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Why Are You Single?



  • anoanoanoano Posts: 231Member


    MrPower said:
    Because during dates with other women, I think of her the entire time. I can't get her out of my head.

    is she your ex-gf? gee, why not tell it to her.. who knows..

  • miscbrahmiscbrah Posts: 18Member
    I am single because I am too ugly :( #truthHurtz #justBeingHonest
  • redenvyredenvy Posts: 50Member


    I think the reason why I'm single is because I don't really show myself to others. There are girls I know that wear fashionable clothes, wear makeup, outgoing etc. and so many guys like them. I'm over here being an awkward turtle that can't hold a conversation with anybody.
    Plus, I think my obsession with K-Pop makes others think I'm crazy and they wouldn't want to date me. -shrugs-
  • Shah HaidariShah Haidari ViennaPosts: 30Member


  • shoeperrshoeperr SydneyPosts: 34Member


    Oh gawd, time to make a comprehensive list:

    - I'm too young fo dis Richard Simmons (or so I keep telling myself)
    - I'm ugly
    - my Dream Man #1 is 13 years older than me
    - my Dream Man #2 is gay, middle-aged (but younger than he looks), and recently married his partner of 20 years
    - my Dream Man #3 is a time-travelling alien who is around 1100 years old
    - I'm lazy
    - I'm too busy
    - I actually do have a boyfriend, he just doesn't know it yet and also lives 8298km away from me
    - ^lol jks but like srsly kpop guys are hotter than ppl irl kay?
    - I complain too much, and talk too much, like I'm doing now

    I'm just going to find myself a nice damp cave to settle in.

  • blackowlblackowl SwitzerlandPosts: 952Member


    Very simple: I'm still waiting for the right person :-B

    image image

  • ikweliikweli Posts: 462Member


    miscbrah wrote: »
    I am single because I am too ugly :( #truthHurtz #justBeingHonest

    i think youre pretty cute ;)
  • venus17venus17 Posts: 230Member


    Because I've been not looking/focused so far in my life. 
    Now I don't know where/how to look or I'm not even sure if looking is a good idea. lol. 
    Also I'm quite introverted, and I tend to be 'weird'. 

  • infectedshroominfectedshroom Posts: 34Member
    I'm just too weird n.n and most of the guys who know me most probably think I'm crazy because I'm always seen fangirling about k/j - idols/actors etc. XD
  • suju_loveesuju_lovee Canadia Posts: 1,517Member



    I think I'm too awesome that it overwhelms the other person. 

    Just kidding, I just ain't looking. 
    "I know I want it in my mouth."  - LG
  • asdfghjklasdfghjkl Posts: 62Member
    - I'm repelling. 
    - I don't like to get emotionally intact with others.
    - I tend to like men who doesn't know I exist (same crush for 3 years, like COME DUDE! Get over him!!!).
    - I do this thing where I talk to myself in public.

    All in all, I'm just not appealing to most people. 

    I can be serious always.
  • gmariegmarie Syracuse, NYPosts: 180Member


    I am single because the type of guy I am attracted to aren't around me anywhere.
  • raymondc27raymondc27 CanadaPosts: 1,938Member


    Because I like big butts and I cannot lie
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0


    The user and all related content has been deleted.
    “There is never a time or place for True Love..It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat."
  • NinsharkNinshark I like crabs Posts: 1,751Member


    the girl that likes me right now, is already in a relationship.
  • rawritzcynthiarawritzcynthia C to the L yo NYC baby~ <3Posts: 590Member


    edited August 2013
    Well...I do this thing where I meet someone, become really good friends with them, hang out with him and a huge group of our mutual friends and figure out that I like him a few months after and at that point we're in the dreaded "friendzone". In turn we end up in a situation where he doesn't want to make the first move and I'm really tempted to but don't know how to go about it.


    Can I be your Jay Walking Wonder Woman?
  • JDMzJDMz Posts: 142Member
    because i can't get my ex out of my head... It''s been one year since we broke up. I still think of her almost everyday.
  • Tracey XTracey X Posts: 258Member


    I look at the couples around me and decides that if all couples are like this then it's best to be single for a long, long time or until I think I'm ready. Also judging myself, I am SOOO not ready to be dating.
    Bibbitty Bop Bibbitty Boop. That's the sound of an oaf.
  • RekidaiRekidai Ritsuka Fan ? CanadaPosts: 2,288Member


    -insecure about myself because everybody tells me i'm weird
    -sometimes when i'm with someone i feel like i don't belong
    -he hasn't asked me
    -i can't be emotionally attach to anyone, it takes me a long time to be
    -i am socially awkward 
  • mamamarriahmamamarriah Posts: 140Member


    Because I just wanna have fun while I'm still young, wild and freeeeeeee :D
    xue li
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