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Olive Oil for Dry, Damaged Hair

goddessofkrwgoddessofkrw Posts: 722Member


Does it really work?
I dyed my hair black this weekend. I think the stylist left the coloring on my hair too long (an hour and 15 min at least) and now the ends is really dried. I read online and lots of website says olive oil is good for dry hair. Has anyone tried that before? If so, does it really help? Or should I just go get an oil treatment from a specialist?


  • nek♥nek♥ d(=^・ω・^=)b Posts: 1,909Member


    IMO I think it does, because when I was little my mom would always use olive oil for my hair.
    It leaves it soft and shiny, and since I had really long hair as a child my hair would always be tangled and olive oil helped!
  • switchblade_babyswitchblade_baby Posts: 25Member
    I read on Beauty Brains that only certain types of oil will actually penetrate hair. Coconut oil is one of them so I'm going to try that. Not sure about olive oil though.
  • SuyashaSuyasha bronx science <3 Posts: 38Member
    yup. olive oil is like magic ^_^
    once a week for a month and you'll see improvement.
  • sugarplum892sugarplum892 USAPosts: 11,028Moderator


    my grandma told me before it does work but i never tried it lol

  • cherubiecherubie Posts: 252Member
    I tried it several times before. I had it on both overnight and for several hours before showering (on different occasions, of course), and it works very well. The first time I did it, I was absolutely amazed. But then I did it for everyday straight for like a week, and my hair because very static-y to the point where it was all over my face and clung onto my finger/clothes everytime I touched it. So yea...only do it for once a week.

    Another alternative which is much easier is the apple cider vinegar rinse. It's very popular, and if you just google it, you'll get loads of reviews. I got an empty bottle from Sally's store, put 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar (I used the Braggs brand) and fill it up to 8 ounces with filtered water. About every 2-3 days, after I shampoo, I put the water+vinegar on my hair, and it gives hte same effect as olive oil...cept without all the hassle.

    Either way, I don't know about split ends, but my hair is a lot more volumous and soft after using either of these things.
  • heffalumpheffalump Posts: 27Member
    edited March 2010
    I should try this, I swim once a week and the chlorine killing my hair (the end part) making it split end. I decide to stop swimming next month because of this problem. I've been snipping my split end when ever I got a chance and stop using all kind of heated tools. my hair look messy most of the time now >.<

    I don't normally use conditioner after wash because it increasing my hairfall but I used Kerastase hair mask once a month or every 6 weeks, but I probably can use this olive oil treatment in between my hair mask.

    thanks for the tips, I hope this will works with hair.
  • xindixindi Posts: 1,093Member
    I did this! One day I was taking a bubble bath and I just decided to take a shot at some Soompi advice and rub olive oil into my dry, heat-damaged hair and leave for 30 minutes LOL.

    Olive oil DID work, it made my hair softer and shinier, but it didn't dramatically improve my dry hair and ends. Also, it was really hard to wash off... it was pretty gross to find my hair a little greasy the next day! Olive oil tends to leave a residue so definitely don't use the treatment before going out, lol.

    I have used much better hair treatments, namely this:
    Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask!! It actually does have olive oil in it, along with other helpful stuff like almond oil image

    I can't stop raving about it haha T__T because my hair is thin and very prone to damage (I curl it waaay too much), this has been my miracle worker! I've been using it once a week for the past 2 months or so and my hair has become as healthy, if not healthier than how it was before I discovered the magic of heated hair styling tools image There are times when I curl my hair every single day of the week, but it still doesn't feel dry and brittle kekeke~

    It's $7 at every drug store, you definitely do NOT need to pay for expensive professional treatments for beautiful healthy hair image
    Although in your case it will be best to trim your damaged ends. The Neutrogena hair mask DID repair my dry ends but only to an extent... much better to chop 'em off and let your healthy hair grow!

    My friend has hair damaged from a LOT of bleaching and dying, and she saw the difference using this product too!

  • Tanpopo--xTanpopo--x Posts: 10Member
    I've straighten my hair everyday for seven years straight, and realizing that my hair would barely grow I went on a rampage looking for something to help my severely damaged hair. I'm a major crazy-crazy and remember a myth about a battle between Athene and Poseidon they had to both make a something that was in high value, and could be used for many things. Athene made the oil tree. Which pwned Poseidon's waterspring. so I was like " would using olive oil work" I did research and a lot of people claim it greatly improved their hair. So, I tried it. At first a covered all my hair in it and wore a shower cap the whole day. I took a shower and straightened my hair my hair was amazingly shiny, soft and helped the cuticles seal, lessening the look of dead ends.

    Hopefully my babbling helped you ;p
  • fizzl3fizzl3 AustraliaPosts: 382Member
    So glad this works for everyone. For me, it makes my hair turn crisp! I tried it twice with the same result.
  • jjthejetplanejjthejetplane Posts: 67Member
    Coconut Oil has been proven to actually penetrate the hair...

    While I'm sure any natural oil will give you that healthy slip, coconut oil does wonders!!!

    I have naturally curly hair that frizzes like CRAZY, but I've been going the all natural route using just Coconut Oil and Shikakai bar shampoo on my hair.

    My hair is amazing now!!

    Make sure to get virgin coconut oil, since that is cold processed and still has all the essential fatty acids/minerals. There's no difference between "virgin" and "extra-virgin" for coconut oil btw, so don't be fooled. if you plan on going for olive oil because its easier to find, make sure to get "extra-virgin" olive oil because there IS a difference between virgin/extra virgin for olive oil.

    Coconut Oil can be found on amazon, any health foods store (usually located near the other food oils, since it is edible), or your local indian grocer... but, those places generally don't label with virgin or non-virgin so buy at your own risk.

    Indian hair care is AMAAAZZZIIINNNG!!! image Neem Oil, Shikakai, Coconut oil <33333 try it out.

    Don't waste your money on the drugstore brands or stuff from sephora... Seriously, those just coat your hair with waxy junk...
  • rath92rath92 Posts: 143Member
    i work as a cna and when the resident hair is really dry or damage we use petroleum jelly or vasaline it really helps and the safest way without using anything too abrassive
  • goddessofkrwgoddessofkrw Posts: 722Member


    Thanks for all the input! I will definately try it.
  • pupluvgurlpupluvgurl Posts: 402Member


    All this stuff sounds great, I have very dry and damaged hair so hopefully this will help a lot. For those who does use coconut or olive oil, how difficult is it to wash out?
  • Dolce_loveDolce_love New Zealand ~Posts: 360Member
    olive oil is magical image

    its really nice as a treatment and works better than some professional hair treatments.

    贝贝爱: J
  • hwaitinghwaiting AustraliaPosts: 865Member
    I read on the internet that it can be used as a hot oil treatment as well. You can heat it up till it's warm and put a shower cap over your hair OR apply the olive oil over your hair then get a heated (warm) towel and wrap it around your head.
    my TUMBLR
  • cynstar.cynstar. feed meee! JapanPosts: 1,793Friend of Soompi
    i think i see your problem.
    1. you'r supposed to use conditioner everyday. but only from mid-shaft to ends.
    you probably used it from root to end which is why you see "increased shedding".
    dont worry, avg person sheds 100pcs of hair a day.

    2. a hair mask is meant to be used once a week. mid-shaft to ends only.

    by not using conditioner, your increasing the chance of breakage.
    hope this helps.

  • BoomBoomAfridiBoomBoomAfridi Posts: 264Member
    edited March 2010
    I've tried the following over the past few years {I'm Paki so my mom forces me to oil my hair every week, if not every day}:
    ~Sweet Almond
    ~Olive Oil

    and combinations of the above. The absolute BEST for a hair treatment is raw unpasteurized coconut oil, the kind that solidifies, and then when you use it, it turns into liquid. You can get this from any health food store. Don't get the kind that's liquid in the bottle, cuz they add all kinds of bleaching & deodorizing chemicals in the processing or pasteurize it, which takes away from its benefits.

    Second best is sweet almond oil + castor oil mixed [btw castor oil's really good for eyelashes}. Last comes olive oil because it doesn't really do anything compared to the others. I only use it when I'm out of coconut/sweet almond/castor oils.
    This is my opinion, anyway.
  • shanshanbearshanshanbear NorthernCaliforniaPosts: 13Member
    Hmm, well last week, I got gum stuck in my hair.
    So I used olive oil in my hair to get it out.
    And then ever since that, my hair has been falling out.. And I have long hair too! It goes
    a few inches past my chest. Now there's not as much and I am sad. ㅠ
    But also, I have started using a new shampoo. Well not really, I've been using the same shampoo and conditioner forever, but I mean like, a new bottle.
    But I did notice my hair WAS softer. But it was oily for a while, but well duh, it is oil.
  • ninageninage Posts: 11Member
    I'm a huge fan of home remedies. And I would strongly recommend olive oil as a hair treatment.

    Apply olive oil to your hair, microwave a towel and wrap it around your hair for about half an hour.

    It really makes a difference. I've been using this method for about two months now. And my hair feels soft and healthy. Which is amazing considering the damage my hair's been through (several dye jobs and constant heat damage).
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