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Annoying Blurry Windshield Problem

BoAFriendBoAFriend Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,822Member


edited March 2012 in general discussion
So I have a 2004 Toyota Corolla S and I've been having an issue with my windshield for quite some time. Hopefully as visible in the pictures, there are just always windshield wipe marks all over, and it becomes a great problem for when I'm driving near sunset or at night because everything looks blurry.

One might as why I wipe my windshield so much just always seems dirty. I've asked around if I should change my wipers or wiper fluid but people keep saying it should be fine for my car. But clearly something is not right....I'm pretty sure such a consistently dirty windshield is not of the norm.

Also I should note that at the time these pictures were taken, I hadn't washed my car for a few months already...but thing is even if I had recently washed my car, within a few weeks or so...the windshield would be all dirty and crap again. Also I last replaced my wipers sometime last year, so I don't think the wipers should be that bad.



Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm guessing the only last thing to try is the wiper fluid but like said, people (workers at the oil change shop, my dad, a few friends of mine) have all said my wiper fluid should be fine.

Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Swan Song Vancouver,CanadaPosts: 1,033Member
    Could be potential wiper burn due to someone running the wipers dry. My 1990 Corolla had the same issue when I got our dealership glass guy to fill some cracks in my windshield. Start by replacing the WIPER REFILLS to see if that fixes the problem regardless of how old the refills are, otherwise consider replacing the windshield itself.
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  • WaiFanWaiFan Posts: 37Member


    I've encountered a similar problem, I suggest you try Rain-X windshield treatment. Get the 2 in 1 cleaner and water repellent spray. After you use your wipers after it's just been applied, it will be a bit blurry, but will become clear after a few wipes. This stuff is pretty awesome, I've been using it for years, crystal clear windscreen! Also best part is where your driving at like 50mph and you don't even need to use the wipers because the water just slides off! :w00t:
  • kangta26kangta26 Posts: 275Member


    Get a hose and wash the windshield, use some "stoners" glass cleaner if you need too, maybe try rain-x pink fluid, and get new wiper blades.. Im imagining you live/park near a really dusty area by the way ur windshield looks.. Haha that would bother me a whole lot ~_~..
  • BoAFriendBoAFriend Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,822Member


    Ok thanks for all the input, guys. I'll try checking out that Rain-X cleaner two of you have mentioned and if that doesn't help, I'll look into the wiper refills.

    And haha yeah, you have no idea how annoying this problem is. I feel stupid driving w/ a muggy and blurred windshield all the time.
  • aznanimekidaznanimekid Posts: 258Member


    clean the bottom of your windshield as well. a lot of people ignore that part and let it build up, eventually caking onto the wiper blades. make sure the blades arent resting on a dirt spot or caked with dirt. had that happen to me a lot and now i check it every 2 fill ups. even if your windshield is clean, if the wipers are resting on dirt it'll streak across.
  • BukAlanBukAlan Posts: 454Member
    performing vehicle maintenance is an easy solution to your problem.  are the streaks always there even after detailing your windshield? if not, then just regularly clean them.  Use rain-x and you wont have to use your wipers at all.  you'll just need to reapply regularly.
  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,624Friend of Soompi


    I suppose it could be worse. Try looking out of a windshield riddled with a few bullethole cracks in it like my friend's car. It's a wonder we don't just kick out the windshield altogether and drive around the hood like a boss without one. Shoot, it's not like anyone would want to steal his old Gremlin anyway.

  • LaxntigaLaxntiga USAPosts: 3,036Member
    1. Clean windshield w/ Windex (use newspapers - no lint) thoroughly - inside & out.
    2. Buy new wiper blades and put on windshield wiper.
    3. Buy rain-x and apply to outside & clean with news paper. (You could apply rain-x on the inside too - it helps with fogging - tested this on my Miata.

    4. Clean windshield at the end of the week, and re-apply rain-x.

    5. Blast AC w/ defogger and see if it helps.

    This should do it, in all you should spend less than $40 and takes about 20 mins of your time.

    Also, carry a pair of sunglasses in your car, it helps when it's really sunny out.
  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    HERMIT wrote on 07 March 2012 - 07:08 PM:

    I suppose it could be worse. Try looking out of a windshield riddled with a few bullethole cracks in it like my friend's car. It's a wonder we don't just kick out the windshield altogether and drive around the hood like a boss without one. Shoot, it's not like anyone would want to steal his old Gremlin anyway.

    why would anyone even shoot at that thing? :ph34r:
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  • annievilannievil norcal soompi<3!!! CaLi::BayAreaPosts: 1,277Member
    Getting new wiper blades for my mom's car did the trick...I hope your problem has been fixed by now though :)
    pls do not steal my avatar, just ask first :P
  • BoAFriendBoAFriend Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,822Member


    edited April 2012
    I'm over a month late on this, but just wanted to say that I just bought the RainX 2-in-1 Cleaner last night and sprayed inside and outside of my windshield. Today it looks a lot cleaner, but I'm gonna have to wait until sunset or nighttime to really see if this thing is the real deal (since the blurriness and wipe marks are most noticeable at those times of day). I'll update soon.

    EDIT: So on my drive back to school last night, I noticed...wipe marks are still noticeable. This is absurd. Does anyone think my windshield glass is the problem? I honestly feel just the glass overall for my car sucks...always foggy or laden with wipe marks. Really annoying.
  • ajlee613ajlee613 Bay Area, CaliforniaPosts: 4,738Member


    buy microfiber towel and a water spray bottle and clean the inside of your windshield. if you didnt already, buy new windshield wipers, good ones, rain-x is always a reliable brand.

    i believe that Toyota also has new in-house wipers specific to model type, so if u go there u might be able to find even better fitting wiper blades. but im not sure about this.

    also, clean the blades, sometimes u will notice the towel turns black after you wipe the blade with it.
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  • chronicrhythmchronicrhythm Posts: 128Member
    If you clean it and the streaks are still there, I suggest you get 0 gauge steel wool and some windex and scrub your entire windshield. It'll remove any dirt or lines that you have on the glass. Make SURE it's 0 gauge or you'll just create a bunch of scratches. 

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