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Why Are You Single?



  • redenvyredenvy Posts: 50Member


    I think the reason why I'm single is because I don't really show myself to others. There are girls I know that wear fashionable clothes, wear makeup, outgoing etc. and so many guys like them. I'm over here being an awkward turtle that can't hold a conversation with anybody.
    Plus, I think my obsession with K-Pop makes others think I'm crazy and they wouldn't want to date me. -shrugs-
  • Shah HaidariShah Haidari ViennaPosts: 30Member


    too lazy..

  • shoeperrshoeperr SydneyPosts: 34Member


    Oh gawd, time to make a comprehensive list:

    - I'm too young fo dis Richard Simmons (or so I keep telling myself)
    - I'm ugly
    - my Dream Man #1 is 13 years older than me
    - my Dream Man #2 is gay, middle-aged (but younger than he looks), and recently married his partner of 20 years
    - my Dream Man #3 is a time-travelling alien who is around 1100 years old
    - I'm lazy
    - I'm too busy
    - I actually do have a boyfriend, he just doesn't know it yet and also lives 8298km away from me
    - ^lol jks but like srsly kpop guys are hotter than ppl irl kay?
    - I complain too much, and talk too much, like I'm doing now

    I'm just going to find myself a nice damp cave to settle in.

  • blackowlblackowl SwitzerlandPosts: 952Member


    Very simple: I'm still waiting for the right person :-B

  • ikweliikweli Posts: 462Member


    miscbrah wrote: »
    I am single because I am too ugly :( #truthHurtz #justBeingHonest

    i think youre pretty cute ;)
  • venus17venus17 Posts: 230Member


    Because I've been not looking/focused so far in my life. 
    Now I don't know where/how to look or I'm not even sure if looking is a good idea. lol. 
    Also I'm quite introverted, and I tend to be 'weird'. 

  • infectedshroominfectedshroom Posts: 34Member
    I'm just too weird n.n and most of the guys who know me most probably think I'm crazy because I'm always seen fangirling about k/j - idols/actors etc. XD
  • suju_loveesuju_lovee Canadia Posts: 1,528Member



    I think I'm too awesome that it overwhelms the other person. 

    Just kidding, I just ain't looking. 

  • asdfghjklasdfghjkl Posts: 62Member
    - I'm repelling. 
    - I don't like to get emotionally intact with others.
    - I tend to like men who doesn't know I exist (same crush for 3 years, like COME DUDE! Get over him!!!).
    - I do this thing where I talk to myself in public.

    All in all, I'm just not appealing to most people. 

    I can be serious always.
  • gmariegmarie Syracuse, NYPosts: 180Member


    I am single because the type of guy I am attracted to aren't around me anywhere.
  • raymondc27raymondc27 CanadaPosts: 1,938Member


    Because I like big butts and I cannot lie
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0


    The user and all related content has been deleted.
    “There is never a time or place for True Love..It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat."
  • NinsharkNinshark I like crabs Posts: 1,788Member


    the girl that likes me right now, is already in a relationship.
  • rawritzcynthiarawritzcynthia C to the L yo NYC baby~ <3Posts: 590Member


    edited August 2013
    Well...I do this thing where I meet someone, become really good friends with them, hang out with him and a huge group of our mutual friends and figure out that I like him a few months after and at that point we're in the dreaded "friendzone". In turn we end up in a situation where he doesn't want to make the first move and I'm really tempted to but don't know how to go about it.


    Can I be your Jay Walking Wonder Woman?
  • JDMzJDMz Posts: 142Member
    because i can't get my ex out of my head... It''s been one year since we broke up. I still think of her almost everyday.
  • Tracey XTracey X Posts: 258Member


    I look at the couples around me and decides that if all couples are like this then it's best to be single for a long, long time or until I think I'm ready. Also judging myself, I am SOOO not ready to be dating.
    Bibbitty Bop Bibbitty Boop. That's the sound of an oaf.
  • RekidaiRekidai Ritsuka Fan ? CanadaPosts: 2,288Member


    -insecure about myself because everybody tells me i'm weird
    -sometimes when i'm with someone i feel like i don't belong
    -he hasn't asked me
    -i can't be emotionally attach to anyone, it takes me a long time to be
    -i am socially awkward 
  • mamamarriahmamamarriah Posts: 140Member


    Because I just wanna have fun while I'm still young, wild and freeeeeeee :D
    xue li
  • aaexoaaexo Posts: 82Member


    edited November 2013
    I'm single because I want to be. I chose to be. I'm 16. Why waste your life on boys when you can explore the vast world around you? Ever heard of YOLO? You have more freedom without guys. We're more confident and not insecure when single. You can eat whatever you want and finally stalk your favourite celebrities without having to hide your habits from your boyfriend LMAO.
    xue lishooting_stars
  • cristolephecristolephe Yay! Posts: 378Member


    Because I'm happy with my circle of friends and don't seem to see a need for a special someone.
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