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EXCLUSIVE Big Bang Comeback on Soompi sponsored by YG



  • TeffyTeffy Posts: 58Member
    OMG!!! im so in :D
  • ininayininay Posts: 94Member
    edited February 2011
    Dear Big Bang~
     First of all, my name is Nicole. I play violin, piano, and guitar, so music is a big part of my life. Big Bang has impacted my music so much! You guys are my sense of inspiration, and I can do nothing but thank you. I know what you feel like when you've been working hard on your dream, because I've been doing the same, so I just want you to know that at least someone out there understands!! Sometimes I really feel like giving up, but when I think about how small you seemed 5 years ago when you debuted, and how big you are now...I can't help but work harder on my music. I'm so happy and proud of you five boys for being as far as you are right now, you guys have accomplished more than fifty people would in a lifetime so you should feel proud of yourself!

    Heyy! Wassup? Haha, I just want to let you know that I'm a big fan and I'll support you no matter what! I have your album (I listen to it when I exercise. hahaha) And I miss your hair from "Heartbreaker"  I know it's still white, but it's JUST NOT THE SAME! Why can't you be like Taeyang? His hair never changes...Anyways, just keep being yourself, and making good music! Haha.

    Hiya there! Gosh darn it! I always have troubles spelling your name! At least I got it right this time~
    Anyways, I wanted to tell you that there is something that I admire about you. I know I don't know you personally, but you seem to say it like it is, and I respect that you are honest. You are the maknae, so to others you may seem young and weak, but to your fans you are really strong! Stay true to yourself and don't let people change you.

    Thanks a ton <3

  • leslie_leileslie_lei blue bracelet...lucky charm Posts: 5,898Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2011
    vvipjamie wrote on 23 February 2011 - 08:05 AM:

    for the contest, can a group of people star in the video???? o.O

    Yes, a group of people may star in the video but of course the prize
    for the contest will only be for one person. Anyhow shoutouts
    may include the names of the people on the vid..but not TOO many. ^^

    Guys, you can also post here your thoughts about BIGBANG, messages etc.
  • triviatrivia Posts: 10Member
    Awesome! YGE and BB giving iVIPs some love! Exclusive Big Bang comeback on Soompi first ... BB world tour next?  One can dream!! Yeah!
  • koalabearkoalabear Whole Hearted Happiness PhilippinesPosts: 3,810Member


    cool! can't wait for their Comeback :) Big Bang fighting! Thanks Soompi and YG for coming up with this awesome idea :)
  • nellybean1015nellybean1015 Posts: 15Member
    edited February 2011
    I discovered Big Bang in October of 2009 and it was love at first listen. The first MV I saw was "We Belong Together" and I fell hard. It was Taeyang that got the ball rolling for me. It was his "Ma Girl" performance from his HOT concert that did me in. Then I saw "Wedding Dress" and that was it. In that moment I became an instant fan. I've been a part of the Big Bang / Taeyang fandom now for a year. My first comeback experience was Taeyang's Solar album. I created a YouTube, blog and a Ning network just to spread my love of Taeyang around. I'm so grateful for the growth that I've experienced through listening to Big Bang's and Taeyang's music because it has helped me to rediscover who I am. I'm really happy to be experiencing Big Bang's long awaited comeback with all the international VIPs on Soompi. Being a new fan I had to fast track my devotion by cramming 4 years of promotions into my brain but it's been worth it because I haven't been this crazy about a group in a long time. I can't believe I'm one day away from seeing the five men that I've grown to love become one again. This is a very big moment for me. I'm getting all emotional typing this. I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm really excited!


    Janelle Marie

    V.I.P from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 
  • sujubigbang14sujubigbang14 Posts: 42Member
    this is flippin awesome! thank you Soompi >.<
  • cathyisvipcathyisvip Posts: 553Member


    this is so exciting, what an amazing opportunity! i would like to thank YG & soompi for getting together to do this. it really makes a IVIP like me feel a bit closer to the boys.. idk, if they'll read this but it doesn't hurt... i just want to say thank you to the boys for making amazing music & i want them to know that no matter what, VIPs will always have their backs so ignore all the haters! they're just jealous that kpop is finally getting some real music again<333 seriously, Big Bang, you don't know how difficult it was in the last 2 years with all of these newer groups who did not interest me at all (shinee's an exception)! 

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  • li_nikoruli_nikoru Posts: 187Member
    I'm so glad I am a fan of BigBang...
    They always give us the best music and the best performances... it's not only about how well they look or how well they dance or how well they sing .. but how good is their music...
    I'm so proud of BigBang because they are really making a difference in Korean music, and they've learned to not being scared of the future!

    And I'm glad that I am a fan of BigBang because nobody but them can tease so much and make us so excited about their comeback!!!!
  • airatotzkieairatotzkie im a YG BABY forever 7000 islands of the PhilippinesPosts: 526Member



    ill think of the unique way to join the contest.. i hope ill win :))

    thanks soompi!!!
  • vvipjamievvipjamie Posts: 41Member


    edited February 2011
    leslie_lei wrote on 22 February 2011 - 07:06 PM:

    Yes, a group of people may star in the video but of course the prize
    for the contest will only be for one person. Anyhow shoutouts
    may include the names of the people on the vid..but not TOO many. ^^

    Guys, you can also post here your thoughts about BIGBANG, messages etc.

    THANK YOU! &nd i thought so >.< 


    Im so exicted! I want my CD delivered ASAP!!!!! &nd I want the songs to come out now! LOL.
    Big Bang - Wonder Girls - 2NE1 - IU - Gina Choi
    [font="'Lucida Console"]SEUNG RI BIAS <3 G-RI shipper <3[/font]
  • MiNkViPMiNkViP Posts: 3Member
       I love bigbang  I love G-Dragon TOP Taeyang Daesung Seungri very much <3

    because Bigbang very funny , good song , very handsome and I will love bigbang forever and VIP forever!!

             I love Bigbang I love yg family

                                                                              Thank you ^^ 
         I wait bigbang comeback!!! tomorrow I love tomorrow  555
  • a_thao4evera_thao4ever akt Posts: 713Member


    OMG finally YG is taking note of international fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you!
  • illgirlillgirl Posts: 25Member
    Wow love this collab between Soompi and YG Entertainment! I hope I will an autographed album...I would be the happiest VIP ever ^^
  • pipobobopipobobo Posts: 117Member
    edited February 2011
    Wow it's amazing!!

    I can't wait until tonight

    I luv BIG BANG !!

    I luv SOOMPI !!

    Thank you & You

  • BunbuncooBunbuncoo Posts: 24Member

    These boys have been my friggin NORTH STAR ever since I laid eyes on their Last Farewell MV in 2008.
    Ever since I have been addicted to them like no other drug. Cloudy day, depressing day, I wanna jump off a bridge they, one look at them and or even hearing their music would dissolve all my fatigue.

    I live and breathe these amazing guys. THANKS FOR BEING SOOO GREAT BIG BANG!
    You guys are the bomb diggity! LOVE YOU MORE THAN CHOCOLATE.
  • samosvetleeesamosvetleee Posts: 1,737Member
    edited February 2011
    Don't  know about you,but i already got my mind-blowing doze of sleepless nights & breaking news & anticipation & i feel like i've never been more ready for TONIGHT !!!

    To Soompi for spreading the BB love & making all these amazing BB threads i gotta say : YOU ROCKED OUR WORLD !!! 

    Last but not least THANK YOU YG & YOU SOOMPI for making it possible for international fans to be a part of the whole BiG  BanG THEORY ,cause : 

    ::They shine the brightest when they are BiG BanG ,so does WE love the strongest when being a VVIP's !!! ::


    P.S : I like to fool around with Photoshop ..hope you like it :)
    :: where i'm @ & in tumblr-ville ::
  • MTRAiNbow_S5BBMTRAiNbow_S5BB Posts: 103Member
    A whole thread for this. On soompi?
    Damn, YG is going ALL out :D
    And I'm SOAKING all this goodness up xD
  • lovelyDaelovelyDae big bang should come to sydney. sydney. (:Posts: 71Member
    i'm so excited i think i'm going to cry!!! soompi x yg THE BEST EVER. i really want to have a tour of YG the building looks soooo dope :D
    you can be my bestie, boy~
  • 218195218195 Posts: 32Member
    I seldom visit soompi since I had an issue of posting here. <_< I even made my dissatisfaction known in some thread. But all is forgiven. :wub: I'm very glad that YG cooperated with Soompi and not with the other International Korean site which was anti BigBang. I'd like to give props to YG for including IVIP's in their promotion. As a YG fan, my loyalty to the company was even more cemented by this move. I feel like I'm really a part of the YG family. To Bigbag, you guys are the only boy group, be it international or Korean that I followed. The five of you really complemented each other well. You have real rappers and singers
    in the group, not just pretty face that serves as eye candy. You care deeply about your music and we can see it from your involvement in the production and finish product of the album. Hope you guys continue to work as a group and delight your countless fans with you awesome talent. :D :D
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