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Bae Yong Joon 배용준

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Guest frances

translated & posted by Myonne in Quilt Freeboard


Film Review from Asahi Shimbun (Japanese Asahi Newspaper, evening edition) on 2005.9.22

“April Snow”

This is the latest work of Director Hur Jinho, who created the masterpiece of Korean movie ‘Christmas in August’. Or, should I call it a new work of the popular actor, Bae Yongjoon? For, there are overflowing talks of ‘Yon-sama’ here and there in the world.

This film which depicts an impossible love, however, is not a sweet drama in a way some stars just brighten the story.

It is a work whose director’s skills we should highly praise. In other words, it is a melodrama for the adults who have expert eyes for films.

Insoo (Bae Yongjoon), a stage lighting director, receiving the news of his wife injured in a traffic accident, hurried to a hospital in a small rural town from Seoul. He was told that there was a man fellow passenger in his wife’s car, and they are both in coma. There is no room to deny the extramarital affair of his wife with the man. Insoo and the man’s wife, Seoyong(Son Yejin), stay in a motel near the hospital and start nursing them. Their smoldering days continue on respectively, and in no time their sorrow and distress make the two persons nestle up to each other.

A calm and stoic narrative style is Director Hur Jinho’s card. Here again, he eliminates words and explanation as much as possible, gathers delicate emotion meticulously, and weaves a quiet, composed love story.

We can see the procedure of love for these two adults in agony and hesitation depicted in the film very carefully. The two, awkward at first, going out to make a condolence call for a dead victim of the accident, are forced away, the woman cries, and the man cares about her, they become conscious of each other unawares, take a walk together, have a meal・・・・

Director Hur Jinho, thus, convinces the audience of the thirst of love which lurks in the inner body of these two who have faithless wife and husband. In so doing, he brings the reality to a form of fatal love where this thirst draws them together, while asking us if it is a truth in life.

The sincere, clean, moderate appearance of Bae Yongjoon is agreeable. Son Yejin, in gracefulness, impresses the familiarity and the temperature of an ordinary housewife alive.

It is an excellent work with fragrance of poetry.

Writtenby Noboru Akiyama, a film critic

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Guest liezle

[Trans] PREMIERE September 2005 -#5(end)

Translated and posted by Gaulsan in BYJ's Quilt


<< Bonus : This is an interview of BYJ in the same article. But I couldn’t find this

part in the picture posted. I will just add it here. – gaulsan- >>

Q: People say that it is lonely up there at the peak.

A: Yes, I am lonely, very lonely. (When do you feel lonely the most?) Always.

I tell myself that if I get something, it is fair to loose something, and if there is an

uphill, there will be a downhill. I think I am used to this by now.

Previously, it was hard for me to bear, but now I try to find happiness of the

moment. Thinking so, I realized that loneliness is also a feeling of a moment.

Q: What about today? Do you feel depressed when it rains?

A: Yes, I was depressed a lot as it rained this morning. So I drove her by myself.

Somehow I wanted to be alone today…. But I feel good right now, as I can talk

about my life and my feeling, instead of other’s interest. I think it relieves me.

Talking to someone about myself.

Q: Do you really think that you are not born as an actor?

A: I can tell that I can do my best. Frankly, I do my very best. Someone would say I

could even die by working so hard, but I never thought such things like ‘maybe my

performance is nice’. This work has given many meaning to me. Everything has

collapsed. I have thought that there were proper answers to everything. I always

sought for the approximate answer, and I thought that my standpoint was quite

objective. But all of these thoughts have disappeared. There are no ‘right’ answers.

Everything can exist in various forms, and can be seen different from different

points of views.

As I was working in a style that I never worked before, and abandoned my personal

character, there were moments asking myself ‘Am I supposed to do this?, What am

I doing here?’. Sometimes I my self-identity was in danger. (Meanwhile, YJ worries

about his fans.) In fact, doing one’s best is not all that matters.

Q: I recalled the fact that when Lee Mi Sook worked with you at Scandal, she said

that you could die of your hard work.

A: I think I could do to that extent because I don’t have much.

Q: Don’t you have much?

A: I wasn’t born with much talent. It’s quite strange. When I work, I talk to myself it

will become better next time. Unlike my will, the work seems to become harder and

harder. I always feel like a beginner. Doing one’s best is not all that counts, one

should do things well. I try my best to do well.

Q: You are heading towards the better way, aren’t you?

A: I think I should be satisfied with fulfilling little by little. I learn something through

this movie, and so on…. I hope that this would do.

Q: You are saying so, because you have an ample of scope by now, aren’t you? ( ^^)

A: Yes, I think so. ( ^^ ) If there is no pleasure of filling the missing part, I don’t think

I would deliberately work. I think it’s like golf. At the field, you don’t know where the

ball will drop. If you get self-conceited, the result comes right away. Any best

player can make mistakes at any moment. I think that’s the merit of these two fields.


The interview of SYJ About BYJ…

Q: Didn’t you mind the fans of BYJ were surrounding the shooting site?

A: Even my fans would have come to the shooting site, I couldn’t take care of them.

So I felt free that there weren’t my fans there. I think BYJ must have been stressed a

lot, as everybody was watching him. No one can always smile or be in good mood.

Q: What did you think after working with the actor BYJ?

A: He really has a strong will. I use to feel embarrassed if my performance doesn’t

improve with several takings. Sometimes, I ask the director, “What if we go with the

previous one?”. But BYJ never gives up, even to the thirty takes.


Gaulsan: Hew, today’s project is over. I’ve tried my best to translate well… haha…..

Wow, ain’t YJ a philosopher? He talks like a zen monk!

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Guest chiligoyo

Pics from Josei Jishin

From BYJ's Quilt by mariko

Good morning everyone!

These are the pictures from Josei Jishin this week.

Have a great week ahead!




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Guest frances

Yong Joon's photos and articles seem so endless :blink: ....dont get me wrong, i'm not complaining.... :P





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Guest liezle

During the 9/11 Bunggae Yong Joon shared some time with his "family" and gladly answered questions thrown at him by fans. Gaulsan translated and posted this moment in BYJ's Quilt by translating the Q & A portion. ~liezle

Dialogue of BYJ and his family at the Bun-gae 2005.9.11

Posted by Gaulsan in BYJ's Quilt

[Dialogue 2005.09.11]

This is the dialogue between YJ and his family on 11th Sept. 2005.

I missed the first few minutes, because the idea of recording this dialogue came up to my mind a little bit too late.

Let me briefly introduce the part that I couldn’t record.

BYJ appeared twice this day, at the end of the first movie, and at the beginning of the second.

I think he didn’t expect that there would be the same people twice.

When he came in for the second time, and found out that there were the same people there, he said, “I didn’t have to go out at all.”

He asked us, “Are you all going to watch this movie again? Is there anyone who didn’t see the movie?”

Of course everybody already watched his movie. And even one didn’t, who would raise hand in such occasion?

Everyone there asked him to give us some time to talk with. Nobody minded if we didn’t watch the movie or not. Like this….. the dialogue began.

Below is the part that was recorded. There may be some misinterpretation because some voices were very small, or buried in laughter or applause.

- gaulsan -



F: Individual voice of the family.

- - : The response of the audience.

@@@ : the approximate intensity of the applause, laughter or voice of the audience.

[ ] : explanation of gaulsan.


B: I mean, I think life is not easy.

But, in my case, I really receive much meaning and support from you family.

I will do my very best.

- It is the same for us. (We receive much meaning from you, YJ.)~~ -

F: What happened to your hand?

[ The fingers of his right hand was covered with bandage. ]

B: Oh, this? I crushed it between the door yesterday.

- Oh, too bad…. What shall we do~~ -

[someone asked how he got injured. ]

B: I injured myself.

F: Did you watch your movie?

B: I am planning to watch it on 15th or 16th. I don’t know what theater I will go.

- Let’s watch it together right now! -

- Organizing the audience who came out to take pictures.

On the meanwhile, families form the regions ask him to visit Busan, Hong Kong, Masan, Daejon, etc.

B: Hong Kong? I wanted to go, but I couldn’t. Director HJH visited there several days ago.

F: It seems to me that you keep giving yourself hard tasks and tough goals.

- Yes~~! -

F: What’s your opinion on my word? Do you agree with me?

B: Yes, your right. I give myself hard tasks. – chuckles –

But it is inevitable.

- Relax some more. -

B: Well, I don’t know… I think I would keep striving….

F: Yes, you are a hard worker.

There are people who live well off without difficulty. What do you think about that?

B: Hmmm…. I think one’s own satisfaction is more important.

F: Are you actually bad at using knife when you cut fruits, as you were in the movie?

- Laugh -

B: What do you suppose?

- laugh together –

- I think you would be awful. -

- I think you would cut very well. -

F: When are you planning to organize a fan meeting?

[ BYJ has never organized his own fan meeting in Korea. It seems that this became a kind of his style. ]

B: Other than fan meeting, from a long time ago, I am planning an event that I can share with my family. The administrative process seems to be quite complicated, but I am still working on it.

I want the Korean family and Asian family together.

- What about Korean family alone? -

B: Hmm. I don’t mean just family gathering.

I mean, I want to organize a chance to do something good, and I want it all together.

- OK… Splendid~~ applause -

B: I will let you know sooner or later.

F: What about an exhibition of the pictures that you took yourself?

It must be splendid, as you like taking pictures.

- Cheering -

B: Later… Some day.

F: Long time ago, when we, the ‘우정사(HWRM)’ volunteer group, went to work, you took our pictures. Didn’t the picture come out? Why didn’t you send it to us?

B: I have those pictures. I have them all.

I will show my pictures to all of you later.

F: Does your face really get red when you drink alcohol?

B: Yes. Only a glass of alcohol makes me flush.

- Me, too…… -

- You look cool even your face turns red. -

F: I watched April Snow seven times. I like you and the movie soooooooooo much!

You sing in the movie. I heard that you sing very well….

- Sing! Sing! -

B: Excuse me…… Listen to me for a moment.

Standing in front and speaking like this itself is really a great improvement for me.

- Laugh and applause -

B: I’ve really made a great change.

Nowadays, I can make interviews with the press, I sometimes have interviews with the TV, and I recently appeared at a talk show in Japan…

- Also in Korean talk show, please… -

B: Yes, I will.

- Applause and laughter -

B: I think I would be able to change myself little by little.

Maybe, some day, I may be able to sing in front of you, but I don’t think I can right now.

- (Understood) Yes, we will wait! …. We can wait ~~ -

F: [A question from a Japanese family, I couldn’t hear.]

B: I will do my best. Ganbarimasu.

F: When I first saw you in HWRL, your hair was very short, and the shape of your head was so pretty. Since then, your hair became longer and longer.

I have a question here. There is a saying that, one’s hair grows faster when people think lots of suggestive (lascivious) thoughts.

In my case, even I want to change my hairstyle often, I can’t because my hair grows so slowly.

But YJ-nim, your hair is getting longer day by day.

What’s your opinion? Is the saying right or wrong?

- Laughter @@@@@ -

B: Because of my next work…. I have to grow my hair in my next work……

- Sound of slight disappointment due to his “official” comment. –

B: So I have to think much of those things.

- Burst into laughter with his last word.! @@@@@@@

F: I have a question that I really want to know.

What do you wear when you sleep at night?

- chuckle @@@ -

B: I ordinarily…… Hmmm,………. Somewhat……..

I wear pajama.

- Wooooooo~~~ -

B: Really!

- laughter -

B: (Seriously) I really wear pajama, and sometimes….

I can’t sleep naked. I never did.

I always wear the upper wear, and for the lower part, hmm….an underwear.

I can’t sleep without wearing something. I feel something lacking without it.

F: What about your bed? What’s the color of your bedclothes?

B: My bedclothes are white.

My bed is quite large, because roll around from one end to the other.

F: [Maybe a question about his ring ]

B: I started to wear this ring one day, and I felt like it supports me.

It feels like someone is holding my finger to support me.

- Let me hold your finger instead~! -

F: [i can’t here, but it seems to be asking who gave the ring to him.]

B: No, not at all. I bought it by myself.

F: Hello, I am from Iksan.

Is there any plan to take some shootings in Iksan for 태왕사신기? I’ve read so on a newspaper.

B: I don’t know, yet.

I will prepare for the 태왕사신기 from tomorrow, but for my plan of watching my movie.

I didn’t pay attention to it, yet.

F: .... How many times shall we watch your movie?

- laugh -

B: Yesterday, I read your postings on the KOB.

Some of you wrote your thoughts when you first saw my movie,

and also for the second and third time….

And that you are curious of what you would feel when you see for the fourth time….

When I read postings like this, frankly speaking, I felt very painful.

- Why? -

B: I am very sorry…. and grateful….

- No~! Don’ think like that~~! -

F: At first, you said that you like women who are smart and keep developing oneself.

Now, you prefer wise and kind ‘賢母良妻’ woman as your wife.

What kind of women do you think that you would like in the future?

B: I came to think that the most important thing of all is faith between each other.

I think that the relationship that can trust each other and rely on each other for long time… is the most important point.

I think it should be considered ahead of external appearance or internal character.

- applause -

- Get married soon! -

F: Do you have any plan for promotion of your movie in cities other than Seoul?

- Voices asking to visit various cities such as Masan, Daejon, Gwangju, Soowon.., etc. -

F: Are you coming to Busan International Film Festival?

B: Oh, the film festival.

Well, I’m not sure. I think I have a work to do in that season…..

F: BYJ-ssi, are you going to invite us on your wedding day?

B: Yes! All of you may come!

- Cheering and applause @@@@@@@@@@@@-

- We’ll be waiting for the invitation cards! -

F: In the movie, Insoo and Seoyong split up, and his wife recovered from the accident.

The director left the ending to the imagination of the viewers.

If you were in the same situation with Insoo, what would you do?

Will you come back to Seoyong, or live with your wife?

B: If it were me? Hmm….

If I was him, frankly speaking, I don’t think I would get even started with Seoyong.

The internal trauma would be so intense that I couldn’t even get out of it.

I don’t think I could give my eyes on anyone else.

It was difficult for me to meet Seoyong in the movie.

F: Would you be able to forgive Soojin, then?

B: Forgive…..

I would say I could understand her, may be after a while…instead of the word ‘forgiveness’.

But I don’t think I would live with her, because the faith between the two has been already broken.

F: You said at an interview that your opinion on women had changed.

B: Yes.

F: Was there any motif for that change?

B: Hmm…. Some changed during this work.

Not only the movie, time has passed, also.

Actors feel lots of things through their work, and I thought a lot, too, through this work.

I thought a lot about love, my job, and my life.

I think my understanding on such subjects has been deepened, and I think I came to understand more clearly on what really matters.

F: You said that you thought of the burden of your own life when you cried in the movie.

I am in my 50s. I am so curious of what kind of burden does a man in his 30s have.

- Laughter @@@@@@@@@ --

F: Is it a kind of message, or method of work? Or is it the burden of your personal life?

Can you tell us frankly?

B: I’m sorry, I made a mistake~~ . (Speeking in a childish tone.)

- Whoa~~~~@@@@@@@@@@@@@ -

B: I won’t say it again.

I won’t say that my burden is heavy from now on..

- Laughter and cheering @@@@-

F: Hello, it’s been quite a while since we’d met.

B: Yes.

F: Lot’s of people like you, from Asia, Japan, let alone Korea.

I hear that people in America and Europe also know you.

I would like to hear from you, your personal opinion on why people like you.

I have my own answer, and we all know the answer. I would like to listen to your own opinion.

F: Hm….. my clavicle?

[ BYJ is imitating a Korean comedian in a role of ‘Ahn Uh-bung’. Ahn Uh-bung is a character that is somewhat retarded, but he thinks himself very charming. He suggests the reason why he is so popular by picking out different parts of his body each time. ]

- Everybody nearly fainted, gasping! @@@@@@@@@@@@@-----

F: Oh, it’s a joke….. It’s out of pure mischief.

I was asked that question by the reporters.

They ask me what part of me attracts people so strongly?

I answered, first, I think God gave me good fate.

And….. I think people like me because… I do my best.

Frankly speaking, I have many defects. You all know that, don’t you?

I think people like me because I try to overcome my weak points.

Because my effort to do my best.

- Applause @@@@@-

F: There are lots of other people doing their best, also.

The reason why we are so strongly attracted to you is, though it may come in various words, it’s your human nature that you have. I think your personal human nature is your best merit.

I respect you so much. I feel so thankful to live under the same sky, in the same world.

- Applause @@@@@ -

B: Thank you very much.

F: I’m saying this because we’re family.

Between family members, it’s OK to talk bad things of others.

Who is the one that you hate most nowadays?

B: A person I hate most? - thinks a while -

No, nobody comes up in my mind. – thinks some more –

No, there is nobody….

F(Man): Mr. BYJ!

- women cheering -

F: BYJ-ssi, you have lots of male fans, too.

- @@@@@@@@@@-

F: Many of my friends and my juniors like you.


- @@@@@@@@@@@-

B: Thank you very much.

F: I am a little bit older than you, Mr. BYJ.

I will support you! Do your very best!. Go on and on!

B: Thank you.

[it seems that it’s time to say good bye ]

B: Thank you very much everyone.

I’m sorry that I have to go.

I wish you all to be healthy.

F: Your parents must be worried because you’re not married, yet.

We are also so worried of that, too.

- Laugh “Yes! She’s right!” -

F: Don’t only work too hard. Your personal life is also important.

Please take more care of yourself.

B: I will receive offers for ‘소개팅’

[ ‘소개팅’: It comes from the word ‘소개(making a person acquainted with another)’ plus ‘meeting’. It means introducing two people who seem to match well, usually introduced by their friends or close acquaintance. ]

- !@#$!!$%#@%@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!! -

The meeting ended with the cheering “Good luck for the April Snow!”

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Hello ladies!....it's me caroline ...but got to change my username to carolbyj ....caroline has been taken..... :P Anyway, glad to be back! Missed you guys! :D

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Guest frances

Photos from the Dialogue 2005.09.11 reposted by Liezle :)

from coffeesarang.pe.kr






Hello Carol :)

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Guest frances

Yong Joon gearing up for his role in the upcoming TV drama, The Great King :)



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Ok, time to do some reposting... ;)

Link previously provided by frances .... This is a lovely and clear vod! :D

Link : mms://news.cdn.bcast.co.jp/yahoo/news/movie/g050978m.wmv ~ 4.55 mins


:wub: :wub:




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Guest frances

April Snow Review from Screendaily.com


April Snow (Wae Chul)

by Dan Fainaru in Toronto (TIFF)

21 September 2005

Dir: Hur Jin-ho. S Kor. 2005. 105mins.

Coming after Christmas In August and One Fine Spring Day, April Snow shows Hur Jin-ho be as gentle and romantic as ever - and as likely to enjoy successful box office.

Once again he concentrates on strong emotions, showing as slow, deliberate and sensitive a touch as he has done before, and well supported by two good looking leads.

Formulaic to a fault, April Snow uses a common ploy that Hollywood has played more than once before – see, for example, Addicted To Love - but this should hardly matter to predominantly female audiences who will embrace it enthusiastically in sympathetic markets.

In Japan it has taken $2.8m in its opening weekend from 413 screens - a new record for a Korean film in the Japanese market. Distributor UIP predicts a total take between $22.5m (Y2.5bn) and $27.0m, which would make April Snow the highest grossing Korean film ever released in Japan, in part down to Bae’s star power.

In-su (Bae), who works on lighting for pop shows, is called to hospital one night and told that his wife is unconscious after a car crash. There he meets Seo Young (Son), wife of a man – also injured - in the car with his spouse. Soon, each separately realises that their respective other halves were lovers.

Confused, resentful and hurt, both stay in the same motel near to the hospital and gradually begin to compare notes, then eating together before joking that possibly they should themselves have an affair by means of revenge.

Time passes in a blur of medical reports, as each watches over their respective unconscious spouse, sometimes wishing, in secret, that they were dead.

Eventually they drive together to a remote village to offer their condolences to the parents of a child killed in the accident but meet with hostility. The inevitable happens and they eventually fall heavily for each other, unable to control their feelings despite a strong sense of guilt.

Sweepingly romantic, April Snow has everything in place to touch the strings of sensitive hearts. Great looking performers, soft lights, sweet music, unhurried pace and few distractions all create a soft rosy cocoon of a story whose conclusion everyone can easily guess, but which is still a joy when it finally arrives - even if it is as impossible as the April Snow of the title.

This may sound like jeering. It’s not. Inside this smoothly concocted genre picture, Hur manages to introduce a degree of sensitivity and allows the story to develop with such tender grace that it is difficult not to be touched.

The love scenes are tasteful and the two stars have such a kindly sincere demeanour that it is hard not to root for them. Bae, who played the seducer in Untold Scandal, the recent Korean version of Dangerous Liaisons, and Son, one of the beauties decorating the life of painter Jang Seun-up in the award winning Chihwaseon, both look so good that the only problem is believing anyone married to them would look elsewhere.

All technical credits are of the highest order.

** Dan Fainaru is a veteran Israeli journalist/movie critic who served as the head of jury in the 2003 Toronto Intl Filmfest, member of the jury during the 1983 Cannes Filmfest. He is also the editor of the magazine Cinematech.

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Guest liezle

Latest News from Yonhap 10.04.05

Translated and posted by Joanne in BYJ's Quilt

From Daum.net.

The top Korean Current stars in Japan are BYJ-Choi Jiwoo

[Yonhap News]10/4/05



A poll result came out that BYJ-Choi Jiwoo, the main actors of the popular drama'WLS' , are the most popular Korean Current stars to Japanese people.

In the "Korean Current stars popularity ranking" poll among 5,100 general public by a monthly entertainment magazine, Nitkei Entertainment, on its November issue, BYJ and Choi Jiwoo took the first place in 'male actor favored by men' & 'male actor favored by women' and 'Ctress favored by women' &'actress favored by men', respectively.

BYJ who took the first place by getting 732 votes in this survey, got attention as the reason 'because his personality or make-up as a human being seems to be good'(72.0%) was land-slidingly more than 'because i like his outer appearance'(30.2%), and for Lee Byeongheon(719 votes) and Kwon sangwoo(308 votes), who took 2nd & 3rd places following BYJ, 'appearance' and 'personality' came out in half each.(for the reason).

Also the popularity of Wonbin(292 votes), 4th place, was due to 'look' at 70.5%, and Park Yongha,5th place, also has the landslidingly high reason 'because personality is good'(74.6%), just like BYJ.

.....Omit.....한편 최지우를 선두로 전지현, 이영애, 송윤아, 송혜교로 이어지는 여배우들은 '외모가 마음에 든다'가 평균 64.2%로 외모가 크게 작용하고 있음을 보여주었다.

In the level of popularity according to each age range, BYJ & Lee Byeongheon took the first place as male actor favored by 40~50 & under 30th, respectively, and for actress, Choi Jiwoo took all age ranges.

Reported by Yoon Seonhae,teteji@yna.co.kr

Copyright © Yonhap News Agency

Copyright by Daum Communications Corp. | Copyright by Yonhap News Agency.

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Guest liezle

Is BYJ's Quilt down? Can't access. :(

SG Baesisters, your date with Yong Joon is nearing. Happy viewing and hope to hear your reviews.

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whatever happen to byj plans of touring asia to promote his april snow movie???

Tot...philippines was included in that tour???

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Guest chiligoyo

To be exact....... 1 hour and 40 mins to snowing in April~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will have to rush down sooo fast to town to catch it~!! :D

Is BYJ's Quilt down? Can't access. :(

SG Baesisters, your date with Yong Joon is nearing. Happy viewing and hope to hear your reviews.

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Guest liezle

[VODs] BYJ in Taiwan

posted and translated by daydreaming in BYJ's Quilt

Another list of VODs from ETtoday, in descending chronological order...

You can download by using Net Transport, for example. You can get a copy of Net Transport from http://www.xi-soft.com/download.htm

BYJ enjoying various cuisine


BYJ elementary school look


Rich BYJ fans


Back from the hospital


BYJ high school look


BYJ's hand-print session


[sanny's comment: This is a good one to watch. His hand-print session, and also after that he went for dinner. It mentioned there were 11-dishes, but he finished them within an hour b'cos there were fans standing outside and he didn't want them to wait too long...]

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Guest frances

~~ reminiscing "happy memories" during Yong Joon's Taiwan April Snow Promo Tour last Aug 19-21, 2005 :) :)

Yong Joon inside the plane on his way to Taiwan ~~


Arrival at the airport ~~




Arrival at the Grand Hotel ~~



Signing the huge April Snow poster inside the Grand Hotel ~~


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Guest liezle

[VOD] BYJ in Taiwan - visiting hospital 08.20.05

posted by daydreaming/sanny in BYJ's Quilt

BYJ visited Fan Club Executive's mom in the hospital


BYJ got back from the hospital


Courtesy of ETtoday

BYJ didn't sleep well the night before because he was worried about Maggie's mom's condition. Visiting the hospital wasn't a planned event. Supposedly after the hospital visit, he was going to get interviewed by the media. However, he shed his tears while visiting, and so after he got out from the hospital, he didn't stop for interview and he wasn't smiling due to sadness. Also, his appearance caused a stir at the hospital, he didn't want to further interrupt the folks

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