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Whats Your Favorite Sport? Which Sport Do You Dislike?

DreamssDreamss Posts: 5,655Member


hope this is the right place to post this.

soooo whats your favorite sport? and what are you currently playing, if your playing.

my favorite sport right now is probably volleyball, and i will be playing for a team in march, hopefully.
i use to like soccer, but i sucked at it haha. and basketball. ;o

my most disliked sport is probably.....swimmming?
nothing against just not really good at it. and maybe track is annoying to me sometimes cuz i
dont relaly like to run


  • busolaodudebusolaodude london englandPosts: 123Member
    edited January 2009
    my favourite sport is football/soccer and tennis.

    my worse sport, i know it might not be big in some country but it is in england and i dont see the point of it, darts. golf is not far behind.
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  • FlicksityyFlicksityy AustraliaPosts: 3,235Member


    Is being lazy a sport?

    It takes effort to compete...
  • IwishIwasKOREANIwishIwasKOREAN Posts: 532Member

    I don't really like Soccer, David Beckham tho got paid!
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    QUOTE (dinky-monkey @ Apr 8 2009, 02:53 AM) »
    Have you ever seen normal Taiwanese or Korean people walking around on streets? Most of them have huge noses, small chinky eyes and flat noses and look nothing like those celebrities you see in dramas.And sorry, but most Korean celebrities you see on TV underwent a lot of plastic surgeries in order to look like what you see on TV. I think this should be well-known by all K-Pop-fans.
  • coffeehouse.coffeehouse. ▲loveiro@lj Posts: 1,651Member
    my favorite sports are badminton, golf & basketball.
    & I dislike soccer, swimming, baseball, tennis & etcc.
  • sarah#sarah# 2OD europe/SloveniaPosts: 489Member
    edited January 2009
    My fave is HANDBALL
    & I dislike hockey!
    Football freak heart.gif
  • LeBronteWestLeBronteWest Posts: 229Member


    My favorite sport is baseball and basketball.
    The sport I dislike is golf because its so boring and long!
  • MarineGreenMarineGreen sure is hot here, muggy toPosts: 589Member
    BJJ, Judo, Bare Knuckle Knock Down Karate, MMA and Nogi Submission Wrestling.
    My lease favorite sport is interpetive dance wtf?
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  • K.I.MK.I.M Posts: 684Member


    I like Basketball, soccer, volley ball, baseball, swimming, badminton.
    Yeah, I dont really enjoy tennis, as it is wayyyyy to tiring
    My heart will always beats for Jay and 2PM


  • Koala<3Koala<3 Posts: 105Member
    I like Basketball and Football.
    I dislike Golf, Badminton, Tennis, and Volleyball.

    I have no clue why I have so many sports that I dislike ... o_O


  • Fuznut88Fuznut88 Brooklyn, New YorkPosts: 1,182Member
    i love baseball and i hate cricket!
    Baseball is my religion, Yankee fan for life~
    Go Taiwan!!!!!!!
  • xkrndreamerxkrndreamer BASKETBALL IS LIFE Cal State FullertonPosts: 6,295Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2009
    i love basketball and i get very competitive
    love being the shooter. makes me the most hated player on the court
    i don't like volleyball
  • kukukuku ArcadiaPosts: 1,355Member
    I like hockey and basketball. But what I hate are poorly officiated games. No matter what the sport, it becomes obvious when a game is really one sided.

    I guess the sport I dislike is tennis since I suck at it! haha

  • nba3dnba3d HK, TXPosts: 282Member
    My favorites: basketball & football
    Dislikes: NASCAR, golf, figure-skating
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  • lightstarm2klightstarm2k Posts: 33Member
    I like football and basketball
    I dislike american football image
  • Badaboom187Badaboom187 San Francisco, CAPosts: 15Member
    I like basketball, soccer, football, and baseball

    I dislike curling, hunting, diving, and all those weird things that people actually considers a "sport"
  • andyjin7777andyjin7777 Posts: 8Member
    i personally love to swim as my favorite sport and as for my least favorite sport that would be volleyball
  • larislaris Posts: 1,825Member
    wrestling is my favorite sport. i wrestle in college on a d-1 team

    basketball is my least favorite sport- 1. it's boring to watch 2. i suck at it 3. you have to be tall

  • 432521432521 DBSK <3 HoustonPosts: 994Member
    I love basketball, baseball, football, and totally out there but ping pong *even though I suck at it*.

    I hate tennis funny how I love to play a sport some people call table tennis yet I hate actual tennis.

  • KrakaKraka TexasPosts: 327Banned
    I love basketball by far. I hate table tennis with a passion. It looks geeky to me.
  • ching22194ching22194 NeverlandPosts: 912Member


    i love boxinf, basketball, mma, footbal and volleyball

    soccer..i really dont get it. it bores me and very tiring to watch.
    they were like, running all over the field for longer minutes
    and score like 1?
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