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  1. Kim Bum, on his IG live the other day, said LDW hyung told him to have a "statement piece" for the show, so he has a black necklace that his character wears. I think it's the same brand as LDW's rings. But anyways, in the beginning of LDW's VLive, someone asked him if he was wearing finger rings and he said yes, I am, today I'm wearing black and silver rings. I'm sure those rings were part of his character for TOTNT, but he didn't make any connection to them being a "statement piece". If they were, I would think he would've mentioned like Kim Bum that they were for his character. But they were
  2. Friends, I don't know what's a coincidence and what's not anymore. But anyways, I loved the robe that YIN wore in her drama and found it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CH-n8J3HCFg/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link It's also the same brand as the one that LDW wore in his drama, but the male version: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHy_DSyp2A9/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I don't know why the brand featured LDW on their IG but not YIN. Does that mean he is a model/sponsor for them and YIN is not? On another topic...
  3. @PhiAlso interesting is that during one of the flashbacks when AR and Derek were dating, he took her to the classic car shop and introduced Tinker as someone who was staying with Derek and his family in the states. If I remember correctly, Derek said something about how Tinker was like family or like a brother/son to him/his mom. So he must be connected somehow... Can't wait for this week! The episode preview looks pretty interesting.
  4. Glad everyone on TSWLM is all safe and they can continue filming! @SC2019I am not a fan of Lim Ju Hwan's floppy hairdo either! I hope they change it in the later episodes. He is so handsome but that haircut is not doing him any justice. Eric Mun, for me, is more handsome once you keep staring at him haha. But I totally agree with you I would like to see KAR back with JJH. I don't think Derek is the one who killed Sophie but he is definitely linked to her death in some way. Even though he is teaming up with JJH and KAR to take Helmes down and I don't think he is the mol
  5. @lunitathat picture of KKW and YIN reminds me of the ointment scene in TYH! I wonder if they got some inspiration from that haha. LDW must be jealous
  6. I am so bummed to hear they stopped filming but it's good that they are being careful. Hopefully everyone is healthy and can take advantage of this time to rest before they finish the rest of the filming. I wonder what/how many more episodes they still need to film. I love AR as a strong FL. I truly believe that Derek was in love with AR but I hate that he treated her like she was dumb, basically gaslighting her, when she methodically listed out everything that seemed suspicious about him. I really hope that AR does seek out JH help. She can be a strong female lead still but I wor
  7. Here's the link: https://www.vlive.tv/post/0-19970014 I think English subs should be out soon. Two hours long lol
  8. Omg I did not know Eric Moon in an all black unbuttoned suit was what I needed! Wow! Can't wait for Thursday
  9. I saw this post on Twitter and thought it described TSWLM so well I wanted to share. Bummer that we only get one episode this week but hopefully the second half will be back on track again in terms of momentum.
  10. Our queen's favorite people as GQ man and woman of the year -- LDW and IU!! Also LDW is doing a VLive on Wednesday since there is no TOTNT aired. Is he going to read poetry?? I'm not sure how accurate these translations are lol
  11. The chemistry between the three leads is pretty amazing and fun to watch. You wouldn't think they have any just watching based on the BTS but I enjoy their professionalism and it really makes it all come together. For Derek and AR, I liked that they showed how they met and got married. I do think both of them truly do love each other. I just hope it's not Derek who is the bad guy and the the drama makes it spiral out of control and he hits rock bottom. Like he was perfect at first and then we find out he's the killer and in debt, etc. etc. JH obviously still cares for
  12. Yea...if they're friends then they would have sent something to each other. Both are very generous as we've seen before. if they're trying to avoid scandal about being together and are really just friends, then I would think enough time has passed for them to avoid any gossip (right? or am I delulu? haha). Not sure if this means "something" going on that they'd try to avoid each other. I also know they haven't been seen together or associated with each other for some time but that doesn't mean they're not together. The biggest clue for me is when they both wore that safety pin during their dra
  13. LOL I agree. LDW is very aware of the camera and in one of the earlier BTS he even called them out and told her to come sit next to him closer. It's interesting also because it other BTS later on he seems pretty out of it/tired but she is pretty into it, like the one where she tries to pet him. Anyways like @shipper says, I wouldn't trust it too much. I think tvn invested heavily in TOTNT like another poster mentioned here so there is quite a bit of pressure for them to get fans and shippers. Just my two cents haha
  14. Sorry im slow. what was the twitter user's point about about him sleeping?
  15. Kim Go Eun posted some IG pictures of Eternal King reunion. But is it suspicious that she didn't post any of the Goblin reunion? Or is it because GY, LDW, and YIN are all really private?
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