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How important is a guy/girl's style (fashion wise) to you?

Dont care?
Bonus points if they dress well?



  • EruEru Posts: 274Member


    It matters a lot.  But if it's someone I like, seeing them in sweats is nice too, it's cute :P  

    People should take care of themselves, if they look amazing without though, they must be amazing, so then I could let it slide.  hehe :P
  • MusoMuso The Master Of All Pokemon! USAPosts: 2,762Member


    He doesn't have to wear the latest trends or anything. As long as he looks presentable.
    But even seeing him in sweats is attractive as well.
  • happybubblehappybubble Posts: 553Member


    Not really important to me because I don't dress fashionably too. As long as he wears decent clothes then there won't be any problem with me.
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  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    He must wear something!!
    But she doesn't have to...

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  • paperclipmemorypaperclipmemory Posts: 30Member


    I don't pay attention much to style on guys, but when someone stands out and dresses with their personality or originality I find that they are confident people. 
  • truthgangwhotruthgangwho Posts: 12Member
    I'm not into girls who are super into fashion.

    As long as they know what's ugly and what's not it's fine. A pretty woman in sweats is the best look ever.
  • JaruJaruJaruJaru Posts: 423Member
    Depending on whether you know them already or not. If the latter then it matters because as a stranger it's the first impression someone has based on just appearance. It shows how well they take care of themselves as opposed to wearing clothes with holes in them.
  • my_monkeymy_monkey Posts: 429Member


    Girl is sweats is okay at home or at the gym.  It's a turn off if a girl is with me and all she had on was sweats.  At least pants or shorts with nice shirt and clean hair. It matters even if we are together or meeting first time. It also matters when I see random girls out in the world in sweets its not attractive. It's not cute, it's being lazy to your appearance.  If she was really fashionable it's a plus, but if all that fashion costs more than food then its a no no.

    I like someone who I can look at and not be scare off. That's all.
  • blushblush vegasPosts: 1,738Member


    For a guy, I'd like him to have a fashion sense... enough SENSE to when it's good to dress up and when it's appropiate to dress down. And well, when the time comes haha. I love seeing my boyfriend in a casual button up at school and sometimes sweats, but I ain't taking it if we're on a nice date and he's wearing sweats.
  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    edited February 2013
    image She looks very good to go anywhere with.
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  • EclecticEclectic lvl 1 red mage limboPosts: 2,213Member


    For instance, she looks like a cutie:
    need name to be awared
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  • matthewshawmatthewshaw Posts: 5New Member
    guy style is not important for all the girls

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  • exquisitelyexquisitely Posts: 60Member


    Very important. Helps and boosts self-esteem. Why not? :)

    Also, it's fun to dress up as well as under-dress, but do so fashionably.
    Fashionable people give an air of trust and belief. It's like magic!
    --Lilianne, 22 year old model living in Vancouver--
  • HeloiseJayHeloiseJay Posts: 219Member
    It's really important to me, I judge guys by their first appearance and obviously if their fashion sense isn't great then it's a bit of a turn off. 
  • KerrigantonKerriganton Posts: 1,855Member


    It's really important to me, I judge guys by their first appearance and obviously if their fashion sense isn't great then it's a bit of a turn off. 
    Just out of curiosity what fashion style do you prefer on guys. Say for Casual wear. 

  • dy0wtx0xpxxdy0wtx0xpxx Posts: 451Member


    Girls / people in general who wear athletic wear (sweats, basketball shorts, athletic shoes, etc) out as casual clothes..... lol no. I mean, I guess it is convenient for the person if they were going to exercise after doing an errand, or vice versa but egh, it's just not visually pleasing to me. (bad first impression) Other than that, I'm not too picky about style. I kind of agree with @blush , I like it when they can dress up & dress down (but not all the way down to unpresentable).

    Sohee would have my ideal "style" for a girl.
  • ajlee613ajlee613 Bay Area, CaliforniaPosts: 4,738Member


    if you are pretty, everything you wear is also pretty. same if ur ugly. 

    my mom said this when i was a little kid and its true... girls who are obviously adept at putting together outfits are still far inferior in total looks to someone who is beautiful but is just wearing a tshirt and sweats. i guess the moral of this is to not waste money and time trying to look good when you can save money by eating less (not applicable in the USA anymore since the cheapest foods are the worst for you now) and work harder toning your body (also not applicable to the USA and most other 1st world countries as working means sitting on ur butt all day doing paper work). 

    i translate this into new society as, instead of spending money going out to eat, spend less on something light and get a gym membership with friends. instead of buying that expensive make up right now, suck it up and let ur skin breathe and get skin care products, not skin covering products. 

    once you look as good as u want to look, when ur out of the shower, then spend money on clothes as a bonus, and u'll be pleased to find that the cheap stuff looks great on you. everything does.
    Think about all the things in this life that hurts you... do not do those things.

  • bishiebishie McLean, VA / Wash, DCPosts: 323Member


    For me finding a girl with matching style is important.  If we have incompatible style then we will not look right together.  So I tend to date high maintenance girls who dress more flashy.  The girls who wear jeans or sweats often really pressure me to dress down so they don't feel uncomfortable.  I dated a girl who dressed Chinese fob style in bright primary colors.  Several of my friends commented that we didn't look good together because our styles are so different.  Perhaps I'm more picky on clothes than many other people though.  Haha I see some girls pick out all of their guys clothes so I guess they also want to make them match with them or their expectations in how their boyfriend/husband should dress.
  • dreamingofu213dreamingofu213 Milan, ItalyPosts: 179Member


    I agree with @bishie
    It's important to "match".
    It' s sad, but what it looks like from the outside it's important. 
    I dress more mature than my age and by hunging out with someone who wears only hoodies I would look like his older sister or out of place.
    Then, I think that your style shows your personality and from that I can get if he's suitable for me or not.
  • moon strutmoon strut in your pants.Posts: 110Member
    In my opinion, a guy doesn't have to be super fashionable and trendy to be attractive. He just has to look good in what he wears, or wear what makes him look good. It doesn't have to be a particular style or the latest trend, just one that suits him.
    A truly attractive person will make nearly anything look good.
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