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  1. Here is something I was just doodling with to pass the time, the VERY short time, until Soldier Ji becomes just plain old Citizen/Actor Ji again. Please enjoy. For those who aren't sure what G.I. in the above picture stands for, it is short for a soldier in the US Army~a G.I.~Government Issue. Some of you may remember that there was, quite a few years ago, a popular doll (no, action figure) called GI JOE. And yes, I constructed this whole scenario just because I wanted to show off K2Krome Ji. Didn't he turn out great? I may do more of those K2 people.......
  2. I love that picture above posted by @cherkell showing Chang Wook wearing a mask that completely fails to disguise him, and if anything makes his distinctive face even more attractive in contrast. Also, it gave me some ideas because what JCW is doing in the picture above is another example of his inspired insanity. So, what's a girlfan like me to do except compose a fanvideo combining a long ago hit from the late, great song stylist and vocalist, Phoebe Snow singing her composition Inspired Insanity to illustrate the Army short-timer's Ji Chang Wook in some of his inpired and insane past public offerings. Also it is my absolute conviction that in the next few coming months fans will once again be treated to his most inspired insanities, or any other video collection thereof. Yay!! Please enjoy....
  3. Even the hint of Chang Wook being in another drama so soon after leaving the Army is enough to make my day! Thanks @cherkell for fielding the possibility. But now you are gonna have many fans nagging you constantly for updates, me leading the pack (hint, hint). If true, it means that his work ethic and mania for activity hasn't dwindled at all; still a firebrand who loves entertaining. Speaking as a Ji-FAN, life is sometimes too good...…. That and the Dispatch bullet got dodged. LOL (she laughed, nervously.) Edit added 1-22-19 Tuesday: Well we are definitely under 100 days now; maybe 95 or so. Even though time is short and so many amazing things are on the horizon, I am finding it hard to move on from the attractive IG's, YouTubes, and pictures from the Shinheung Interlude, as I now will call it. For about a year it was what defined Ji Chang Wook. So much of it added to his mystique, and gave added insight into his way of interacting with those around him. Just to review, here is a GIF from the first press meeting that got a preview of Shinheung and Chang Wook. Just something simple. Credit as tagged. https://youtu.be/qJNwsl4l728. Then there was the short musical section from NCTV of a short JCW vocal. https://youtu.be/MWMO1pdCCeM. Knocks me out everytime I hear it or see it. The following is a GIF, a little longer, revealing JCW and his interaction with his castmates onstage during a performance called Arirang Hope. I pulled it from a YouTube, but for the life of me, I cannot find the original source now! The logo of the creator remains on the face of my GIF, so credit where credit is due. See under the spoiler. Enjoy.
  4. @cherkell Thanks for that update on the number of followers on his Instagram! I was going to say it was amazing, but it wasn't really amazing......because he earned every one of those additional followers. So it was just his "just reward." He should have millions more. Being in the Army actually INCREASED his appeal, by providing opportunity for many, many people to see him "up close and personal" and to just fall in love with the guy because of his good nature and incredible talent. Bet that's the first time the ROK Army ever stood in for a celebrity as a successful talent agent, producer, and manager......LOL. A mixed blessing in many ways. (I know the ROK Army has done this before, but I bet not with these results. Of course, they never, IMHO, had such talent to work with!) One thing that struck me as strange, while looking at the IG entries by fans at the different showings for Shinheung, was that there didn't seem to be any large gaggle of press people covering the crowds of fans who were rushing the cast morning, noon and night during the local showings. Maybe it did happen, but the IG'ers didn't catch it in their filming. And he is SUCH a short-timer, coming up on just a hundred days, give or take! Here, from my twisted imagination, is what his leave-taking might look like.
  5. It is going to be a New Year soon. Greetings to 2019. What might it hold for Ji Chang Wook? I want to be around to find out! LOL. Original artwork.....Unfinished preliminary sketch for a larger study. Mixed media (graphite pencil, white charcoal) on Strathmore 400 series Toned Gray 9"X12"; converted to digital with GIMP and my trusty Epson scanner/printer.
  6. Well, now! Since @cherkell provided the keyword ~ MNet ~ I did find this YouTube video. Is this the one? Reading the numerous comments EVERYONE was begging (or demanding) English subs.....But none available since 2012, when Five Fingers and the MNet interview came out. Sigh.....But, even finding it added to my pleasure immensely, even without English subs. Thanks to @shilamos for bringing it up! It's a fun watch. For all of you out there who are just now "discovering" Ji Chang Wook, it's another piece of history. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwOFD93PxO0
  7. Hello to you @shilamos! Sorry, but I can't find any information about your request......Can you give more information about it? Do you know what the interview was about? Maybe @cherkell will know, if you don't mind waiting some more. Well, it's holiday time and Corporal Ji Chang Wook is doing his Army duty wowing the fans all over South Korea in Shinheung Military Academy ~ The Musical! He seems to be having an awfully good time, too with the other two Musketeers, Kang Ha Neul and Sunggyu. It's so good to see that camaraderie and those high spirits. See under the spoiler! I'm getting into the holiday season, too. Since forever I have wanted to do a morph of young Chang Wook slowly turning into current-day Chang Wook, and now some of the pictures of him in Shinheung have given me the perfect picture of him as he is now. Here's my chance!
  8. Me, too, @Bella Akemi, me, too! So nice of you to stop and say how much you care. But really, of all the many celebrities who have been conscripted into the ROK Army, I might venture to say that Soldier Ji Chang Wook has had more "airtime" than most of them. So many IG'ers post bits and pieces of the show, and so many have actually attended more than one showing, WOW.......they have made the most of this opportunity to see and hear him LIVE, in the flesh.....and have shared their experiences. While waiting for the "comeback," as usual, I am experimenting with pictures and events of the past, and linking them in different ways. I found a lovely little video on YouTube.....a FanMeeting in Thailand, showing Actor Ji become slightly overcome with emotion at the tribute the Thai fans gave him. See for yourself. Those brown eyes don't miss anything. The many faces of Actor Ji. See the original YT video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBXxAWniGYA. Goodness and sweetness at their best! Thanks to the video author.
  9. Continuing the Like A Child theme.......because it is interesting and obviously important to him, and to his creative process. More pictures, a GIF, and even some music! Please enjoy. https://youtu.be/lpco5xb2A5E ~ This YouTube link gives an English translation of the lyrics. https://youtu.be/UROfMd94_QI ~ This YouTube link just shows him onstage singing. The man has incredible stage presence! My black and white renderings are from this video......a KBS video. https://youtu.be/U6s0IKwg6QQ ~ This last link is for another KBS interview in 2017. The GIF insert is from this delightful piece.
  10. One of my favorite interviews. It highlights a recurrent theme in his career........for his mental health he thinks like a child. "You know, when you are simpleminded, you forget things quickly...." I don't know if you can see the captions clearly here, so I am giving a link to the original interview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idVhzEjFRlU . Please enjoy.
  11. While working on a second example of Wook Walking, I realized that both of these last two examples came from fanvids taken of him while he was in an airport going somewhere important, so I finished up this second example with an airplane theme. Enjoy, please. Also you might enjoy this music, which contains, IMHO, some of the niftiest lyrics ever written. Yes, I am reverting to thinking in song lyrics again. But words like these are appropriate when Actor Ji is hard in the clutches of the Army of Korea. Must we scream and yell til we're blue? Come back......... (Lyrics provided.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3hFcbWc8-g Or, here's another appropriate song when Ji Chang Wook goes off somewhere on a plane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hxibHJOE5E
  12. I would have thought we might hear or see something by now from the free concert performed on November 20th: The "Independence Army Arirang: Song of Hope" as mentioned above, but nothing yet. At least, nothing that I could find. So, to keep filling time between Shinheung concerts (there are still a few more to be held) I am being fascinated by Actor Ji's calm and easy method of getting from one place to another. That is, when he is not running, which he does very often also. But now, just more walking. Please enjoy.
  13. Hello to all......Ji Chang Wook has the most distinctive walk! I'm sure you've noticed it, too. It is my contention that if you were suddenly, magically transported to a strange city at night and set down on a foggy street, and a man came walking toward you out of the gloom, and if he walked like this, you would know instantly who he was: I wanted to try prove my theory so I made this GIF from bits and pieces of him walking on red carpets (to get some well-deserved reward or another), and tried to erase all personal characteristics, just to isolate "The Walk." Yes. No mistaking the posture, the cadence, the easy swing of arms and legs, the tilt of the head. Ji Chang Wook is the international poster boy for confidence and self-esteem.
  14. Finally I have finished the poster for THE SECOND FIVE YEARS OF THE FIRST TEN YEARS OF ENTERTAINMENT WITH JI CHANG WOOK!!! Please enjoy. Many thanks as always to @cherkellfor keeping everyone on task and target for getting those tickets for the last few performances of Shinheung Military School ~ The Musical. Even though I cannot go, I am so happy for those of you who can make the trip.
  15. Ah, yes, I am a little slow on the uptake, celebrating his 10th Anniversary since his official debut in the entertainment world. Not only am I slow on the uptake, my little offering is - right now anyway - only the First Five Years!! The rest of the years will be along shortly. With luck, I'll get them finished before he gets discharged. This was so much fun for me, so I hope you enjoy it, too. And I, like all his other fans, hope this first ten years is just the start. I want there to be 10 years after that, then another 10 years, and another and another..........Also, to think that this poster only represents drama and film. There's no accounting here for the commercials, magazines, music videos, etc. This man has been BUSY!!
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