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Better to turn off computer everyday or not?

mommie Alicemommie Alice Alhambra, CAPosts: 1,956Member



I was wondering if I should turn off my computer every night after I'm done with it?

I have heard it's not good for the computer. Is this true?

Thank you.

Andy, Dongwan, Eric, Hyesung, Junjin, Minwoo


  • twinky81twinky81 The One and Only... Houston, TX, USAPosts: 76Member
    Depends... if it's a laptop then, I'd just put it to Sleep mode.

    With a Desktop however... do you do any of this with your Desktop:

    1) using Folding@Home on your PC
    2) using SETI@Home client
    3) downloading stuff - like through BitTorrent.

    If not, shut it off. Save some oil/coal and some money in your wallet/purse. No point in leaving it on all the time.
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  • NinayaNinaya Posts: 74Friend of Soompi
    There was once a school of thoughts whom did a research and said everytime you turn on and off your pc, its life is being shorten by 1 day. The reason behind this because of some components had this thin wires *if i remember correctly*, they tends to break due to the cold and hot temperature of your pc.. everytime you turn on your computer it heats up, when you shutdown it cool off.. etc

    That research was like donkey years ago tho, I believe this problem shouldnt exist on modern pc anymore. If this problem
    does exist, the pc parts manufacturer must have already done something to fix it.

  • micoxddmicoxdd rawrr Posts: 193Member
    i turn my laptop off once in a while o.o but for my desktop i left it on for like a year straight and it was fine xD
  • c a k ec a k e Posts: 64Member
    for pc, i always turn it off everynight unless there is something im downloading

    for laptop just hibernate it
  • STEPHOO--STEPHOO-- B.A.P SydneyPosts: 4,579Friend of Soompi
    Yeah, same, I always hibernate my laptop - I don't remember the last time I actually turned it off. lol.
    As for my desktop ... I hardly use it anymore so it's always off now.
  • lovesbridelovesbride じょこ Posts: 2,120Member
    Hibernate it and rarely turn it off.
    Well, I do turn it off once in a while...
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  • xsimplyxlanxxsimplyxlanx Oklahoma cityPosts: 34Member
    is it bad to shut if off?
    and what are the benefits for hibernating it?
  • djloekee27djloekee27 Posts: 82Member
    windows starts up so much faster from hibernation compared to a regular start up. i used to leave my pc on 24/7/365 because of the slow start up for windows until i learned about the hibernation mode. you can also leave programs open when you hibernate it and when you turn it back on you don't have to restart your programs you want open like media players and browsers.
  • xsimplyxlanxxsimplyxlanx Oklahoma cityPosts: 34Member
    it won't kill the batter or anything right?
    sorry for asking so many questions....haha
  • mommie Alicemommie Alice Alhambra, CAPosts: 1,956Member


    I thought about this and now I have different question.

    Because I used to have my desktop computer on all the time for years, my fan went out and I have to replace it. Now with my new computer, I'm worried same thing might happen.

    If I put it to sleep, does the fan still stay on to cool the computer or does fan not work while it's asleep?

    Thank you

    Andy, Dongwan, Eric, Hyesung, Junjin, Minwoo
  • aig0oaig0o Posts: 106Member
    edited January 2010
    Is it really okay to keep laptops hibernating rather than turn it off? image

    I always turn off my laptop after I use it, but the past few months, during the day I put it on sleep mode/hibernate so it won't take long to load up. But I still turn it off before going to bed.

    Is it really not bad to just keep it on hibernate 24/7 image Will it not heat up or blow up or something? Because even if it's on hibernate, it's still like ON right!? image
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  • edgetubeedgetube ??!!! Posts: 82Member
    It's not bad to shut it off but you can hibernate it which saves your current desktop. And the computer DOES turn off completely, so it's not a terrible idea...
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  • kukukuku ArcadiaPosts: 1,355Member
    Actually hibernating isn't too good for a laptop. I get crashes one in 10 times I put my computer to sleep/hibernate. I'm not sure why.

    You guys are probably just lucky it doesn't happen to you.

  • prisonerzeroprisonerzero North Carolina, USA.Posts: 4,512Member
    i turn off my laptop every night. i don't have any problems.
    the windows load up isn't slow either. sometimes, but it's usually not.
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  • pokyupokyu Posts: 344Member
    i ALWAYS turn off my laptop every single day...
    my laptop is like 3 years old and i have encountered no problems.

    so i dont get it. do i put it to sleep instead?
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  • se7ennse7enn SE7EN(L) AUSTRALIA,MELBOURNEPosts: 261Member
    my computer if i dont shut it down once i finish using it, it makes weird noises and it heats up really hot
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  • iyagiiyagi 임진영♣ Posts: 1,505Member


    Oh... I usually turn my laptop off when i'm done using it for the day ): it's usually on all day (like in sleep/hibernate mode) for quick usage, but at night I'll usually turn it off. I might start keeping it in sleep mode if what people have said is true.

    This kind of ties into my question of what's best for your laptop battery lol.
  • mz_kimmi_deemz_kimmi_dee Fan of the music Posts: 1,241Member
    I usually put my laptop to sleep and always turn off my desktop when I'm done using it for the day also.
  • houstonguy2010houstonguy2010 Posts: 15Member
    I didn't turn off my computer at night (desktop). It is windows 7 with 64-bit. I guess it would be no problem.
  • 18succubus18succubus 잃었다Posts: 306Member


    for me i have to have it shut down every night.. except when i'm downloading something which is once i awhile only..

    i haven't heard that computers shouldn't be shutdown at night or something like that. wouldn't machines need to rest too? hhmm..
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