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Box dyes that will turn black hair -> auburn red without BLEACH?

luvyagurlieluvyagurlie Posts: 72Member
edited January 2012 in beauty & fashion
So, I really really want auburn/red hair!
I have asian black hair.. and I even dyed my hair with the Loreal Mega Red dye with a 30vol developor... but the color does not show up !! Only in like really really bright lightening, you can kinda see... but in normal lightening, my hair is still black. Could anyone share their experiences???


  • YooraYoora 626Posts: 306Member
    Okay, let me break it down for you =D

    Your hair is asian black, for some reason black is the HARDEST to effin lighten. So don't stress, this is what happened to me before.

    You probs would have to either go to a salon or home bleach your hair. The stylists probably know what to do more then you do because they've had the proper training. If you home bleach you REALLY need to pay attention to your hair. In an hour, your hair could be healthy black to deep fried, extra crispy yellow. Use vasoline because it prevents itchness and dye stains around the hair line.

    My friends who also had asian black hair used Palty and other oxidized products and it works for them. Lightened pretty significantly.
  • SanjouSanjou Posts: 48Member
    edited January 2012
    I haven't tried it myself since I've been bleaching my hair, but L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Red is supposed to work well on not pre-lightened black hair from a few reviews I've seen in the past.

    Here's a link to the dye http://www.sallybeau...default,pd.html
  • YooraYoora 626Posts: 306Member
    that's really strong on already bleached/dyed hair. turned my hair pink .-.
  • NeonSunshineNeonSunshine Posts: 36Member
    ^ It might have turned your hair pink because it's made specifically for dark hair. On the box it even says FOR DARK HAIR ONLY.
  • YooraYoora 626Posts: 306Member
    true that, the process of how i obtained it and what happened to my hair leaves me bitter.
    but i hope you the best, auburn is a lovely color.
  • KyanaKyana Posts: 87Member
    I'm not Asian but i do have dark colored hair and I've used garneir nutrisse before to get reddish brownish hair it it worked for me. It didn't lighten my hair significantly but the color was noticeable in the sunlight. You can lighten your hair without bleaching with just regular box hair dye, but you'll have to keep dyeing it over and over again for the color to show which can be damaging to your hair. If I were you I would just bleach it first then color it. It's actually less damaging and less of a hassle to than dyeing it over and over to achieve the color you want.
  • kikkiekikkie Girl. L.A., CaliforniaPosts: 1,808Member


    This page explains levels very well: link

    You'll have to lift your hair by a few levels (assuming you're starting out with natural black so level 1 or 2) to even get a dark red. You might want to go to a salon if you're looking for one of the brighter reds. Red is one of those colors where it comes out darker than expected.

    If you want to do it yourself, grab bleach, developer and dye from a beauty store like Sally's so you can have a bit more control. First time is always easier/better with a friend who has experience with bleach and dye before (and not with just drugstore dyes and bleaches).
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  • vena.cavavena.cava Posts: 88Member


    I had very dark black hair and I used Prettia(japanese brand)in brown and it showed up.  However, I think you can't lighten black hair without bleach, so I think all those hair dyes have bleach in them.
    Another thing is, that Prettia hasn't got many red colors, so you might want to try palty.

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  • LuxirieLuxirie Sunny California!Posts: 472Member
    L'Oreal's Feria line always produced lovely results for me.
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