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What Are Some Games To Play With Friends?

Got any creative ideas?
Just wondering, what are some fun and creative games? Not really like board or card games, but with little or none items needed.

-Two lines form parallel from the other (for two teams) and each person gets a cup of water. The people at the end start and after they finish, they have to put the cup at the end of the table and flip it. After they successfully flip it, the next person goes until the very last person does it. Whoever's team is the fastest, wins. (It's a drinking game, but we used water).

-Ten Fingers, every person puts out ten fingers. Go around and say something you haven't done: "I never...." and if someone has done it, they put a finger down. The motive is to do the least and have the most fingers up at the end of the game.

-There's four hand gestures, labeled from A to D. One person quickly states the letter and action with their hands, everyone else quickly does it too without thinking. Whoever matches the speakers hand gesture, the speaker slaps their hand. Once for A, Twice for B and so forth. (Just a brief explanation).

-Have people fill their mouth with water and try to make them laugh.

At the top of my head. Some are kinda difficult to explain without showing it. Does anyone know any good ones? Maybe some inspired from an Asian variety show?
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  • stonerboi27stonerboi27 MARYLANDPosts: 447Banned
    edited November 2007
    the penis game.. when ur in a public area.. preferably a class.. see who can yell out the word "penis" the loudest.. doesnt have to yell.. but whoever can say it the loudest hahaha its stupid but actually fun

    also theres the band game.. you take turns in rotation goin from a-z.. and you name a band that begins with your letter.
  • xkrn4lyfxxkrn4lyfx Za Zam! CA, LAPosts: 2,998Member
    tag? hide'n'go seek!!!

    other ones... u know the finger adding game? u start out with both index fingers, then "add" to your opponent fingers, then ur opponent "adds" to yours, u gotta play it to understand it tho cuz it's hella hard to explain on text

    movie game, starting from A each person names a movie starting with A, then B then C, and if you cannot think of a movie ur out, last person left wins

    holy crap i just remembered, SNAPS, it's an awesome game. hard to explain as well, it's like u perform snaps and people try to guess the movie your snapping out

    then there's Contact, i LOVE this game. a person picks a word, then he says a letter in the word. the rest of the people try to say the same word starting with that letter at the same time. this is how it goes:
    david: (thinks of the word 'wallet') e
    sarah: big... grey.... mouse....
    dan: contact!
    both sarah and dan: one two three elephant
    anyone can start to describe their word at any time, also the person, david, can 'block' the word from being used, so it would go:
    david: (thinks of the word 'pillow') w
    sarah: spring... snow....
    david: winter
    and then the word gets blocked, HELLA FUN GAME!!!! why did i just describe it in so much detail?
  • the.elephantthe.elephant attack life. it's going to kill you anyway. NYPosts: 1,432Member
    there is a lottttt

    but simplest one to explain is the thumb game.
    everyone holds out their thumbs and everyone takes turn calling out a number. min is 0 max is how many thumbs there are.
    when he calls out the number everyone holds up how many thumbs he or she wants to hold up.
    if the numbers match up then the person who shouted the number gets to hit the number of times to everyone on the wrist with two fingers.

    it's hard to explain.
  • jadeyjadey Posts: 447Member
    Wow, these sound so fun!!

    How about Ping Pong counting game?? Not literally, mathematically. You start counting from 1 and whenever you get to multiples of 3 or 5, you say ping or pong. Multiples of 3 are Ping, and multiples of 5 are Pong. Multiples of BOTH 3 AND 5 and Ping Pong.

    So it goes like... 1,2,ping,4,pong,ping,7,8,9,pong,11,ping,13,14,ping pong

    Its fun to play with ALOT of people with this game. Last one standing is the WINNER!! image
  • monchichimonchichi ?Muh-muh-muh My Shirota? Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 3,494Friend of Soompi
    This is a game that my siblings made up while on a really, really long car trip - it's quite challening and fun image (BTW, normal number plates in Australia consist of 3 letters and 3 numbers).

    You can play with as many people as you want.

    Ok - So while in the car, one person will select a number plate from a random car nearby and challenges another person to make a phrase with 3 words, each word beginning with each of the letters in order.


    WOP*123 - "With Out Pants"
    UIH*456 - "Uranus Is Home"

    Stupid but it passes the hours away very quickly.
  • madeinktownmadeinktown 909Posts: 1,080Member
    edited November 2007
    -fluffy bunny. you stuff marshmellows into your mouths and try to say "fluffy bunny." whoever has the most marshmellows in their mouths wins.

    that was always a fun game.

    -Thirteen is a Vietnamese version of Big 2. deal thirteen cards like a regular game of big 2. card order goes spade, club, diamond, heart. there's no such thing as a full house in this version. you start the game with the THREE of SPADES. you can throw down singles, pairs, three of a kind and straights (at least 3 cards). you cannot start a straight with a 2 though. you can't throw down two pairs. now there are such things as 2 killers. if someone throws down a 2, you can kill it with three consecutive pairs. if someone throws out two 2s, you can kill it with four consecutive pairs or a four of a kind. you can also kill a single 2 with four of a kind and four consecutive pairs. you can use the 2 killers in the game even if you're not killing a 2, but it's a waste. there's also an auto win. if you have all four 2s, a straight from 2 to ace or 6 pairs, it's an auto win. once you pass on a turn, you can get back into the game until the round is over. continue to play until everyone is out. reshuffle, re-deal and play again, starting with the winner from the last game. this time, the winner can start with any card from his/her hand.

    i think i explained it right.
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