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Bae Yong Joon 배용준

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Guest liezle

(Trans.) BYJ Exclusive Interview in AERA No.51 9/30 issue : PART 3

translated and posted by Myonne in BYJ's Quilt


A special feature of Bae Yongjoon, who is a central existence in ‘Hannryu (Korean Wave)’, is that he has a large number of fans all over Asia. His ‘family’, what he calls his fans, spread throughout Asia, such as not only in Korea and Japan but in Taiwan, China, Singapore, etc.

We should note that even though no one organizes an official fan club, they personally connect and cooperate themselves across the national borders through internet postings quite voluntarily. For example, when it turned out that the public release of “April Snow” in China was likely to be delayed due to the film censorship, and ‘Chinese family’ developed their ‘signature campaign’ for ‘simultaneous public release’, the fans in other countries including Japan showed an unique movement by encouraging them on the network.

Bae Yongjoon with such fans seems to have a viewpoint to go across the national borders. When he was requested to give his opinion on the problem of ‘Takeshima(Dokuto)’, he spelled to his own homepage, though in agony, saying ‘ If there is a role given to me, I would like to connect the line of the hearts of our families in Asia rather than draw a line of national territory. ‘ And his such sincere attitude created a sensation.

Following the film ”April Snow”, his next drama “Great King Story with Four Gods(太王四神記)” seems to become an international work. Among the rises of nationalism in various parts of Asia in response to the waves of globalization, some voices are uttered with expectation for the work of Bae Yongjoon to be what will connect Asian countries by slipping out of the narrow-mindedness of one-country centralism.

It was about Asia that Bae Yongjoon talked with his eyes more brightened in this interview. Probably there may be something visible only for him. He was smart enough to respond to us without hesitation.

―――In your recent remarks the word ‘Asia’ often appears. Why ‘Asia’ now?

BYJ:The reason I talk about ‘Asia’ much lately, I have a wish that some kind of cultural community should just be made in Asia.

There have been a variety of cultural flows in Asia until now. For instance, the Hong Kong movies flourished at one time, and Japanese culture also boomed at another. I think ‘Hanryu(Korean Wave)’ now is one of those movements. But, they were one-direction flow to the last and failed to continue to be the next stage of ‘intercultural exchange’.

Seeing the current ‘Hanryu’, it is still one-direction flow as well. Therefore, there appear some people who regard and think it negative.

I think when such flows don’t end in one-direction and develop further to become mutual streams, we can have cultural exchange in a true meaning between Korea and Japan, and furthermore, when such exchanges are made among various countries in Asia, not only between the two countries, I think we can possibly create one cultural community.

I have been working at home as one of ‘Hanryu’, but by receiving much love from a number of people in Asia, I came to think that I will possibly become a more power than before.

In future I would like to appear in the works of other Asian countries. Through doing some joint works with other actors, I wish I could develop the love I got from my ‘families’ in various countries into cultural exchanges in Asia.

―――I know some politicians and scholars advocate that we should build ‘ East Asia community’, but its realization still seems to be far in the future. Bae Yongjoon ssi will make it come true what politicians cannot do, won’t you?

BYJ:In order to realize it, we all have to make efforts together. Although the flow is still called ‘Hanryu’, Asian culture and materials have recently gathered much attention in U.S. and Europe as well. We have to produce a culture in the name of not ‘Hanryu(Korean Wave)’ but ‘Asian Wave’, which can equal U.S. and European culture, and that ‘Hanryu’ should develop itself into such a thing.

―――I think history has been waiting for Bae Yongjoon ssi.

BYJ: I seriously feel the role and responsibility in my life and in my performance as well, but at the same time I somehow came to have room to thank for what I was given. By appearing in “April Snow”, I seem to have broaden my view and way of thinking. I wish I could spin our love to share the warm hearts in Asia with a number of people.


When our interview finished, applause started from the staffs around all at once. He managed to finish all the official events all through these five days.

“Ohanashi dekite hontouni yokattadesu.(Really glad to speak with you.)”

“Otsukare sama deshi-ta.( Take care; have a good rest; thank you for everything.)”

Thus addressing politely in Japanese again, Bae Yongjoon left the room.

But. later, we had special ‘aftertalk’. He said he would join the shot for President of IMX, Mr. Sohn Ilhyon.

Returning to the room, he sat next to Mr. Sohn on the sofa, gave a tight hug to his comrade, Sohn ssi, and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek in front of a camera. The people around burst into laughter for this unexpected deployment. It looked like the scene of that snowman in ‘WLS’. It must be ‘the mark of his gratitude’ to Mr. Sohn who has continuously supported him during his stay in Japan this time.

I would say Insoo is attractive, but such playfulness is another charm of Bae Yongjoon, indeed.


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Guest frances

~~ James Berardinelli is one of the best known and most respected independent film critics in the US, whose reviews appear on the Reel Views Web site. Roger Ebert says James "stands above the crowd... Opinionated, well-informed, and a good writer... his literate, intelligent reviews [make him] the best of the Web-based critics." ~~ [http://www.twliterary.com/jberardinelli.html]

2005 TIFF Update #9: "Asian Interests"

Commentary by James Berardinelli

Friday, September 16, 2005

Pardon the short update today, but this is a travel day for me, as I return south from Toronto. I have twice stayed to the end (Saturday) and left feeling that I would have been better served by leaving earlier. The saturation point is usually reached on Wednesday, so after that it's a case of diminishing returns.

Toronto has always been an exceptionally good festival when it comes to highlighting Asian films (not surprising, considering the strong Asian influence in the community). This year, I saw three of these. All are examples of the kind of "below the radar" movies that I often see here but usually don't write about. This year, I decided to provide a short description of each in case they receive limited distribution. With the proliferation of foreign titles showing up on DVD, it's more likely now than at any time in the past that one, two, or even all three of these titles could become available.

1. Three Times is an intriguing movie from Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien.......

2. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is the conclusion of South Korean director Park Chan-wook's "Revenge Trilogy"........

3. April Snow........

The Asian film I liked the best, and the one I am hoping gets U.S. distribution, is another South Korean entry. From Hur Jin-ho, April Snow is a sad romance about two cuckolded spouses finding comfort in one another's company. In-su (Bae Yong-joon) arrives at the hospital soon after he gets the news that his wife has been seriously injured in a car accident. Also at the hospital is Seo-young (Son Ye-jin), the wife of a man who was in the car with In-su's wife. It doesn't take long for In-su and Seo-young to deduce that their spouses were having an affair. A mutual need for comfort draws them together. They become friends, then more. But the imminent awakening of one injury victim and death of the other creates a gulf that neither In-su nor Seo-young may be able to breach. April Snow is a swirl of deeply-realized emotions that escape from the screen to grab the viewer. It's a touching love story about the ways in which people can find comfort in seemingly impossible circumstances.The acting is fantastic and, while the director doesn't saddle us with an improbable happily-ever-after ending, he concludes the film on a note of hope. When I am asked about the films I will remember most from the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival, April Snow will be one of the first titles I mention. [Note: Reading through past festival notes, I discovered that I saw one of Hur Jin-ho's earlier movies, Christmas in August, during the 1998 TIFF. Here's an excerpt from what I wrote: "... this Korean import from director Hur Jin-ho is nothing short of magical. It's sad and uplifting at the same time - a delicately-crafted love story that embraces restraint rather than melodrama... Christmas in August is what its name implies: an unexpected treat. If it plays in a festival near you, don't miss it, especially if you're a romantic who appreciates movies not steeped in melodrama." Obviously, there has been no diminution in Hur Jin-ho's talents over the years.]

© 2005 James Berardinelli


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Guest liezle

(Trans.) "April Snow" Film Review in AERA 9.30.Special Issue

translated and posted by Myonne in BYJ's Quilt

A film review of "April Snow". Pls enjoy.^^/

(Caution! For those who haven't watch the film yet ,the description of the scene is included here, so pls put off reading if you wish.)


From AERA 9.30.2005 Special Issue

Film Review

The Highlights of “April Snow”

-----Overflowing emotion which a miracle of snow depicts----

Director Hur Jinho, who continuously forbade the performance of ’ face’

Dramatically strong feeling gushs out at the moment when expressions of the most beautiful stars in Korea disappear from the screen.

Written by Sozo Teruoka

(Film Critic, Programming Director of Tokyo International Film Festival; in

charge of Asian films in ‘Wind of Asia’ & Competition Section )


Hur Jinho, he is a director who scooped up the palpitation of a pure and innocent love as if not knowing sensual pleasure in his debut film” Christmas in August”, and in the following “Spring Days are Passing”, who depicted the vice of adult love which has a facet of cruelty between a divorced woman and a naïve young man.

What he chose as a material of his long-awaited 3rd film “April Snow” was a story of married man and woman. And that, it is a story of man and woman who is hurt by their spouses’ adultery and fall into the relationship which is exactly an extramarital affair from the eyes of bystanders, themselves as well.

**Ardent love of the two which their ‘expressionless’ tells

Every time Hur Jinho has passed through his works since the first one which pictured the purest instant of life, he seems to have shifted his interest towards drawing the parts not necessarily beautiful but which should be immanent in human beings.

In “April Snow”, the origin-sinfulness of human beings such as unrecoverable failure, unregainable time, and guilty feeling in no other way but to feel for others, heavily hang over the film as a whole.

Is it a manifestation of his intention to go into the portion hidden in the inner side of man? This film starts with a close-up shot of Bae Yongjoon and continues to adopt abundant up-shots of the leads, which is unusual in the past.

However, it is superb that the close-up shots spotted in many places in the film never depend upon the performance of ‘face’, as Director Hur Jinho himself stated in the interview. The faces of the characters themselves frequently appear in close-up. Nevertheless, he avoided giving them any specific simple semantic attachment, such as joy, sadness, and anger, as least as possible.

For instance, how about the wonderful close-up shot where Son Yejin stands by the window, gazing at her husband lying unconscious in the sickroom? The wind blown from the window flutters her hair. The curtain which flutters similarly even hides her face from time to time. And while we look at her face which is seen and hidden occasionally, the very complexity of her thought which cannot be clearly expressed in language, directly come to us.

The same can be said for Bae Yongjoon in respect of not depending on the performance of ‘face’. Son Yejin who went to the bus terminal for Seoul, after all, takes a seat in a café in front of the motel and gazes at Yongjoon visible through a window of the opposite building. He does not notice her at all.

The profile of Yongjoon which can be seen through the window never seem to act anything. The ‘expressionless’, however, surpasses any expression, thus conveying the ardent thought ‘we will not see each other any longer’ between the two persons to the audience. And when the camera which shot back to Yejin, once again returned to the window where Yongjoon must have been present, his figure is not in sight there any longer. The ‘close-up’ shot with no face and no figure makes the scene filled with thousands of emotions. This uninbabited shot reminds us of the intensity of the feeling in the scene of Yasujiro Ozu’s last work “Taste of Saury”, where the camera projects the deserted room of a daughter who left for marriage for quite a few seconds.

**There could be no other ending than this.**

It snows in April and the miracle spins a new story for the two in the ending of this film.

There must be the two persons in a car to be sure, but the figures are invisible. In the film which has shown the unexceptionally dramatic deployment as a work of Director Hur Jinho, however, the most dramatic mental upsurge overflows at the moment the uninhabited shot appears on the screen. This ending may look so bold and so novel, but I think there could be no other ending other than this for Hur Jinho who has continuously forbidden the performance of ‘face’.

“April Snow”, which was created starring the most beautiful actor and actress in Korea, ironically enough, is constructed so that the climax on a heart line may come at the moment their beautiful and noble faces disappear from the screen.

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Guest frances

Posted by Kwon Ohkyeong on the Talk Box of BYJ's official home.

translated & posted by Joanne in Quilt news section

BYJ, shot first CF for Taiwan in Kangwon Province..put in beauty of Korea

[star News]9/29/05 09:43


BYJ shot a company image commercial of the Dungssun(東森) Home Shopping, with which he made a contract to be the advertisement model for the first time for the Taiwanese businesses in the past August, inside Korea.

Director Wayne Peng, called as the best Taiwanese director for CF, directed this commercial which was shot in a branch school in a secluded place in the mountains in Kangwon Province for 2 days on the past 27 & 28.

Mr. Wayne Peng, who is active as a film director as well as a renowned CF director in Asia, also entered documentary film 'Song & dance in China'(?) for the Pusan international Film Festival in the past 2003.

The Taiwanese staff including Mr. Wayne Peng, explored shooting sites for over one month with staff at BYJ's agency before shooting the CF, and they were told to have been amazed at the beautiful Korean nature and culture in the process.

For that, Director Wayne Peng chose a branch school in a secluded place in mountains in Kangwon Province as a shooting site with intent "I would like to make people feel Korean culture and sentiments", and he took in camera pure and simple image of BYJ riding a bycicle.

Although it was the up-country secluded place in mountains, neighboring residents gathered in to see appearance of BYJ in the shooting site on that day, and BYJ gave autographs to villiage children one by one.

A staff in this CF told on 29, "BYJ is pouring his heart and soul to this commercial as much as he is to meet with Taiwanese fans through an advertisemenet for the first time," and "Not only the shooting for advertisement, but it also has a big meaning that a famous director in Taiwan and a Korean actor would meet and communicate cultures and sentiments."

On the other hand, BYJ made contract with Dungssun Home Shopping at about 1 billion won for one year on the past August as a public service model, and also gladly donated 100 million won to fund raising campaign to build a library for the Taiwanese native tribe which this company proceeded in commemoration of making contract for the modeling.

Reported by Lee Kyuchang,ryan@mtstarnews.com,star@mtstarnews.com

Copyright ⓒ Money Today Star News

Photos from the CF :)


hmmm, not sure if its Director Wayne Peng w/ Yong Joon...


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Guest jillc838

Hi Gals..

I've announced in Joonsfamily already.. No worries, Soompi will be back in business in no time~!! ;)

Hi, since I'm a new member here, can anybody teach me how to post the photos from my computer? I got a lot of good pictures of YJ to share. Thanks much!! ;)

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Guest liezle

Hi, since I'm a new member here, can anybody teach me how to post the photos from my computer? I got a lot of good pictures of YJ to share. Thanks much!! ;)

Hi there Jill, welcome the BYJ thread here @ soompi! Hope you will join us in our Bae-ziness over D' Man.

To post photos, from the reply box you will see an icon with a tree (beside the envelope) just click and the past the url of the photo you want to post. Btw, to host your photos you can use imageshack (http://www.imageshack.us/) or photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com) . Btw, when posting LARGE photos kindly resize them for easy viewing.

Hope to see you around!

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Guest frances

from foreverbyj.com



hello Jill :) nice to have u in Yong Joon's thread..if u want to post pics from your pc, you can use www.imageshack.us to host your pictures !! try visiting the site & its very userfriendly ;)

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Guest Jesw_21

Dear Liezle and Frances,

I'm SO SHOCKED and SAD all the posts are gone!!!!! :(

BUt I'm happy to see such nice pic of our Mr. Bae beginning of the forum!!!!!

Will work harder to help to post more of YJ's pics and news here!!!!!

Aja Aja!


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Guest frances


[Translation] Excerpt from Film Review of “April Snow” in ’SCREEN’, November issue, 2005

translated & posted by Myonne in Quilt Freeboard


Written by Kaoru Yahata*


I think an important hint is hidden in the language told by Director Hur Jinho at the press conference in Japan, ‘ there are beautiful parts and ugly parts in our life and in man.’

On the surface he is clean and right, and on the reverse side he himself also falls in an extramarital love. Front and back, right and wrong, true and false, these two extremes, probably, may be similar colleagues which just stand separately at either side of one pane of glass. Not to mention, adultery and romance.

Director Hur also said, ‘ “April Snow” is a film about ‘irony’ .’ To be sure, this film depicts various ironies in life. Betrayed by the persons they believed, they feel strong hatred and despair, but before long by loving someone they are led to understand those who betrayed them. Such a basic theme itself is an irony from the beginning.

Furthermore, the occupation (a lighting director) of Insoo is also very ironical. He makes the people on the stage show up in brilliant light, though he himself just stands still in a deep black shadow.

Insoo is a man who always wears in blackish jacket and talks little, and who can do nothing but shed tears awkwardly even when he knows the betrayal of his wife. His figure which always stands quietly in the place just a few away off the center of light is deeply impressive, with an irony where the person who played the role of Insoo is Bae Yongjoon, the top star Asia is proud of.

In the flow of the story, the episodes which make us keenly realize the irony of life come in like ripples. Though in the position of being betrayed and hurt, they are violently accused of the accident by the victim’s family. And at the moment the hearts of two persons come close to nestle up, Insoo’s wife wakes up from coma.

Life never goes at will. And the film tells us that it is our distress in life and at the same time, it is worth living.

In “Christmas in August” and “Spring Days Pass Away” as well, the gaze of the director onto the characters who have come too far to the place they cannot return any longer, is gentle and calm to the last, as if he were groping for the light which exists beyond their despair.

Even if forced to be in darkness, light might be shining immediately near you.

I want you to surely find the last terminal of Insoo and Seoyoung’s wandering with your own eyes, which could be seen in the hearts of the audience.


* Kaoru Yahata: Writer, born in Tokyo in 1967. Graduated from the First Department of Literature in Waseda University. After working for publishing companies which deal with Japanese language textbooks and to the opposite, with subcultural magazines, became freelancer. Writing interviews and movie and video criticism in ‘This film is amazing!’ ‘ Video Boy’ and ‘ JUNON’ etc.

[VOD+PHOTO] Flix's Interview with BYJ

posted in BYJ's KOB





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Guest liezle

Frances unni, do you know how i can edit our title? I want to use Bae Yong Joon then with sub title "It's All About Bae" . If you have other suggestions please let me know. But first can anyone tell me how to edit our title?

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Guest frances

hey Liez, Jess, i'm multi tasking again...munching my sandwich, posting in soompi, going over the past & present BYJ articles/pictures in other BYJ sites...... :D

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Guest liezle

I hope that when Carol is back she will do a screencap of the VOD.

[Trans] Mdm Tetsuko's Interview on 9th sep


BYJ in Tetsuko's Room

bb: There are actually two Tetsuko programs that were aired recently in Japan,

one on 4th Sep and the other one on 9th Sep.

Though both were recorded in the studio on 30th Aug,

the contents of these two programs are different.

I think Mclara is trying to translate the program aired on 4th Sep,

so I thought I would help to translate the one aired on 9th Sep.

The former is one-and-a-half hours long,

whilst the one I’ve translated is half an hour.

would like to thank snowkin for taking the time and trouble

to translate this from japanese into chinese for us....

honestly, i do know it ain't easy to do translation for a tv program,

coz you have to watch, pause, translate, watch, pause, translate...

the whole process just goes on and on and on...

it's tiring and time-consuming... so really appreciate this.

thanks much much!

pictures are screencaps captured from the program,

done by caroline from the soompi byj thread...


Translated from Japanese to Chinese: snowkin / www.loveyongjoon.com

Translated from Chinese to English: happiebb / www.joonsfamily.com

Tetsuko’s Room, Asahi TV, 2005/09/09


Tetsuko – T

Yong Joon – YJ

T: Our guest for today is Bae Yong Joon,

Bae Yong Joon who has been crowned as the Smiling Prince.

I’ve been looking forward to meeting him, so I’m feeling especially happy now.

YJ: Thank you. I’m also very happy to meet with Totto-Chan.

Have always been wanting to meet Totto-Chan.

[bb: Tetsuko has written a very famous book, The Little Girl by the Window

and the main character in the book is a little girl called Totto-Chan.]

T: Thank you. Did you really read “The Little Girl by the Window”?

YJ: The book that Madam Tetsuko has written has left me with a deep impression.

Thinking about Totto-Chan, I would imagine how nice it would be

if I have a little girl like that in future. I would like to give her a hug if I meet Totto-Chan.

T: Really? Thank you!

There was a survey done amongst BYJ fans,

asking them if BYJ were to appear in a TV program in Japan,

which program they would prefer to see him appear in.

The TV program that had garnered the most votes was Tetsuko’s Room.

Therefore, we’ve invited Bae Yong Joon to appear in the program.

Also, as a representative of BYJ fans, I’m carrying out this interview today.

YJ: Oh, thank you. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

My existence here and today is because of the family’s warm and ceaseless love,

it’s because of their love that I’m able to be sitting here.

I really wanted to see Totto-Chan.

T: Really? So glad to hear that…

YJ: Without the love from my family,

I would suppose there’s no opportunity for us to meet like this today.

So, I would like to say thank you sincerely.

T: I’m a lot bigger than Totto-Chan, so sorry…

[Yong Joon laughed.]

If you had met Totto-Chan when she was little,

I’m sure you wouldn’t know what to do with her.

YJ: She’s surely a very adorable and gentle child.

Even now, looking at Madam Tetsuko,

it’s like I can have a glimpse of Totto-Chan’s little shadow.

That leads me to imagine a lot of things.

T: Is that so? Very happy to hear that.

You address your fans in Japan and all over the world as “family”.

What does “family” mean to you?

YJ: Family’s love is love that will never change, and it also encompasses trust.

I like the word “family” very much, and I also like “love of the family”.

The reason for my existence and a lot of my value are what my family gives to me.

I want to say that I want to protect my family, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Looking at these fans, at how they give me such endless love and trust,

this is of course a meeting of an actor and his fans.

But feeling the love the fans give to me,

I too want to repay them with something that’s important to me,

something that means much to me.

So, I refer to them as “family”.

T: Everyone is unique in his own way, and would have his own thinking.

Did your parents pass on some of this to you?

YJ: Yes. Here, I would like to thank my parents,

they taught me how to conduct myself.

T: What propelled you to become an actor?

YJ: I myself had never thought about wanting to be an actor.

Because I’m an introvert, I’m quiet, don’t talk much and I’m passive.

My parents were worried for me because of this.

They also asked me, how about going to become an actor? Or a model?

But honestly, I did not have the confidence, and also never did think about that.

I had wanted to become a movie director, but wanted to pursue my studies abroad.

However, I did not want to burden my parents financially,

so how to make enough money to study overseas?

Then I thought about how I was being asked to consider acting.

I was thinking if I did that,

then I would be able to save enough money more quickly so that I could go abroad.

And that’s how I entered the entertainment industry.

As I worked as an actor, I gained more and more fans who love me.

The sense of responsibility from having these fans

pushed me forward to continue to act.

Then I started to feel and possess the desire to be an actor, the passion to act.

Even till now. I think the road ahead of me as an actor is still very long,

but I’ve not given up my dream of becoming a director, and I’m learning bit by bit.

T: Are you thinking to go to Hollywood to pursue your studies?

YJ: I would like to go to New York.

T: I studied acting in New York.

YJ: Oh…

T: How nice if we could go together…

[Yong Joon laughed.]

T: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Did you have an aspiration?

YJ: I was really very quiet as a child. I can recall a time when I was little.

I was attending kindergarten then, and was not able to break into the little kids’ circle.

I preferred to be on my own.

Then one day, I was alone in the classroom reading,

the kindergarten principal and my mother were watching me from the window

with worried eyes. I can still recall that scene. A

t that time, I was thinking,

“Is what I’m doing disallowed? Is it not right?”

“Am I causing the adults to worry?”

From that time, I seemed to start thinking about wanting to change myself,

and I tried hard to change, little by little.

But I wasn’t the sort to express myself actively.

I had quite many dreams, I had wanted to become a scientist,

also wanted to be an architect.

I was curious about many jobs and profession;

maybe that’s why I became an actor.

T: The last time I went to Seoul, I managed to find much information.

I saw the class teaching who was teaching Bae Yong Joon in Primary Six.

I asked her about the student Bae Yong Joon.

This was what the teacher said. Please watch the clip.

YJ put both hands on his chest and took a deep breath.

[From the video clip]

T: Is it Ms Song? What was Bae Yong Joon like as a student?

S: I had heard about Yong Joon becoming an actor from his classmates,

that was ten years ago.

Yong Joon had always given me the impression of being rather quiet,

so I was surprised when I heard that he has become an actor.

T: Any memorable incidents or things you can recall?

S: I can still remember how when everyone was making a lot of noise and playing,

Yong Joon would be sitting at his seat quietly and smiling gently.

T: That’s the same as what Bae Yong Joon is like now.

S: Yes, that’s right. The gentle image is the same then and now.

T: Have you watched any of Bae Yong Joon’s TV dramas or movie?

S: Yes, I saw “A Sunny Place of the Young” and also “Winter Sonata”.

T: If you see Bae Yong Joon now, what would you like to say to him?

S: I would like to say, “You’re outstanding, and you’re my pride.

Do continue to work hard.”

[End of video clip]

YJ took a deep breath.

T: Can you still remember the teacher?

YJ: Of course, I do. I had thought she was a very pretty teacher when I was little,

and she’s as pretty as before.

Just like what teacher had said, people who knew me when I was little

would never ever dream that I would become an actor.

Feel like meeting teacher…

T: Have you learnt the art of making tea?

YJ: Yes.

T: Do you like it?

YJ: I like tea. But I do not go through the formal tea-making rituals to drink tea,

I just enjoy the taste of tea in the light-hearted manner in my daily life.


[in the VOD, Madam Tetsuko was showing Yong Joon how to hold and turn the tea bowl.]

T: You can turn the bowl either way, just turn it moderately will do.

YJ: The bowl is to be turned in a clockwise direction

and the patterned side of the bowl should reach the right hand.

This is what I read from the books. What about bowls like this?

[The bowl Yong Joon was holding in the program did not have specific patterns.]

T: Then just drink it. [Yong Joon started sipping his tea.]

Bae Yong Joon is really a gentle and cultured person, think I’m going to start laughing.

Watching him from the sideview, his whole action of drinking tea is just so beautiful.

YJ: [After drinking his tea] Have to wipe my mouth…

[He made a gesture of wiping.]

T: Did your family inculcate in you all about having good manners,

being courteous and refined, and all these things?

YJ: Yes. My parents educated me, and I also learnt from the books.

T: Yes. The first time I saw Bae Yong Joon putting his hands to his chest at the airport,

my first impression was, what a well-mannered and refined man!

YJ: Many people have asked me about that,

whether it was a deliberate act when I put my hands to my chest.

At that time, I was just too touched, and that action came very naturally.

T: It’s very refined, beautiful too.

YJ: Thank you.

T: Let’s have a look at your hands, what kind of hands do you have?

I’ve seen your hands in the movie, can you please show them to me?

Ah… big hands… Can you please compare your hand with my hand?

Ah… really big hands.

When I was watching you on TV, I was thinking to myself Yong Joon’s hands are big,

has it got anything to do with sports and exercise?

YJ: Don’t think it’s got anything to do with that.

T: You wore a ring on your pinkie finger in the movie.

Does it have any significance? [Yong Joon removed the ring.]

You’re wearing it on your pinkie finger in both the movie and also in TV dramas.

YJ: Mmm, not sure when it all started,

but it gives me the feeling that I’m being protected.

So, I’ve always worn it in my daily life.

When I’m filming, I would wear different rings in accordance to the characters I play.

Of course, I wouldn’t be wearing it in period dramas or movies.

T: That’s right, you weren’t wearing one in The Untold Scandal.

YJ: So, I’ve been wearing it since.

T: Is that so? I guess after this,

the number of Japanese women wearing pinkie rings will increase.

I saw your previous interview, you mentioned wanting to have a girlfriend.

YJ: Actually for now, even more than a girlfriend, I want to have a family.

I yearn for the long-term trust in each other,

wanting to rely and depend on each other and fill up the voids in our respective lives.

I would like to meet my other half like this.

T: I too share the same thoughts.

I’s necessary to have friends in whom we can able to trust

and also who are able to influence us in the positive way.

I would suppose these are included as well.

I also think that no matter male or female, as a human being,

it’s a wonderful thing to have someone with you.

YJ: Yes. When I was younger, I had thought physical appearance was good enough.

But now whether this person has a job,

or whether she would be a good wife or mother are not as important.

I think what’s truly important is for the couple to be able to trust each other,

and trust each other forever and are suited to be together.

T: I too think likewise. But it’s unfortunate that I’ve never been married,

so I can’t say much about marriage matters.

[Yong Joon gave a slight smile.]

I know what you mean, you want to build a family with a woman with mutual trust.

YJ: Would be nice if Totto-Chan marries Tai… Is it Tai, Tae?

T: Oh, it’s Tai, Tai, Tai. [Yong Joon laughed.] The physics man’ son…

[snowkin: Can’t hear too clearly here, might have some discrepancy…]

It won’t do to have sumo wrestle with each other and fall down,

that’s why the other party refused to get married.

YJ: [said laughingly] Really? Then I’ll just make sure I don’t fall then…

T: Yes, that’s right…. Does Bae Yong Joon have any similar experience?

Some girl came to say something to you suddenly?

YJ: In primary school, even if girls showed all sorts of concern for me,

I would either avoid them or retreat.

I was maybe even more shy than the girls.

T: Oh, really? So it’s impossible for the girls to even want to give you something…

YJ: Out of a sudden, I started thinking I should become a man,

I wanted to become stronger, tougher.

And I wanted to change my passive and reticent character.

Of course, I myself wanted the change,

so slowly, bit by bit, I’ve become more proactive and positive.

That’s why I’m able to talk like this now.

T: And you’ve also played different types of roles.

Today, I tried the Korean traditional costume.

YJ: It fits you. Pretty too.

T: Really? Thank you.

Would like to talk a little about the story of April Snow

[A brief intro about April Snow.]

After the accident, In Soo ran very hurriedly.

From the screen, we can see he’s very worried and anxious about his wife.

YJ: That running scene was shot right at the beginning, at the crank-in.

I’ve heard about the director’s shooting style beforehand,

but I still did not have any experience with that sort of filming then.

I had wanted to learn something,

that’s why I prepared myself mentally to take up that challenge.

But still, that first day was difficult.

That running scene was a very short scene in the movie,

but it was really shot running from the first level all the way up.

T: Really? So you’re out of breath and panting when you reached

and not knowing which room your wife was in,

that sort of feeling was understandable.

YJ: If April Snow had decided on the various circumstances beforehand,

or if it had denied all feelings of attraction beforehand,

then In Soo not only will deny the feelings,

In Soo would then be written and scripted as a very emotional character.

Perhaps that means more emotions will be expressed and brought out

and maybe there will be more outbursts or active expression of feelings.

But no, I’ve totally transformed into In Soo.

Me as In Soo, all sorts of feelings would flow out and be expressed.

I myself am in disagreement with infidelity,

and would refuse to face it even in an ironical situation such as that.

Such contradictions appear many times in the movie.

T: It’s definitely completely different from The Untold Scandal.

The Untold Scandal described a playboy.

That opening scene of the artist making love in the midst of painting was so beautiful.

I was surprised when I saw it.

That was a love-making scene of a playboy, wasn’t it?

YJ: I myself was also surprised. [both of them laughed.]

When I was filming The Untold Scandal,

I was taken aback at how I was able to portray those feelings and do those scenes.

I think even my family who knows me well were surprised too.

T: That’s because you were playing that particular role, that’s understandable.

I also know why everyone likes Bae Yong Joon,

it’s precisely because of your commitment and devotion to the movies,

and your focus and concentration to acting and all things related to your craft.

YJ: I’m truly very grateful if you do see me in that light.

From now on, as an actor, I want to challenge all types of roles.

T: What are your thoughts at the friendly ties Japan and Korea now enjoy?

YJ: I think it’s a good thing.

Up till now, the Korean Wave has been one-sided,

such a lopsided trend is also largely got to do with commercial reasons,

therefore there are negative views about it in Japan.

It’s perfectly understandable that a fraction of the people are against it.

But I do hope that from now on, it will not be a one-sided trend,

it should be a two-way traffic. We need a trend that flows both ways.

And such a trend should not restricted to just

a cultural exchange between Japan and Korea,

we should further develop and grow it into a cultural exchange at a pan-Asian level.

T: It's definitely possible with a star like you.

Dear BYJ fans, today we have with us Mr Bae Yong Joon.

I believe you would have been able to experience and feel the magic and charisma of Bae Yong Joon.

I'm also very happy today.

Here's wishing you good health, and thank you very much. [in Korean]

YJ: Thank you.

[both of them shook hands, and then Yong Joon gave Madam Tetsuko a hug.]

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Guest SH<3

He's so popular in Japan right now..

Fans faint because of him :)

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Hi there liezle, france or frances? `en other Baegalz... fresh new start eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest frances

~~ ok guys, this BYJ interview deserves a second, a third.... reading !! actually, this thread reconstruction thing gave me a chance to repost this one of my fave BYJ article . for the newbies, its another chance for you to discover the wonder of this certain Korean actor named Bae Yong Joon....

[ quteacho....yes, france is the frances before...i just took off the s... :)

Written by Lee Keunmi (Monthly Chosun, June'2005)/ Exclusive interview - pleasant mid-day conversation with Bae Yongjoon, the Asian heartthrob

Translated into English by 잔돌밭 youngsun

posted in KOB & Quilt

[Exclusive interview - pleasant mid-day conversation with Bae Yongjoon, the Asian heartthrob]

"Will my popularity last long? Can it be a couple of years?"

Written by Lee Keunmi (Guest journalist of the Monthly Chosun/ www.rootlee.com)

'Surprise' interview on the spot


Actor Bae Yongjoon, 33, is one of the most difficult actors for journalists to meet.

On March 17, an outdoor shot of his movie 'April Snow' was open to the press in Samcheok where crowded 350 journalists, 200 from Korea and 150 from across Asia. 100 among the foreign journalists were Japanese. None of them succeeded in having an exclusive interview with Mr. Bae.

While covering Mr. Kim Joongman, a photographer, I heard he would go to the Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery to shoot a poster of the movie 'April Snow' on April 27, and that Mr. Bae would be there, too. On my request to accompany him that day, he showed reluctance saying, "The shooting is not open to the public."

I decided to make a 'surprise' visit to the spot with Artist Kim Jeomseon, 59, who is on familiar terms with Ellen Kim, the owner of the gallery.

About 11:30 am on April 27, when we arrived at the Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, the shooting team were busy preparing for their job in front of the stairway down to the garden. On exchanging greetings with us, Photographer Kim Joongman started checking his cameras.

After a short while Mr. Bae, in a white shirt with fine, vertical stripes, blue trousers and black sneakers, showed up carrying a camera. He stepped down the stairway slowly. He kept a poker face throughout the shooting session for the poster.

In the movie 'April Snow', he plays a lighting director who, after discovering his wife's infidelity, falls in love with the wife of his rival. It's a gloomy role. As Mr. Bae took a pose, Photographer Kim pressed the shutter button without a particular request.

Photographer Kim pulled out several Polaroid photos and was checking them. Then it's a turn for Mr. Bae. He started to take pictures of Photographer Kim. After clicking his camera several times, he checked the viewfinder carefully. And then he started shooting the crew with the camera.

In October 2003 when the movie 'Untold Scandal' was released, he showed photos of its production crew taken by him in a magazine. In my interview with him during his visit to Japan last year, he said, "I want to publish a book with stories and photos."

At Photographer Kim's request to have a look at the Polaroid photos, Mr. Bae rose to his feet. Seeing photos, Mr. Bae didn't make comments as if he entrusted all to Photographer Kim.

I can't give an interview without permission

I addressed myself to Mr. Bae. "Do you remember me?"

After blinking his eyes a couple of times, he made a bright smile.

"Oh, the Monthly Chosun... That article was very impressive."

Though I had had an interview with him at the Hotel New Otani in Japan exactly a year before, he surprisingly remembered me.

Mr. Bae took pictures of this writer and Artist Kim, too. I asked Photographer Kim if Mr. Bae requested his opinion about his own photos. Photographer Kim said Mr. Bae would not show them, perhaps due to his shyness.

Soon it was lunchtime, and Mr. Bae had a lunch with the crew upstairs. Seeing Mr. Bae coming toward the sofa after his lunch, I approached him and requested an interview.

"You had better consult my agency. Some time ago, a long acquaintance of mine, saying he has became a daily newspaper reporter, requested me an interview. I accepted it only to be scolded by my managers. I can't give it without permission. Give a call to Chief Manager Yang."

When I called to Chief Manager Yang Keunhwan in charge of media relations for BOF, Mr. Bae's agency, he said, "You didn't make an appointment, right? Wait until I go over there. Then we will talk." I could not waste my time until Chief Manager Yang came to Yangpyong from Seoul.

Atmosphere demanding 'Yon-sama' Bae Yongjoon to overcome Japan


[caption] BYJ and SYJ. They were filming the movie April Snow at Jookseoroo in Samcheok, Gangwondo province.

I just started talking to Mr. Bae. Perhaps because our talk was not presupposed as an interview, he comfortably answered short and simply to my questions, unlike in the formal interview of the Hotel New Otani in Japan in April 2004.

Though I conversed with him without a notebook or a tape recorder, a manager beside Mr. Bae repeated, "You shouldn't do this way."

-- With 'Yon-sama' fever still hot in Japan and the number of fans increasing in Southeast Asia, don't you feel much burdened from your tremendous popularity?

"Nothing's changed much. I live almost the same life. I don't feel burdened. The only difficulty I'm experiencing is that hardened relationship between Korea and Japan due to the Dokdo Island matter has a negative effect even on the cultural part."

-- You must have experienced hard time mentally due to the abrupt questions regarding Dokdo Island during the previous press conference.

"They were not right questions for the place."

Several days after the conference, Mr. Bae wrote on his official homepage as follows:

Dokdo Island is a Korean territory, and as such we have to handle it more rationally. If there is a role given to me, it's not to utter a word drawing a line between national territories but to connect lines among the hearts of the Asian family. And I'd like to try my best for the task.

Photo album sold more than Brad Pitt's

-- What are other actors' reactions to you lime-lighted as a Korean wave star?

"I'm on close terms with Seungsoo(Ryu Seungsoo), Taewoo(Kim Taewoo), and Senior Seungwoo(Kim Seungwoo). But do friends talk such a topic among themselves? Moreover, we don't meet often, for we are busy..."

Mr. Bae smoked now and then during the conversation.

-- It seems difficult for you to stop smoking.

"I can stop smoking. I'll stop it when I finish this filming."

--Since your debut in 1994 you would always keep home for a year or two after finishing a work. But this time you decided your next work while filming.

"I always work thinking this is my last work. So I would devote myself to the present work without giving a thought to the next. As I've wanted to work with Director Kim Jonghak since before, I took it when the opportunity was given.

'The great king, 3 gods and a goddess' (Tae-wang-sa-shin-ki), his next choice, is a story about the era of Gwanggaeto the Great, king of the Goguryo Kingdom. Its producer is Kim Jonghak Production, and the writer is Song Jina. Mr. Bae will play Damdeok, Gwanggaeto the Great.

Mr. Bae had shaped such a muscular body as to make professional bodybuilders envious, and shot a photo album. Nevertheless, he looked slim, perhaps due to his height, 1.8m.

-- When seen in the photos, you looked very wide in the shoulders, but you look slim now.

"That cannot be maintained. My body was much bigger then. I really had hard time. Despite of so much toil I did it, for I thought I couldn't do that when I grew older.

When Mr. Bae built a body, his diet mainly consisted of vegetable and chicken breast meat. 3 months' chewing of tough chicken breast meat caused his jaws to develop muscles, so he ate it minced later.

"I kept lifting a 100kg barbell then. It made me clench my teeth so hard that muscles developed even to the head and the temples. All the facial muscles made at the time have disappeared by now."

On BYJ official homepage (www.byj.co.kr) fans said, "he looked too thin perhaps due to the hard job of movie shooting." Seen close-by, however, he didn't look so thin. His skin, slightly tanned, is nicely brown.

-- When you published a photo album, some fans suggested you to shoot an action film with your muscular body, but you chose a melodrama instead.

"As I started the photo album project thinking it's a wok as it is, I have no regret."

Mr. Bae's photo album made considerable profits. Photographer Kim informed us that his photo album sold more than Brad Pitt's. This is what Photographer Kim said:

"His photo album may be the world best-seller of its kinds. Mr. Bae planned it well. Even though he could make money otherwise, he practiced moderation, and published a photo album at a right time. I think he has an extraordinary sense."

He analyzed the reason Mr. Bae brought about the Korean wave boom as follows:

"He is so handsome. What make him beautiful are not only his face but also his perfectly proportioned body. Asian women like Korean actors, because they feel energy from them. Especially with Mr. Bae, his face is in harmony with his well-balanced body."

Mr. Bae's 'April Snow', currently under shooting, will be simultaneously released in 10 Asian countries coming September. The shooting is said to finish in June. Samcheok in Gangwondo province, the major shooting location of 'April Snow', is already emerging as a tourist attraction.

-- Do you have any trouble while shooting?

"I have. The trouble is the script is not prepared in advance, but that lines are made on the spot. Many scenes already shot have been filmed newly."

Ranked among big directors only with his 2 titles, 'Christmas in August' and 'One Fine Spring Day', Director Huh Jinho is notorious as shooting a movie without a script.

Whether marry or not, it's difficult to meet somebody

-- In an interview made by the Daily Chosun last November, you were reported to feel much loneliness. Do you feel the same these days?

"I feel lonely (laugh). I endure it when I feel it."

-- When lonely, one has to get married?

"(Laugh) When I met family members (fans) some time ago, one of them advised me to get married quickly while the other told me not to. The one asked the other, 'You are married. Then why do you tell Mr. Yongjoon not to?' The other answered, 'I want to appreciate him as he is, still into the future.'(Laugh) Whether marry or not, I, in my present position, have difficulties meeting someone. As I don't have opportunities to meet someone, naturally marriage is delayed. If I have a good opportunity and a nice person, I will get married."

Since the Monthly Chosun carried an exclusive interview with BYJ in the issue of May 2005, many BYJ fans have been accessing this writer's homepage.

-- Many of your fans are visiting my homepage.

"I know it."

-- Have you ever visited my homepage?

"Sure, I have."

-- I noticed that your fans on the official homepage write really well.

"There are really many family members (fans) who write well. Reading their writings, I marvel much at them."

Mr. Bae entered the department of Film in Seonggyungwan University in 2000, and has finished 4 semesters. According to an academic regulation that one should not be absent from school for more than 6 semesters, he submitted a voluntary resignation in late March this year."

-- Quitting school, didn't you feel regretful?

"Though the university persuaded me not to, saying there might be a way-out, I gave in a voluntary resignation. I felt it's unfair to other students. Later when an opportunity comes, I will reenter the university to resume my school."

-- Evaluating Mr. Bae, many people mention 'dignity'. Your speech is slow and your movement is careful. That may be a reason for it.

"I also move spontaneously. When I visited Japan, I went out of the main entrance of the hotel despite everybody's dissuasion."

Mr. Bae smiled playfully. Last November when Mr. Bae paid a second visit to Japan, the media made some commotions including a live broadcasting from a helicopter.

In front of the Hotel New Otani gathered a crowd of fans waiting for him anxiously. Mr. Bae, saying he could not ignore them, went out of the main entrance despite all the dissuasions, which resulted in an accident where some fans got injured in a stampede toward his car.

My guess was that his dignity might come from books, for anything. Mr. Bae said, "I read books in a great variety of genres."

I feel totally refreshed

I introduced Artist Kim Jeomseon to Mr. Bae when she finished a lunch.

Meeting Mr. Bae for the first time, Artist Kim said to him promptly, "Will you make a film, as you reportedly want to produce films later?" Mr. Bae answered without a hesitation, "Yes, I will." Artist Kim, who had filmed several experimental movies during her graduate course in Hongik University, said, "Now that you're so popular, you cannot make films right now. Aren't you worried your popularity falls down?"

He smiled saying, "Well, will this popularity last long?" As Artist Kim said, "I hope your popularity falls down quickly so that you can make movies", he burst into a laugh saying, "In a couple of years."

Artist Kim said, "Some people asked me to shoot movies saying they would support me unconditionally, but I don't want to, for I cannot express the light of the shooting moment to perfection.

Then Mr. Bae playing a lighting director in 'April Snow' widened his eyes and suggested a simple solution.

"You had better entrust such a technical part to its expert. You had better find out a lighting director who can represent the moment perfectly. "

Artist Kim started to talk about Mr. Claude Lelouch, director of 'Un Homme Et Une Femme". Mr. Bae, saying that Mr. Claude is his favorite director, chimed in.

"He made 70% of the movie on his own. I was much impressed with him shooting, editing, and directing all for himself. I really like his movies."

His eyes twinkled instantly as the topic flew to movies. Ms. Ellen Kim came to us and said, "They are afraid if you keep asking Mr. Bae further, he will get too tired to have shooting..." He said, however, "No, I'm not tired. I'm enjoying it."

When Ms Ellen Kim said, "Artist Kim respects Cezanne so much that her eyes swarm with tears just at the mention of him," Mr. Bae gave an understanding nod.

-- Do you like any actor to such a degree as your eyes get filled with tears?

"Though not to such a degree as to drop tears, I like Robert De Nero and Al Pacino."

When Artist Kim talked about how she had fallen in love at a first sight and got married, and how difficult it had been for her to keep painting during her early marriage, Mr. Bae amused himself very much with the story, bursting into laughs.

When I said, "Many people wonder if Director Huh Jinho of April Snow is single or married," Mr. Bae answered, "He is not married. If you have a nice lady to recommend, please introduce her to him."

By the time our talk became more exciting, Mr. Bae's manager said, "It's time to prepared for shooting." Mr. Bae, looking around indoors, would not rise to his feet, saying, "Photographer Kim hasn't come yet." In a while, Photographer Kim came, and Mr. Bae reluctantly stood up.

"I'm afraid I have to go shooting now. I had a really nice time. I feel completely refreshed."

My mother asked, "Does he hit you too?"

Chief Manager Yang Keunhwan, arriving belatedly, expressed disappointment saying, "How could you take us by surprise this way without making an appointment?" However, he no longer showed uneasiness, perhaps due to the acquaintance I had made with him last year when he had arranged for me an interview with Mr. Bae in Japan.

Holding him back, I asked about the so-called 'Artistes X Files' having rapidly circulated on the Internet.

-- According to the X Files, Mr. BYJ was reported to commit habitual violence to his managers. ( turned out to be so totally untrue..shame on those Kr reporters.. )

"My mother asked me, 'Does he hit you too?' These days, does anybody in any field of our society work for a boss who hits him? The staff in our company didn't mention it at all. We need not talk about it, when it's totally untrue. We haven't had any sort of trouble from the happening."

When Mr. Bae abandoned an exclusive contract with Hahnshin Corporation Company in April last year, many management agencies offered him tremendous guarantees. However, he made a no-guarantee contract with BOF, established by Messrs. Bae Seongwoong and Yang Keunhwan who have been working as his managers for more than 4 years.

Mr. Bae's request was to systematically manage his fans both domestic and overseas, and to maintain the family-like ambience as now. Chief Manager Yang continued to say:

"Mr. Bae presented a resigning manager with a car several years ago, and bought deluxe automobiles for Director Bae Seongwoong, a stylist and me. When employees fall into financially needy situations such as transferring to a new house, he helps them unknowingly. He is a man who puts action before words. I'm lucky to work with him."

Regarding the change made for the past one year by 'Yon-sama tornado', Chief Manager Yang said as follows:

"You know quite well how Mr. BYJ is treated. When our Executive Director Lee Donghoon, Mr. Lee Jeongseop, or I go to Japan, they recognize us on the street and ask for our autographs."

"At the Nagoya Exhibition (of Mr. Bae's photo album, Image Vol. 1) gathered as many as 2,000 fans despite Mr. Bae's absence. Awkward to say, I myself signed 400 persons. Even when we visit Japan without him, Japanese broadcasters videotape us."

Memorable day


[caption] Photo of BYJ and the writer. It's shot by BYJ, stretching his left arm.

Offers of an advertising model are constantly given to Mr. Bae who promotes for 5 local companies and 6 Japanese ones. BOF with over 30 staff members has 3 new actors and actresses except Mr. Bae, who is its only well-known star.

-- Mr. Bae has made tremendous profits so far?

"I don't know what to say, for a 'tremendous' level depends on the standard. Though 'Joon Bear', our first official character merchandise, was sold at 300 thousand won per unit, the number was limited, and the cost price was expensive, because it's hand-made". We donated all the profits from the photo exhibitions held in Japan. The photo album has sold lots of copies."

Mr. Bae donated 300 million won to World Vision, a world aid organization, and 200 million won to Community Chest of Korea in early January this year. His Asian fans including Japanese fans constantly donate what they collect from their events to various aid organizations under the name of Mr. BYJ.

Chief Manager Yang, who had left us with an excuse that he had to go down to the shooting site, gave me a call by 4 pm: he asked us to come to the parking lot.

When Artist Kim and I went to the lot, Mr. Bae got out of his car. He already changed into a brown cotton jacket. He offered his hand to us for shaking.

As we stood waving our both hands playfully to the departing car, he rolled down the window and bowed us again.

Artist Kim Jeomseon said, "As I shook hands with my favorite actor BYJ twice a day, today is a memorable day." It was also a memorable day to this writer who, thanks to incidentally obtained information, had an exclusive interview with BYJ all the Asian journalists want to meet.¡Ü

[Actor Bae Yongjoon seen by Artist Kim Jeomseon]


Actor Bae has polite conduct. One of the performer's major jobs is personal relationship. His conduct befits his status. His behavior is accurate. I felt he would succeed in whatever he might do. Whoever progresses toward his future with such an accuracy, whoever loves himself with such strictness can't make a success in his life? Seen from his appearance only, he has such freshness as a 7-year-old boy. His face is, actually, the size of a newly entered primary school kid while his body is that of a full-grown youth. He was born with such beauty as enables people to understand instantly the myth of Narcissus or Hyacinthus.

'Killer smile' is said to be his trade mark, but I'd like to mention 'the power of his eyes'. His eyes radiate like a luminous body, and the clearness of their whites is beyond description. He looks warmly at others with eyes of unfathomable depth. Has he collected spirit energy by accumulating internal training? Anyway, he has unusual spirit energy. Though feeling an unfamiliar frequency of spirit energy from him, I admired, "Human beings can be so beautiful in nature as he is."

I felt, that's why people dash to a person of such beauty as BYJ's, risking their lives like salmons returning to the mother stream. Women's love of BYJ is self-love. (They are) Narcissuses!

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Guest chiligoyo

Remember the good days where we share the cheeky pics of our Yong Joon? Let's relive the moments again~!!








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