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How Do You Get Rid Of Scars Left By Mosquito Bites?

_eunsole__eunsole_ Posts: 198Member
Mosquitoes absolutely LOVE my blood because every summer I get like 1000000 mosquito bites. The thing is that they never go away once I get them. The iching and redness stops but theres still like a brown mark there. People keep asking me if they're bruises. I've tried using lemon juice because I heard it worked getting rid of acne scars but it didn't work.

Did anyone have the same problem?
How would I get rid of them? [or at least make them less visible]


  • preludeprelude Posts: 971Member


    Ah! Same question. I have these ugly scars left by mosquitos when I went back to Taiwan in the summer. It's just like a part of my skin now! Helppp.
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  • milktea-milktea- USAPosts: 29Member
    Yeah I have lots of mosquito bites too.
  • AzngelAzngel zBanned Posts: 4,888Friend of Soompi
    you just gotta scrub scrub and scrub. it helps for the dead skinto fall off faster and of course for the spot to fade faster. i used the korean towel thing on my legs 2x/wk for a whole winter and now my legs are spots free
  • xserenexserene Southern CaliforniaPosts: 793Member


    oh dang, i have that too >_<
    and wahh... im going to taiwan this summer.. actually TOMORROW!!
    and there's supposedly lotsa mosquitos?! ugh..

    actually, all my bug bites never leave.. not just mosquitos.. >_<
  • joonieballooniejoonieballoonie Posts: 786Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(Azngel @ Jun 21 2007, 12:30 AM) »
    you just gotta scrub scrub and scrub. it helps for the dead skinto fall off faster and of course for the spot to fade faster. i used the korean towel thing on my legs 2x/wk for a whole winter and now my legs are spots free

    Italy towels! Yeah, that's what I did (on my arms) and I don't have anymore bug bite scars, and my arms got lighter, too.
  • Bi_1LoveBi_1Love Posts: 22Member
    i've got a solution for all of you. it's called Cebo de Macho. it works really great because it helps fade scars and whiten them. here's a link on where to get them:

    Cebo de Macho

    hope this helps image
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  • cyberfruitcyberfruit Mythbuster! Ft.Bend County ---&#62; (soon to be) Arlington, TxPosts: 5,338Member
    I use Cocoa Butter and this skin whitening cream called Amiben. I don't suggest using a skin whitening cream, actually. Mederma or Bio Oil would be better.

    I need to buy some.
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  • _eunsole__eunsole_ Posts: 198Member
    Thanks. I'll probably try a couple of your suggestions. Hope it works xP
  • jlove1831jlove1831 Ohio, USAPosts: 243Member
    oh wow..i'm gonna have to remember these..cuz once I had mosquito bites in the shape of a triangle on my outer thigh and it looked REALLY bad..I just stayed out and got a tan so nobody could tell there were scars..then whenever my tan faded, those scars were gone HAHA..
  • xrhapsodyxrhapsody Home of the Boston Red Sox :)Posts: 1,166Member
    I think you should exfoliate a lot, and use something like Bio-Oil. I need to start doing that too because this mosquito tried to bit off my arm, I swear lol.
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  • greentea:vee xogreentea:vee xo My lips like sugaa. TEXAS&#33;Posts: 2,871Member
    Can those suggestions work for regular scars too ? Because I have alot of horrible scars on my legs, and I really wanna know if I could use anything to fade them and get rid of them.
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  • i__coOkiesx3i__coOkiesx3 2PM's hottest new yorkPosts: 1,285Member
    omgg, i HATE mosquito bite marks.. a few months ago, i would ALWAYS put a bandaid on them cause they were so noticable and it jus gets so annoying since i kept putting bandaids for a month and ppl would say.. didnt you have a bandaid there last week? and i have to make up an excuse cause im embarrassed of the marks..
    now i use mederma scar treatment and its working pretty well for me
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  • grritsevegrritseve newyorkcitaayyPosts: 493Friend of Soompi
    uhh you can try mederma, which you can find at duane reade. and another tha ti use for scars is called SCARLESS-- it really works!


  • sulfuric_ACIDsulfuric_ACID [][][] australia&#33;Posts: 1,844Member
    ohh i bought this thing called protec scar therapy..and i had this really visible mark, i used it for a few days and it's almost least it works better than bio oil lol
  • loveofloveof ??????? CanadaPosts: 2,005Member
    i got a mosquito bite on my eyelid!!
    now it's all swollen and red. but it doesn't itch anymore.
    does bio oil work for insect scars?
  • pprMNTEpprMNTE Stephu LAPosts: 2,915Friend of Soompi
    I had the same problem starting last summer. I began to have strange reactions to mosquito bites that I'd never experienced before, and they left a lot of dark scars on my legs. I was really horrified because I like my legs the most. image I never found a medicated solution though. The most I can pass on to you is some folklore a lady told me: avoid dark colored foods, like soy sauce. I'm not sure I believe it, but I tend to follow harmless myths just to be on the safe side. My scars faded over time and they're completely gone now.
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  • jaclyn919jaclyn919 Posts: 2New Member
    I also have the same problem here. Im just a teenager younger than seventeen and ive got a lot of ugly mosquito bite scars on my legs!!! #:-S i hate it when everytime whether im looking at the mirror or not. I can still feel the horrible feeling of my ugly legs! I REALLY need help. My mom asked me to use some sort of cream see if itll help but nothing happened! :-S Im so worried that now even when i bath, i put a lot of shampoo especially on my legs!(my mom said the mosquitos will hate the smell of shampoo or nice smells and that way they wont bite us.) And when im going out for tuition at night, i even have to put cream on myself just to protect me from getting bitten!! :( just pls tell me why mosquitos like to bite me even though ive tried cream or anything and to get rid of the scars!...tq.(i live in Malaysia,KL. So if anyone knows where in KL i can get anything to help my skin. Tq forever if it helps!) :)
  • jaclyn919jaclyn919 Posts: 2New Member
    I hope ill not get worse.. even my skin is worse than my moms skin! (Her skin is a little bit ugly too. But just a little bit and its not from mosquitos!) Im so embarassed! I think younger ones should have better n clear skin right??? I think its bcuz they like my blood. Just y??? I really want the answer and need help... its soo embarrasing... :-S :(
  • furiaefuriae Posts: 1,270Member


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    baking soda effctive, olive oil, coconut oil"
  • gian sungian sun Posts: 1New Member
    there are times where certain mosquito bites create a sort of permanent damage to my skin in the form of a dark spot. I dont know what kind of damage has happened to my skin but it looks similar to a very stubborn acne scar. I am going to singapore for a month and i plan to get my acne scars treated at the hair and laser clinic, so i thought of having them treated the same way as well. hope this works!! ive tried the scrubbing but still isnt working :(
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