGU!!! I am so grateful for all of you here
  7. Does anyone know where I can watch it? I missed it live :/ I clicked on the YouTube links but it says the video is private.
  8. I hope English subs will be out soon! I love her style! I could never pull that outfit off haha. I would love to see it
  9. I would love for her to do a melodrama!! After watching her Spy drama, I always thought she looked beautiful even when she cried It will be interesting to see her character in Snowdrop. It sounds like she may play the villain? As a sidenote, THANK YOU to everyone here for starting YIN's own thread. I'm so glad to meet other fans of her as well here.
  10. @Phiyou're right, the Bahamas is better haha I was looking at Im Ju Hwan's instagram and he posted some photos of him (and one of Eric) on a white motorcycle. It looks like they're saying goodbye to each other? I assume the bike is his because it's white. Anyways, maybe that means Derek does live after all. We'll get our answers very soon...can't wait!
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