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{yg} Big Bang (빅뱅) Official Thread (THIS THREAD IS CLOSED - see post for current thread #3!)



  • SYDNEY.Posts: 2,006Member


    YAY !! about time big bang had an official thread ^^ .. oohs that single looks good ^^ =) .. can't wait to hear more about them
  • twinkle_l0vetwinkle_l0ve Sydney, AUSTRALIAPosts: 10,190Member


    i cant wait til they debut xP
    sad that so-1 isnt with them now =[
    he was good at dancing
    but ill be looking out for him in the future xDD
  • cindel25cindel25 The Church of Skush Skush's HeartPosts: 2,336Member
    Yay!!!! Now I want to hear these tracks!! haha
    Big Bang SeungRi racist comment: Then they talk about how in America, he probably could’ve gotten shot. Thankful that it was a Caucasian and not an African American.”

  • KimmyKimmy LONDON, UKPosts: 439Member


    hehe finally a BB thread <3 cant wait til they release their single out =]
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  • sulinsulin GlasgowPosts: 687Member
    wheee~ they finally have an official thread of their own..
    can't wait for their single to come out!!!!
    i'm glad they included we belong together and this
  • adorable_babyzadorable_babyz my mumzy&#39;s womb aka sporePosts: 459Member
    edited August 2006
    ok i've been going thru all the YGBB forums n i can't seem to find the ori pic of this.. anyone has it or a pic wif them wearing this clothes...

    IPB Image
    the pic on the left...

    pic credit YGBB forums
    IPB Image BIGBANG <3
    avatar and banner credits to KISS:Mint
  • charmmcharmm Posts: 1,111Member


    Hahah I sound so fan girly-ish.

    Can't wait til Saturday...........
    & best of luck to So-1, it's gonna be kinda awkward
    not seeing him with the rest of the boys.
  • Ambear.Ambear. Posts: 1,343Member


    edited August 2006
    adorable_babyz it's in Eye Candy/ BB group pics...u have to scroll down a bit to see.

    Anyway uploaded for ya. Enjoy ^^

    IPB Image

    Creds: Jess sisi, GOMTV
    Jay & 2PM
    Credits: Cake@June
  • puifyepuifye ThailandPosts: 71Member
    yeahhhhhh Big Bang Thread finally
    I'll come here everyday ^^
  • o8/OR;nothing.o8/OR;nothing. Posts: 2,141Banned


    edited August 2006
    QUOTE(edward1849 @ Aug 17 2006, 03:05 AM) »

    No, I gave the green light this time. image


    I'm happpppppppy for the thread! I'mma get that single! image

    BTW, i got this off the BBDAUM, credit goes there.
    i can't wait to see more of their photo shoots.

    IPB Image

  • ROCKWITHUROCKWITHU ?s Se7en, 1TYM ? FBGI ~ Agent KiwiPosts: 1,627Member
    edited August 2006
    I guess I'll intro myself too. LOL
    Hi, you can call me Sabrina. image
    From Nor Cali and 23.

    Manz saw this and now I want a Big Bang shirt. image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    IPB Image

    credit YG Entertainment
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  • riviera_cacharelriviera_cacharel Amsterdam,HollandPosts: 820Member
    edited August 2006
    ahhh big bang tread its about time
    these boys are gonna be big !!

    well my name is Naomi 19 soon to be 20
    from holland amsterdam

    favorite members ( well G-dragon and taeyang are a given ) are
    Seungri and Daesung

    i'm not really feelin tempo ,i refuse to call him TOP
    Tempo is so much better
    but his rapping skills are the shizzle that's for sure

    i hope to hear big bang's single soon
    can't wait !!!
    Dong Bang Shin ki ,Their story has just begun ...


    My love for them goes on & on & on...
  • truly_nancytruly_nancy Posts: 251Member
    cool...can't wait to hear their is gone...he was so cute....hope to see him in the future....
    IPB Image
    Banner credit*ME
  • wendeewendee BAY AREA&#33;Posts: 611Member
    it`s out fo` preorder? yay~~

    i can`t wait to listen to them<3


    credits to kathymon & habibi
  • mandy_quyenmandy_quyen Posts: 2,434Member


    bigbang thread ^^ (you 're the one Jess image)

    longing for their debut
  • JoannaJoanna ☆インテツ☆ Posts: 10,102Friend of Soompi


    hello everyone~ haha this thread is gonna be BIGG just like the group is gonna be xD

    wow im loving those Big Bang shirts! haha and their blings xD
    by looking at that last pic.. they all got new hairstyles ^^ haha
    i like Daesung's new hair ^___^
    anyways I can't wait for their single! even though we heard like 3/4 tracks haha.. i wonder what the 3rd tracks sounds like! hehe
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  • cartoon8720cartoon8720 Somewhere I need to be belongedPosts: 69Member
    Of course it have to be like it....yah...BB Thread...v^.^v...I've been waiting for this... long do I have to wait until their debut...I'm getting impatient day by day... image and their MV...I want to see my cuite G-Dragon... image
    I ♥ YG
    ..: mY l[♥]vE f[♥]r HM Is f[♥]rEvEr :..
    ::.♥.:: Let's get it on boiz! BigBang is [V].I.P! ::.♥.::
  • espritesprit ~* 1TYM ADDICT *~ Posts: 2,229Member
    first off all YEAH we finally got an official BIGBANG thread...thanks for opening it ^^

    thx for the news everyone...gosh i so cannot wait for their stuff to be released, especially the MV for their title song, it's going to rock! man everything's going blow on blow
    i'm really diggin' that half picture where they are showing us their t-shirts <~ so hawt!!! image thanks for that gals ^^ ... speaking of this pic : i LOVE your new signature Nai image

    oh and last but not least welcome boys & girls, have fun here image
  • bohemianheart.bohemianheart. love me. &#9829; of New YorkPosts: 2,974Member
    WOOT WOOT; a Big Bang thread. Finally. aahaha.

    hrm. dont' know what to say ahahah. But i'll introduce myself; My name is Ashley. (some already knoe though).

    Nai, your banner is bangin. Thanks for the pic. <3
    something always brings me back to you .♥________________
    and never takes too long ._________________©me.
  • ESTHER.ESTHER. Posts: 1,140Member


    BIG BANG THREAD. image
    hii everybodyy. (:
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