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  • xxZeroxxxxZeroxx A place far away...Posts: 524Member
    I play tennis! <3 But right now it's interferring with my school work. T^T *sigh*
  • sw33tTaRTsw33tTaRT USPosts: 100Member THREAD!! ^0^ i never actually noticed this sports section before...yes i am extremely SLOW =.= but YAY!! go tennis! haha..i play with my cousin like two or three times a week im getting better
    anyone ever watch Prince Of Tennis? haha its about TENNIS >0<
    art is an EXPENSIVE hobby. :(
  • inamorata.&amp;lt;3inamorata.&lt;3 <33 Bay Area, CAPosts: 2,396Friend of Soompi
    I love tennis. =D Too bad the season for it is over, at my school. RAWR.
  • shinhwagurlshinhwagurl South KoreaPosts: 567Friend of Soompi


    edited November 2005
    don't really get a chance to watch tennis, but i can't wait till tennis season starts.. which is like 4 months away T_T

  • sw33tTaRTsw33tTaRT USPosts: 100Member
    ^ LOL four months??
    no one plays in the FALL/WINTER? i guess im the only one....i like it better in the fall/winter because
    a) no one else is at the courst so MORE ROOM!
    image if outdoors, i can warm up with practicing ^0^ and not be all hot
    art is an EXPENSIVE hobby. :(
  • yobsinnetyobsinnet Posts: 148Member
    ^ get sick too.

    AND PRINCE OF TENNIS IS SO.. unrealistic... hahaha... no way junior high kids can do half that stuff

    QUOTE(SatinDoll @ Oct 25 2005, 11:12 PM) »

    jsut wondering..
    have any of you demo-ed this racquet yet??
    if so, is it better than other racquets?

    it seems kinda special...only 2,000 made. haha

    IPB Image

    i have the o3 blue model.. you can't really say a tennis racquet is better then another. depends what you prefer..

    isn't maria sharapova going to use that racquet?
  • supa'Wankisupa'Wanki So. CalPosts: 5,589Member


    Our tennis court got messed up by skaters riding in it... damn it.. i'll have to get a few pictures of it, its really messed.. i can't wait until my season starts!!
  • azn*gurlieazn*gurlie Posts: 895Friend of Soompi


    TENNIS is my favorite sport. I want to play tennis so bad since I never play before. I also want to join the school team but since I have no experience whatsoever, I don't think i'll make it to the team....
    But I really want to join the team.......
  • what the HUHwhat the HUH ^____^ SoCalPosts: 761Member
    i looove tennis! im on the team at my hs. we were #2 in our league this year..yay! luckily i play tennis cause its the only exercise i get =/
  • Divine HandDivine Hand Posts: 101Member
    IPB Image
    Simply The Best

    Federer one win from McEnroe's record

    SHANGHAI, China -- Roger Federer came up with a first in a career that has contained almost everything in tennis.

    The two-time defending champion warmed up for his third consecutive Tennis Masters Cup final with a 6-0, 6-0 rout of Gaston Gaudio in Saturday's semifinals and will play for the title against David Nalbandian. This was Federer's first love-and-love victory and the first at the year-ending championships, which began in 1970.

    "I think it's nice to have, but no more than that," he said.

    The top-seeded Swiss star showed little emotion as he walked slowly to the net to shake hands with Gaudio, the 2004 French Open winner.

    With his all-time best run of 24 consecutive victories in finals, Federer is a big favorite to beat Nalbandian, another Argentine, in Sunday's championship. Nalbandian defeated fifth-seeded Nikolay Davydenko 6-0, 7-5 in the other semifinal.

    Gaudio, seeded seventh, said he'd never lost by such a score. A "double bagel" -- as it's called in tennis parlance -- is rare. There was one on the ATP Tour in 2004 and only six in five years before that.

    "There's no excuses," Gaudio said. "I was playing against a guy who is the best in history on a surface [where] he's so much better than me. Once in a lifetime it happens -- and it happened to me. I'm sad about it, I don't like it, but there's worse things that can happen."

    Federer's emphatic victory restored some dynamic to the season-ending tournament after a week marred by injuries and withdrawals. It also exposed the lack of competition -- four of the top five players and Australian Open champion Marat Safin withdrew either before or at the start of the tournament.

    Federer, who had been sidelined six weeks because of an injured right ankle, hobbled into Shanghai thinking he'd be the most likely to withdraw.

    "I definitely felt a little bit of pressure," he said. "That I've made it so far now I think is maybe great for the tournament -- I hope so. For myself, I think even more."

    Second-ranked Rafael Nadal, the last player to beat Federer -- at the French Open semifinals in June -- and No. 5-ranked Andre Agassi pulled out Monday because of injuries.

    "All of a sudden, I felt a little bit left alone," Federer said. "I was like, 'Well, I better win a match here."

    He's done better than that, extending his winning sequence to 35 and equaling Bjorn Borg (1978) and Thomas Muster (1995) for the fifth-best winning sequence in the Open era.

    And at 81-3 in 2005, he's one win shy of equaling John McEnroe's 21-year-old Open era record for best winning percentage in a season. Federer has been ranked No. 1 since February 2004.

    If he makes it 15 straight defeats of Argentine players with a win over Nalbandian, he'll become the first man since Ivan Lendl (1985-87) to win three consecutive season-ending championships.

    Nalbandian, aiming to be first Argentine since Guillermo Vilas in 1974 to win the season-ending event, refuses to be awed by Federer.

    "He's beating everybody else. It's not just the Argentina players -- it's everybody," said Nalbandian, who entered the tournament ranked 12th and wouldn't have qualified but for all the injuries. "I don't care."

    Federer won in 50 minutes, surrendering only nine points in the second set. Gaudio was back on court 22 hours after saving three match points against Fernando Gonzalez to qualify for the semis.

    "I was looking for a very consistent match, no lapses like I've had in the last couple of matches in the second set," Federer said. "It couldn't have been more perfect."

    Federer is 3-5 against Nalbandian, but has won his last three matches against him, including last Sunday's comeback win in the Red Group round-robin match.

    Federer secured the year-end No. 1 ranking on Oct. 2 by winning in Thailand for his 11th title of the season. He injured his ankle in training the following week. He's worn a heavy ankle brace for each match in Shanghai.

    He said McEnroe's record from 1984 was definitely on his radar, but he wouldn't judge his year entirely by it.

    "If it doesn't happen, I still had a fantastic year," Federer said. "Only losing three matches is extraordinary. The most I can lose now is four, and that's a great year as well."
  • vtkutigurlvtkutigurl Posts: 119Member
    Does anyone want to recommend me a good tennis racket? I've had mine for 2 years now and I think it's time for a new one. I prefer one that is lightweight and is below $100 maybe even below $75 >.< I only play tennis during tennis season at my school and I'm not really serious about it. I just play for fun. So if anyone is willing to help me I would appreciate it! image
  • dying1004dying1004 Brown Uni <3 909 So-CalPosts: 2,596Friend of Soompi


    i watched Federer vs. Nalbandian yesterday. gahh they're so awesome. their games took foreverrr but it was cool seeing them play. makes me want to play like that so much.. =]

    is there any other matches coming soon? i wanna watch them. ihave no idea when these matches are on. i just flip through my channels randomly
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  • KIM_SAYS:KIM_SAYS: Posts: 1,083Friend of Soompi


    ^Duuude, I was wondering if anyone was following that. Yeah, I saw that match. At first I thought Federer really was going to win.

    Eh. Well, the Tennis Cup Masters is like the final tournament of the year, isn't it? image

    The Australian Open comes on in January though. I sooooo can't wait.
    Life is friggin' fantastic.

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  • treekore8treekore8 Posts: 135Member
    Tennis is the only thing that I like watching.
    IPB Image
  • dying1004dying1004 Brown Uni <3 909 So-CalPosts: 2,596Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(KIM_SAYS: @ Nov 21 2005, 11:00 PM) »

    ^Duuude, I was wondering if anyone was following that. Yeah, I saw that match. At first I thought Federer really was going to win.

    i knoww! i was totally shocked, even though nalbandian is a great player. ever since federer won wimbledon, i was just brainwashed into thinking he could beat everyone. haha
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  • KIM_SAYS:KIM_SAYS: Posts: 1,083Friend of Soompi


    ^Haha, ever since Wimbledon...and the US Open. image

    Man, did you guys know that Roger Federer was voted one of People's sexiest international men for 2005?

    Life is friggin' fantastic.

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  • SOMNOLENTSOMNOLENT New YorkPosts: 67Member
    love tennis image can't wait to play in college. hopefully there's a chance to get ranked this summer.
  • gmahgmah Posts: 160Member
    haha yess.. i was so shocked when nalbandian beat federer.. but haha! i dunno but it seems like federer's skills are just too good.. usually no one can beat him.. its good to see him lose once in a while =)
  • mistapoohmistapooh DFWPosts: 746Member
    He just got back from an injury, it wasn't fair.
  • qquintoqquinto Posts: 1,633Friend of Soompi


    edited December 2005
    i still think federer's godly in tennis

    edited ;_;
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