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Bae Yong Joon 배용준



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    edited October 2005
    [VOD] BYJ in Taiwan
    posted by daydreaming/sanny in BYJ's Quilt

    Here are the rest of the links to VODs of BYJ in Taiwan from ETtoday.
    Please note that the titles I put are the direct translation from the chinese titles according to the ETtoday.. The link is very slow, so I can't verify each vod and its content. Hope they work well!!

    Happy downloading and BAEwatching!!


    BYJ arrival at the airport

    BYJ arrival at the airport

    Fans act in greeting BYJ

    70-year-old injured in attempting to see BYJ

    Need to buy OST to enter BYJ's hand-print meeting

    20 bodyguards

    BYJ casually arriving in Taiwan

    Another old lady fainted in the crowd...

    BYJ's first meal in Taiwan

    BYJ's meeting with the media

    In an attempt to get closer to BYJ, fans interviewed for jobs at Yuan Shan's hotel

    Courtesy of ETtoday
    image image
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    Credits to

    IPB Image

    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    "My fans are my family. No matter what the media is saying or spreading,
    my family will only believe in my words."

    =) Visit me at See vidz of Yong Joon in my account too! (=
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    ~~ April Snow Press Conference in Taiwan with Director Hur Jin-ho

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image
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    Will continue to post tonight and will inform u guys how the premiere went!! Have to get ready to dash now~!!!!

    IPB Image
    "My fans are my family. No matter what the media is saying or spreading,
    my family will only believe in my words."

    =) Visit me at See vidz of Yong Joon in my account too! (=
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    edited October 2005
    [VOD] BYJ in Taiwan ~ Aug 19, 2005
    posted and translated by daydreaming/sanny in BYJ's Quilt

    Here are the rest of the VOD links from Aug 19th in descending chronological order. Please download them before you watch (the download speed can be rather slow too, so please be patient!!). Happy baewatching!


    IPB Image

    ps. Note that the following titles were from the direct translation from the news site...

    Fans surrounding the hotel, BYJ had difficulty to get out of the car

    BYJ tasted local Taiwanese cuisine, like stir fry asparagus + squid, sushi, etc

    BYJ's high school look

    BYJ is the medicine to cure depression of a fan

    BYJ happily enjoying taiwanese cuisine
    (Sanny's note.. The title was misleading. This vod, in fact, showed got out of the car, into the restaurant, then to the washroom right away...)

    Increased security to protect BYJ

    Senior Taiwanese actor Ms Wang squeezed into BYJ's meeting with media

    BYJ's meeting with the media

    BYJ's hand-print meeting

    BYJ's translator has a face like Jeon JiHyun 전지현

    BYJ's crazy fans

    BYJ's premiere, 800 fans got in

    BYJ's crazy fans

    Young BYJ, as high school teachers recalled

    Handsome young BYJ in high school

    BYJ's diet caused stir in Korea

    BYJ's arrival, crazy fans snapped pictures

    BYJ's first meal, chinese style buns

    Big group of media greeting BYJ

    BYJ in flowery top and sunglasses shines like a charm

    BYJ greeting the media and fans

    BYJ talked about the cry scene in AS

    BYJ talked in Chinese "Taiwanese news aja aja fighting"

    BYJ's smiley face greeting people

    BYJ greeted in Chinese

    Courtesy of ETtoday
    image image
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    [Trans] Celeb Bodyguard: K-Stars are friendlier

    bb: yong joon is mentioned in the third and fourth paragraphs.

    Original in: 趙大智 / 民生報 [Taiwan Newspaper] 2005/06/29
    Translated into English: happiebb /

    Celeb Bodyguard: K-stars are friendlier than J-stars

    When Cho In-Sung visited Taiwan, Zhang Bao-wen
    or more commonly referred to as Brother Bao was assigned to be his bodyguard.
    The truth is Brother Bao has been assigned to countless international superstars,
    and these few years, he has also handled quite a number of Korean celebrity cases,
    including Bae Yong Joon, Jeon JiHyun, Lee ByungHun, Song HyeGyo and Lee Youngah.
    He feels the Korean celebrities are easier to handle than their Japanese counterparts,
    and the Korean stars are often extremely sincere when it comes to managing their fans,
    and there is not much difference in how they behave whether in public or in private.

    Brother Bao had been assigned to Cho In-Sung twice.
    “He’s even nicer this time than the previous time,
    he would bow to the fans the moment he saw them, very warm and friendly.”
    During his previous visit, Cho In-Sung went onboard a yacht
    and due to the stormy weather, the waves were pretty strong and choppy,
    he took the initiative to reach out to steady the working crew.

    As for Bae Yong Joon who belongs to the super-league amongst the K-stars,
    Brother Brother had this to say, “He’s so wonderful it’s beyond words,
    he just kept smiling, he would have a smile for everyone and anyone.”
    During his Taiwan visit, on the day Bae Yong Joon
    was supposed to take a group photo with the fans at The Grand Hotel,
    Brother Bao was getting worried about the safety aspect of things
    when he saw that the number of fans kept increasing,
    he spoke to Bae Yong Joon he hoped that he would leave via another exit.
    But Bae Yong Joon gave him a very surprised look and said, “But why?
    I’ll be leaving for Korea very soon, I do not wish to part with them.”
    He had insisted to be with the fans right up to the very last minute.

    Brother Bao said Bae Yong Joon was very much like Tom Cruise.
    He would be chatting and joking with the staff in private,
    for instance, he would joke with the bodyguards when they were in the elevator.
    When he was eating dumplings (xiao-long-bao) at Ding Tai Feng, some of the reporters were late and missed taking a shot of him biting into the dumpling.
    Without hesitation, he immediately picked up another one and took a bite for them.
    Most other celebrities would just feign ignorance and not do anything about it.

    As for Cho In-Pyo, Brother Bao said he reminded him of Andy Lau.
    He practically treated his fans like family
    and would concern himself with their daily lives, schoolwork and spouses.
    “It’s no wonder that each time he comes, the very same fans would turn up,
    there’s no change of hearts.”
    And it comes to organizing fan meetings,
    both Cho In-Pyo and Andy Lau would foot the expenses from their own pockets.

    The first time Song Hye Gyo was in Taiwan, it was for Autumn in My Heart.
    In Brother Bao’s eyes, she was just like an innocent young girl
    and there was not much exchange or interaction with Song Seung Hun
    who also came on that trip.
    The second time she came was with her then-lover Lee Byung Hun for All In.
    By then, she had already transformed into a young woman.
    Lee Byung Hun really took good care of her;
    he would tousle her hair or pat her head frequently,
    and under the scorching hot sun in DanShui,
    he even shielded her with the umbrella to avoid sunburnt.

    Jeon Ji Hyun looked like an Ice Queen.
    But during the shooting of the Coca Cola commercial,
    Brother Bao was surprised to see how friendly she was,
    and she was quite good at cracking jokes.

    [Trans] Twn: Mickey Huang Made BYJ Laugh

    Original in Chinese: [Taiwan] Da Cheng Bao 2005/08/20
    Translated into English: Happiebb /

    Mickey Huang Tickled BYJ;
    ‘Rewind’ when he said something wrong & teased the interpreter

    Mickey Huang [Huang Zi Jiao] tickled Bae Yong Joon and made him laugh,
    and his quick wit and humour made everyone laugh.
    During Bae Yong Joon’s second visit to Taipei,
    the emcee Mickey Huang’s performance was commendable.
    Not only was he able to tickle Bae Yong Joon and made him laugh,
    even the media at the event commented his humour and quick wit were unrivalled.

    When Bae Yong Joon visited Taiwan last year,
    the performance of the emcee of the press conference was also commented upon.
    This time around, the movie company asked for a male host,
    and they managed to invite the highly experienced host, Mickey Huang.
    Although it was a highly stressful job, Huang managed to keep his wits around him
    and even displayed his knack for humour in awkward moments.
    When he said something wrong,
    he made a “tape rewinding” sound to pretend that they would start over,
    and he would jokingly ‘threaten’ the interpreter to translate everything properly.
    Whenever there was a breakdown in communication,
    he would cover up with strange sounds and smiles,
    even Bae Yong Joon was tickled by his antics and expressions.

    After the press conference,
    the Korean fans (?) went to ‘interview’ this famous show host from Taiwan.
    When asked about Bae Yong Joon, Huang said smilingly,
    “He’s practically like a hero from comic books.
    His hair, the shape of his face, his nose, everything’s just impossibly perfect!
    He has eyes that can talk, electrifying both males and females,
    even men would love him. He’s really what they’ve said him to be.”

    He further shared that that press conference was the biggest
    he’s witnessed in the recent couple of years,
    and he did indeed feel the pressure in hosting the event.

    In order that everyone was happy and satisfied,
    Huang could be said to have put in his very best.

    bb: Mickey Huang was the emcee at the press conference
    that Yong Joon had at the Grand Hotel in Taipei on 19 Aug 2005.
    Huang is an established show host and is known for his quick,
    but sometimes sarcastic, wit.
    I tried to find pictures of Huang taken at this press event,
    but can’t seem to find anything.
    Guess both the media and fans present were all more concerned
    with snapping pictures of Yong Joon rather than the emcee.
    So, post these file pictures instead, so that you know how Huang looks like…

    IPB Image
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    [VOD] More BYJ in Taiwan
    posted and translated by daydreaming/sanny in BYJ's Quilt

    Interview with BYJ by Lu Xiu Fang (1)

    BYJ's eyes are sexy. Can he demonstrate live? Interview by ET's Lu Xiu Fang (2)

    BYJ's secret in styling - no socks

    BYJ visiting ET Mall. Li Jing present flowers

    Source: ETtoday

    image image
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    edited October 2005
    More Taiwan Vods
    Translated and posted by daydreaming/sanny in BYJ's Quilt

    Fans gathered in the morning to get good seat.



    BYJ came out from the hotel. There were only 100-200 fans guarding the hotel, since the majority of the fans already went to the gym where the meeting will be held.

    Fans started lining up at 7:30am at the gym..He's wearing a light green suit and he seems to be in a very pleasant mood. He's smiling brightly. Of course the 100-200 fans guarding the hotel will follow suit to the gym for the event.

    Fans celebrating BYJ's bday ahead of time


    BYJ is in a very pleasant mood today. According to the MC, fans will be celebrating BYJ's bday on this session as well. There will be cake and bday song being sang. BYJ is unaware of the surprises going to unfold.

    The mc asked YJ to say his first few words in meeting the fans this morning.
    He replied, "大家好﹐我很想念你們。" <==> "How are you? I miss you."
    Of course, the fans scream like crazy as you can hear from the VOD.

    BYJ wants to sample stinky tofu


    This is in fact from the Aug 20th interview with the ETtoday.

    MC asked about the the difficulty in acting The Scandal.
    BYJ replied, usually thick skin and the lack of seriousness among men, it was difficult for him to portray because he doesn't have such attitudes. However, during the filming, slowly he was surprised to discover that he handled the acting well.

    MC asked his opinion of the trip, and also what he hasn't accomplished, eg., hasn't eaten yet.
    BYJ's reply as follow:
    Taiwanese are very energetic, optimistic and friendly.
    As for what he wanna try but hasn't had a chance to eat? Taiwanese's famous stinky fermented tofu.

    Source: ETtoday

    image image
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    edited October 2005
    [VOD] BYJ in Taiwan
    Translated and posted by daydreaming/sanny in BYJ's Quilt

    Crazy fans spent NT400,000 to rent theater
    (Uh... Omo omo~~!! This is the Daisy we know!!! And Helen's pic is in there too!!!)

    BYJ whirlwind - Korean men dislike face, prefer toned muscles
    This street is the famous plastic surgery street in Seoul. Every 5-steps, there's a plastic surgery clinic. They wondered whether there are Korean guys who wanna look like BYJ.
    The answer from 2 surgeons are that Korean men are too strong, the surgeons hasn't heard much of guys wanna be BYJ lookalike because BYJ's look is gentle and soft. But his 100-day-diet is something that the Korean men talk about.

    BYJ's smiles paralyzed the audience. Fans screaming none-stop.
    In Summary:
    Two fans were lucky to be drawn in the draw, they get BYJ's Image One.

    Source: ETtoday

    I guess all our SG Baesis are queueing alreay at the cinema for the April Snow Charity event. We'll be waiting for your report guys image

    image image
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    [VOD]Still More BYJ In Taiwan
    posted and translated by daydreaming/sanny in BYJ's Quilt

    BYJ back at the hotel

    BYJ back at the hotel for a short rest. After that, later on at 1pm he'd attend a farewell party before he heads to the airport to catch the 4pm flight.

    BYJ touched by the fans in the fan meeting session
    He didn't know how to describe his feeling at that moment, very touched, just like last year, and everybody celebrates his bday for him.

    Lucky fans got hugs from BYJ.
    Fans also provided dances and songs for BYJ to enjoy, and he wore a smile and enjoyed the performance throughout the session. He mentioned he didn't wanna leave, and resulted in screams and cheers from the fans.

    He spoke in Chinese, "我不會忘記這一刻﹐我會再來的。"
    Meaning, "I will not forget this moment. I will come again."
    More screams and cheers from the fans.

    Farewell party cancelled

    Oh, the farewell party that was to be held at 1pm was cancelled, because the company thought it was unnecessary, and that BYJ had lots of luggages to pack (18 luggages in total), so it was cancelled. However, the 200-300 fans still stayput although disappointed.
    Due to the tight schedule, the hotel other than serving BYJ lunch, also have take-out for him to bring along.

    At the airport

    BYJ will arrive the airport in about an hour. The airport authorities drew lines between the media and fans and BYJ, hopefully it will not be as chaotic as when BYJ arrived.

    BYJ, look here!

    Japanese fans wore Kimono trying to get BYJ's attention. However, it's so hot there... Some Japanese fans also duplicate BYJ's passport.

    There were guy fans who brought their moms to come meet BYJ. There were the 2 mother-son fans who waited BYJ at the parkade. They were lucky not only to shake hands with BYJ, but also was able to deliver gift and notes to BYJ. The amiable BYJ was carefully reading the notes from them.

    BYJ waving goodbye, leaving the hotel going to the airport

    BYJ left hotel at 2:30PM. The one minute walk from the elevator to the car, took BYJ 20 minutes, since he kept pausing and saved to the fans who were singing happy bday to him.

    Source: ETtoday

    image image
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    [VOD] BYJ leaving Taiwan
    translated and posted by daydreaming/sanny in BYJ's Quilt

    Goodbye BYJ!


    BYJ arrived at the airport, still wearing his trademark smile all along despite the chaotic sandwiched situation. He was wearing white suit, black T-shirt, black hat, sunglasses. BYJ was happy, but was afraid the fans/media might get hurt while the bodyguards were afraid BYJ might get hurt. He's finishing his 54-hour whirlwind trip to Taiwan. His flight is at 4:30PM.

    Lucky fan got hug from BYJ

    Lin Yi Chen the singer who's singing AS OST Chinese version, was not welcomed by the fans, because few days ago she mentioned she wasn't familiar with BYJ but was more familiar with Wong Bin. After that statement was made, she got bombarded by BYJ's fans. So it was kinda awkward and embarrassing for her to show up. When she was singing, the music went out of wreck, made her even more embarrassing. It was said probably somebody did it on purpose to make her embarrass as she was lip-singing. However BYJ treated her with his warm smiles, which alleviated the fans' anger.

    Soruce: ETtoday
    image image
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    ~~ we're still in the Taiwan tour of Yong Joon image

    during the hand pringting ~~

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image
    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    edited October 2005
    [VOD] Another VOD BYJ leaving Taiwan
    Translated and posted by daydreaming/sanny in BYJ's Quilt

    A few more that I grabbed from ETtoday... Enjoy!!

    Hotel added 10 more bodyguards to protect BYJ


    Total of 18 security to guard BYJ's departure from the Hotel.
    At the airport, the fans and media went frantic once BYJ appeared.

    8-fashion sense of BYJ


    This VOD mentioned BYJ only has 12-luggages, not the 18-luggages as some other reports said.
    In the 3-day trip, BYJ had:
    8 different styles/look
    6 pairs of glasses/sunglasses
    6 pairs of shoes
    4 belts
    3 necklaces

    However, couldn't see his socks (it was just too short).

    BYJ set-meal is available in Sept


    BYJ still remembers the butler, the same butler who served him a year ago. BYJ gave him a gift before he left.
    When being asked how was the stinky tofu, BYJ showed a thumb's up gesture. He loves it.
    He also likes the picked vegetables. He had the picked vegetables to go with every meal.

    Fans hurt again


    There were fans getting hurt again in chaotic moment... There were even a fan of the fans, she said she's not a fan of BYJ, but she really like the high atmosphere the fans create.


    Even after BYJ entered the security custom, BYJ kept looking back, because he was worried fans might get hurt in the chaos. He also said thankyou in Mandarin before he left.

    Good bye BYJ


    Supposedly the airport authority drew lines between the fans and media and BYJ. However, the lines broke right after BYJ appeared. BYJ witnessed a fan falling down, and he paused, making sure she was ok before he continued on.

    Source: ETtoday
    image image
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    more from the hand printing ~~

    IPB Image

    IPB ImageIPB Image

    IPB Image

    Yong Joon at seafood restaurant in Taiwan ~~

    IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image

    IPB Image IPB Image

    IPB Image
    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    QUOTE(tiffany @ Oct 5 2005, 12:26 AM) »

    Finally, I could post. Board seems to have gone all funny and it's talen me a few attempts before I managed to get to this stage but still I take my hats off to the people who run this board.

    And thanks to all who go this thread up and running so quickly.

    Can't contribute much now coz got to finish my work in time to watch my AS tonight. Will be back later to help upload infor.

    Thanks everyone!

    QUOTE(happiebb @ Oct 5 2005, 12:41 AM) »

    harlow harlow i'm here too!
    so sad to learn that we've lost over 800 pages of posting...
    but let's try and build it quickly... i do have some stuff at home that i can put up here...
    will do that over the weekend, maybe....
    hee... have a movie to catch tonight, you know image

    p.s. chiliogoyo, yup yup, was 'suffering' from a bout of bae-fever last night...

    Hi Tiff and bb! Glad you guys were able to make a post. Sara is still having difficulty. How was April Snow? We are all waiting for your reviews. Please do not keep us in suspense, k?

    Carol unni, thanks for your screencaps again and looking forward to more image

    image image
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    Please READ

    I'm just reposting this message of soomp! for everyone's information. You guys might not have read this yet.

    Hope things will get back to "normal" though I can see that everyone is already busy reconstructing their thread.

    QUOTE(soomp! @ Oct 4 2005, 06:02 PM) »

    hi all -
    long time no chat!

    if you don't know who i am, i'm soomp, and i created and financially support this little play area we call
    i haven't been involved for a while, and have entrusted the running of this site to many trustworthy individuals (admins and moderators).

    so why pop up on the radar now? we seem to have fallen into a circumstance beyond our control, and have lost all of our forum data! image

    now before you crap your pants, let's go over the facts:

    - o no! i lost my fashionably low member number!!
    - o no! i lost my impossibly high post count!!
    - o no! i lost my clever and imaginative signature!!
    - o no! i lost my one-of-a-kind avatar!!
    - o no! i lost all my wise and insightful posts!!
    - o no! i lost all my deeply personal PM's!!
    - o no! i lost my FRIEND OF SOOMPI status!!
    - o no! ___ (fill in the blank)!!

    it's true -- it's all gone.
    "this is outrageous! this is unfair! my life is over!!!"
    you may be thinking any of these things
    and your feelings of loss are not invalid.

    however, when it comes down to it, there's nothing we can do about, so there's no point in re-stating any of the above (i tried to cover all the bases)

    if you're having a heart attack right now, let's put things into perspective:
    thousands of people lost their lives, family & friends, and all their earthly possessions in the past couple weeks.

    this is just a forum.
    disappointment and unexpected happenings are a part of life -- we just have to deal.

    if you're still feeling like your life is over, please atone for your insensitivity by donating to the Red Cross for the hurricane victims ;P

    again, this is not a thread for ranting -- it's not going to help anyone.
    please be patient as we get things 'back to normal', or hopefully back to better!

    now what??
    please create a new user account (you'll need a valid email address). you can sign up using the same name you had before, or if you've been itching to change it, now's your chance. please don't make things difficult and sign up using a name you know is already taken. we'll track you down image

    also -- there are a couple forums we haven't added back yet -- don't worry! we're still working on things image

    thanks for your suport

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    ~ still in Taiwan image

    Yong Joon went to a hospital to visit a sick fan ~~

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

    Yong Joon was named charity ambassador of ETTVmall ~~

    IPB ImageIPB Image

    IPB Image

    he went to ETTV studio for interview ~~

    IPB Image

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    edited October 2005
    For the newbies in the thread. Enjoy image

    Source: Josei Jishin (Issue 01/03/2005)
    Translated into English by: Happiebb (& friend) /

    IPB Image
    This BYJ's rotweiler ~ Clipper

    IPB Image
    And this is Yong Joon's golden retriever ~ General

    BYJ has an immediate family of four members,
    including his parents and a sister who is younger than him by one year.
    It¡¯s common knowledge that he has a harmonious and close-knitted family.
    The first time BYJ made an official visit to Japan,
    he made a telephone call to his mother just before the plane took off.
    He had called his mother to say the plane was taking off soon¡¦
    The family was that close.

    His mother had initially objected to her son entering the show business.
    But when she saw how happy her son was at being selected
    to play the lead in a TV drama,
    she gave in and finally accepted the fact that her son was an actor.

    BYJ lives alone now.
    But up to four years ago, he was still staying with his family.
    And even now as he lives alone,
    he is still being spotted by neighbours going home for visits ever so frequently.

    According to someone close to him, BYJ's dogs are not at home with him currently.
    They're being cared for at a dog training centre.
    It's the top training canine school in Korea and it's located just outside of Seoul.
    Our reporter immediately made some calls to verify this
    and the training school was friendly enough to entertain our questions.
    They revealed that yes, indeed, BYJ does have two dogs with them now.
    They also said that BYJ's entire family has long been dog lovers,
    and BYJ's father was just there to check on the dogs the day before (8th Feb 2005).

    A few days later, after some research and preparation of materials on the training school,
    for the first time ever, a picture of BYJ's dogs was made public in the media.
    A first for both Korea and Japan.

    The dog trainer related the story like this:
    BYJ first brought Clipper (the name of the black dog) there in March 2003.
    I remember thinking to myself, "Hey, this person looks so familiar!
    Where have I seen him before?"
    That set me thinking, and I took a closer look and realised he's BYJ.
    He came here with his father. BYJ said that they had made their way there
    after getting to know about the training school from the internet.
    Other than training the dogs on the usual house rules,
    the training school can also customise training programs according to the clients' needs.
    Right now, BYJ's dog, Clipper, has already completed the basic domestic training,
    and is now undergoing the guard dog program.
    BYJ had explained that "because my parents" home is in the countryside,
    we need to train the dog more for safety reasons."

    On Clipper (black dog),
    This dog's ancestry roots can be traced back to the olden days
    when the Roman army brought along war dogs when they attacked the Dutch.
    This breed was originally of hunting dogs, but was altered genetically by the Dutch;
    but even now, these dogs are still highly alert and very strong-willed,
    and they're still being categorized as hunting dogs.
    (bb: not sure exactly what breed Clipper is.... sorry...)

    On General (white dog),
    BYJ has another dog at the training school, it's a white dog,
    a breed that is very popular in Japan now.
    It is only a three-month old newborn, and not named yet.
    But I (the trainer) have started to call it General (jiang-jun).
    I think the dog's originally from Japan,
    my bosses brought it here from a dog farm in the Kanto in Japan.
    The dog was fathered by a best of breed in the United States,
    and BYJ bought it right after it was born.
    He said that if only he had General with him when he was undergoing training
    in the United States last year.
    Through the tough training regime,
    the sight of this cute little dog would probably offer BYJ some mental reprieve.
    Clipper has a very fierce face, even menacing, and cannot be brought out for strolls freely.
    General is sweet-natured and BYJ can bring General with him wherever he goes.

    BYJ's father has always been a dog lover.
    BYJ's love for dogs quite possibly is due to his father's influence.
    His father would visit the dogs once or twice a month,
    and his mother would come once as well.
    The whole family seems to love dogs.
    Before BYJ got so busy with his work in Japan, he would visit once a month too.
    But BYJ is really much too busy now,
    even if he does visit, he would only stay for about an hour.
    He would often show looks of contentment and relief
    when he sees that his precious dogs are looking well and healthy.

    When asked about his impression of BYJ,
    the dog trainer said, "Oh, he's always wearing a smile,
    he looks very innocent and pure.
    Especially when he's with his beloved dogs, he's just like a child.
    He looks like his mother.
    His father looks like a cultured gentleman,
    it appears that BYJ takes after his father¡¯s character."

    A child-like BYJ? Hard to imagine.
    (bb: Oh... i would love love love to see him playing with his dogs!)

    At the end of the session, the dog trainer said,
    "If BYJ's fans find out about this place, would they be flocking here?"
    image image
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    image more photos from Taiwan ~~

    one more pic from the ETTV studio ~

    IPB Image

    and from the hospital ~~

    IPB Image

    during the meeting with the fans (MTF) / surprise birthday greeting for Yong Joon image ~~

    IPB Image IPB Image

    IPB ImageIPB Image

    IPB Image

    Yong Joon got a little emotional when he was showered w/ love & affection by his family during the MTF image ~~

    IPB Image

    robert pattinson dazzles ~~
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    Another Recommended Reading

    [Trans: Mega] Bae Yongjoon, as a Real Person, Seen for 120 Days
    An interview with the owner of a dining car

    Source: Japanese magazine, <Woman Herself >(2005. 7.26)
    Translated into Korean: anemone
    Translated into English: soil

    ***** In Korea shooting a film often continues till late night
    or even until the dawn. So, it is a very important mission
    to take a good care of the people related with shooting
    and to have them keep fit under harsh conditions.
    Here is the couple who has been running a dining car.
    They had worked for the location team of <April Snow>,
    and now they reveal the behind-the-scenes story !!! ~soil

    "Yes, Yongjoon-ssi is the man with a good appetite.
    He is not choosy about food. Generally he seems to love fish.
    He loves various kinds of ordinary side dishes, but
    particularly dried anchovy boiled with soy sauce and
    glutinous starch syrup."
    said Mr. and Mrs. Song, who were in charge of cooking
    meals for actors including Bae Yongjoo and all of the staff.

    The couple runs a dining car, having accompanied the shooting team
    of <April Snow> for 120 days from February to June
    both in Samcheok and in Seoul and helping the team to keep fit.

    "Bae Yongjoon-ssi has been concerned about his healthcare.
    The only thing that people around him asked us to be careful about
    was cooking food with less salt.
    And he seems to keep light eating in mind.
    Well, sometimes he ordered salad or fruit,
    which seemed to be related to his diet, his body project. "

    The dining car, the pride of the couple, is a one-ton truck
    that was renovated so that it could have a cooking facility.
    It is also ready to become a dining space with 15 tables
    to accommodate up to 80 persons at once,
    which takes about 20minutes of preparation.
    Bae Yongjoon also had his meals there.

    "Sometimes, Japanese fans came here to eat
    what Bae Yongjoon eats
    and they asked us to take a photo with them."
    The couple smiles, saying they picked up several Japanese words then.

    Actually this is the first dining car, in Korea, exclusively for location sites.
    They said that they had troubles in their business,
    then one of their acquaintances who knew well about movie industry
    told them the existence of dining cars abroad
    and suggested them to run it.

    The couple went on an excursion to a cafeteria of a shooting place,
    and on their way back home his wife, who has a relative that has
    an experience of running a restaurant, blurted, "Let's do it".
    Mr. Song said," I still don't know
    how, why I decided to jump in this business,
    at the very moment I heard my wife¡¯s words.
    I guess that I was somewhat overpowered
    by my wife's confident spirit."
    He threw us a peaceful smile, and his wife also smiled.
    They had accompanied most of the locations of <April Snow>.
    The day before a shooting day they went to the place in advance
    and visited the local market to investigate the materials
    to set the menu for the next day.
    They tried to cook with local specialties.

    At Samcheok which is located in the sea side,
    they provided the shooting team with fish every day,
    and received favorable comments from all of them
    including Bae Yongjoon.
    Mr. Song said,

    "We prepared a meal three times a day,
    breakfast, lunch and supper,
    and sometimes four times, including night snacks.

    Generally we cooked a meal for 100-150 persons at once
    which consisted of 7-8 side dishes, soup and rice.
    Sometimes the location site would change here and there
    and we should follow the team without having time to do the dishes.
    Well, it was the most embarrassing time
    when we had to do the dishes
    and prepare the next meal at the same time."

    He continued to say that his motto is to serve the meal
    that's just been cooked.
    In Korea, the most important thing is to serve meals fresh,
    right after the moment it's been cooked.

    Therefore, timing is everything in order to serve food in the best.
    But, needless to say, it is unpredictable what happens in shooting sites.
    When director Hur said , ¡"let's have our meal after finishing this scene."
    they had no clue when it would be, either 10 minutes later
    or 1 hour later. They didn't want to set the table with cold dishes,

    Bae YongJoon seemed to know
    the couples passion and devotion to food, too.
    After the shooting was over, Bae Yongjoon prepared
    MP3s, PSPs (portable game machine), or digital cameras
    for all the members of the staff, saying
    he wanted to give them something as a souvenior,
    because all of them had a hard time together for the same purpose.
    Mr. Song said,
    "When Yongjoon-ssi handed out a present to each of the staff,
    he didn¡¯t forget to give it even to us, and I felt really grateful
    for his considerate heart."

    He continued to say
    "For your reference, the numbers of the staff members were 80.
    Accordingly the present would have cost about 24 million won.
    (approx. 2.6 million yen).
    Yongjoon-ssi who is known for taking special care of his Family,
    gave presents to the people around him in a big way, too."

    I asked them about the behind-the-scenes story,
    And they answered,

    "It was really pleasing for us to play with all the members of the staff.
    When there was no shooting, we enjoyed spending time together,
    playing baseball or survival game. It was really interesting.

    But Yongjoon-ssi is the man who always draws all attention.
    He seemed to consider other staff members' position
    and restrain himself from having a chance to play together.
    He tried to be low-key, and seemed to keep from going out.
    You know, some wild fans came to the shooting sites
    to collect even the cigarette butts
    that he had thrown away, while he took a rest."

    The couple said that they were sorry
    as they saw lonesome Yongjoon.
    "But, while there were few fan hm... in the deep night,
    he would spend time with them, playing a practical joke.
    When a member of the staff played with an air gun.
    he said to him, 'Let me be in, and make a bet on who wins'
    and had a pleasant time to play together with him.
    When we saw him at the scene,
    we thought he might want to play with others happily."

    As for Son Yejin who co-starred, he said, she is a quiet woman.
    "She is polite and always smiles.
    She eats well and is a very sound and healthy girl."

    And he also added,
    "Both Bae Yongjoon and Son Yejin seemed to have prepared around
    10 posters of themselves for presents.
    When we asked them to give us a poster,
    each of them gave us one with their signature written on."

    In fact, the couple also appeared in the film as extras.
    "We were in the scene
    when Yongjoon-ssi was talking with Yejin-ssi in front of the Motel.
    There was another couple who could not enter the motel
    because of Bae Yongjoon and Son Yejin,
    and we acted that couple.
    We are anticipating whether we could appear
    in the movie without being cut."

    The release of the movie is supposed to be on September.
    When I asked them about his schedule, they said
    "Till early September, he is likely to join
    the promotion activity for <April Snow> in several Asian regions.
    And the shooting of <Great King and Four Gods> is scheduled to start
    on the end of October. And between he is likely to start
    another body project in order to fit in with a Great King Gwanggaeto
    who is shooting an arrow on a horse."

    And one member of the staff said
    "After finishing the filming, he had broken down with overwork,
    and I think that he's taking a rest now."

    I visited the health club where he belongs to
    then asked them about him,
    and they answered, "Lately he never came."

    He seems to have been leisurely enjoying some days off.

    image image
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    Ritchie Umali
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