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How often can you dye your hair?

catgirlcatcatgirlcat USAPosts: 323Member
Last week, i tried to dye my hair at home for the first time. The colors didn't turn out as well as I wanted. How long do you think I should wait before dying my hair again so it won't damage my hair too much?


  • idyllicidyllic outside the boxPosts: 2,135Banned


    two weeks amiga.

  • poorplesockspoorplesocks NEW YORKKK.Posts: 679Member
    I've waited as little as a day.
    And some of my friends waited like .. an hour.

    Their hair's fine.
    My hair's okay.
    I don't think it matters THAT much how long you wait .. your hair's gonna be damaged either way.
    But just to be on the safe side it's wise to wait longer than one week before re-dying it.
  • BebeSweetBebeSweet Posts: 889Member
    edited August 2006
    I used to dye it every two months or so... but its been almost a full year since I've touched it!


    But I'm thinking of bleaching it soon. I'm really bored of the black hair.


    EDIT: oops... I totally did not read or answer your question. Sorry!
    Anyways, it's always good to wait at least 48 hours.
  • girl armageddongirl armageddon South CarolinaPosts: 577Member
    if you didn't like the results and your hair isn't damaged, then maybe a few days. i wouldn't say two weeks, though.

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  • WitchGoddessWitchGoddess ???! Posts: 4,829Member
    Once, I waited a day...
    bad idea...

    I say wait a month or so. better yet, don't dye it again >.<
    My hair got really damaged.
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  • xsimplyx_mexxsimplyx_mex CaliforniaPosts: 731Member
    I think its best to wait about 3 your hair starts to grow out a little...that way it won't damage it much. I need to re-dye mine
  • missGiangmissGiang Posts: 453Member
    Hrmz...I messed up on home-dying once so I went to a salon...A few days later and told them...They fixed it up ^___^ So I would suggest salon if you don't really want to wait..But don't forget to tell them that you dyed it yourself a few days before. Anyway DIY dyes are apparently really bad for you hair O.O
  • Help She Can't SwimHelp She Can't Swim Posts: 444Member


    when I mess up I wait for about two weeks then dye it again. But truthfully, dying your hair isn't that great. It's nice to experiment, but get it at a salon. It's more expensive, but I always tend to be happier with the result.
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  • yuans7loveyuans7love BOO~? Posts: 2,163Member
    once i waited a week 'cause the color didn't come out right the first time and it was fine

  • MaryMagdalinMaryMagdalin ??????? SJPosts: 11,469Friend of Soompi
    its bad dyeing it constantly
    one of my mom`s friends died from the chemicals = _=;;;

    i dye my hair once a year.

  • T_ar_aT_ar_a Nightmare, CanadaPosts: 244Member
    Dye it maybe a month later...?
    I usually dye it every 6 months..
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  • malevolent.malevolent. ignorance is bliss. S0LE CAL.Posts: 3,450Friend of Soompi
    I dye it about 3 times a year. I should really stop.

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  • holliiiesterr.holliiiesterr. CanadaPosts: 465Member
    i used to dye it 1-2 months?
    i was thinking of dyeing my hair again
    cause i did the at home thing and it messed up..
    but i promised myself. NEVER WILL I EVER...
    dye my own hair,
    cut my own hair.
    and even professionally dye my hair
    when my hair (2-3 years image )
    grows out longg and natural.. i will be happppy XD.
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  • BeaBea Sacramento, CaliforniaPosts: 413Member
    edited August 2006
    i dye my hair once a year, but my cousin like dyes it every other month. >< her hair is so dry and dead like and my dad was all like "your hair will fall out by the time your 30"...i say you should dye your hair every 6 months or longer ^^
  • joolee.joolee. Vancouver, BCPosts: 11,345Member


    I heard every two months is the best way to go since my friend always dyes her hair around that time yet her hair is still healthy looking.

    I haven't touched my hair for about a year, I'm waiting for it to grow longer before I do anything to it. image
  • mineforkeeps.mineforkeeps. Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,153Member
    edited August 2006
    I've only done it once, but my friend has done it so many times...her hair's really damaged and the texture of her hair feels..fried o.O

    Edit: I think she did it every couple months..maybe every 4-6 months
  • crystal_clovercrystal_clover SingaporePosts: 1,702Member
    edited August 2006
    If you want to maintain healthy hair, max is 3 dye jobs per year.

    Just remember to condition like crazy daily until your hair recovers.
  • gingerpyegingerpye Posts: 1,630Member
    i dyed my hair in May and now i hate it. i might dye it again and i tell people that and they say 'you'll ruin your hair blah blah blah'

    my hair is fine though. after i dyed it, i conditioned it only (no shampoo) for about a month.. or was it until i used up the whole bottle o__O;;
  • harakoharako Posts: 92Member
    If you want really good results for lighter hair color, then you should bleach it first.
    But like the rest ^, you should only dye your hair 3 times a year. The chemicals do stuff to your scalp.
  • s2.baboxxs2.baboxx Posts: 415Member
    well to answer the first question.. i dye my hair about twice a year so not too bad..

    umm i had an incident like yours before n i just redyed it the next day cause i couldnt stand it.. it didnt damage much cuz i had nice hair image
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