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My Arm After Donating Blood

iAM_VindicatediAM_Vindicated LA/BAY AREA/OCPosts: 1,119Member
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this week i donated blood to the red cross who came by our school. it was my first time and i was suprised because usually my pain tolerance is high. these people were rude as hell and had trouble getting the needle out of my vein which was the most painful part.

it bruised up but it got a little worse. is it supposed to look like this?


EDIT: sorry that black line is some sticky substance the bandaid left on my skin....... which wont come off. im too scared to scrape it in the shower because it will hurt


  • mackiesmackies Posts: 127Member
    I don't think it's 'supposed' to look like that, no.

    Unless you have any clotting problems/conditions?

    Otherwise, I think they just botched it. The bruising looks as if it will go away but I have no idea what that big nasty red line across the elbow is (is that an unrelated injury?).

    Once a medical student practiced on me and i had a bruise the size of a spread out hand and it was swollen for one night. I had a dead arm for 2 weeks solid and couldn't straighten it out properly for that length of time. I went to see the doctor and she said that they might have just poked through the vessel wall, in the process poking out on small capillaries nearby. another dr said it may have been a superficial infection because my arm was so swollen. My medical student friends thought it might have gone into the muscle because it was v painful while the blood was being taken.

    who knows!

  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,432Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2007
    aiyah...!! see a doctor

    you should only have a red spot from the needle puncture, and it dissappeared within a day

    that black line, looks dangerous. blood clot!

  • Petite_MalPetite_Mal Mountain View, CAPosts: 469Friend of Soompi
    That happened to me when I first donated blood.

    It was during school, and something weird happened. The nurse keep wiggling the HUGE needle back and forth in my arm at one point because she said there wasn't any blood pumping out. She kept doing it and it hurt like a mother, and left a terrible yellow, purple, and black bruise. image
  • JENNiFER*JENNiFER* Posts: 1,693Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2007
    yes, i think that's normal. at first i was like "wahhh o__o" because of the black line, but i realized its from the bandaid.
  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,432Friend of Soompi


    ^ Ooooo really

    wow that's freaky.

  • st0lest0le BROOKLYN, NYCPosts: 154Member
    yeah that happened to my friend. i dont think the ppl who come to the schools know what they are doing.

    put some ice on it and go see a doctor soon.

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  • sulfuric_ACIDsulfuric_ACID [][][] australia!Posts: 1,844Member
    crap that looks really bad. go seek medical advice immediately. now i'm scared to donate blood. when i got blood tests and stuff it was just like a dot..i thought donating blood would be similar??
  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,432Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE(sulfuric_ACID @ Jan 28 2007, 12:20 PM) »
    crap that looks really bad. go seek medical advice immediately. now i'm scared to donate blood. when i got blood tests and stuff it was just like a dot..i thought donating blood would be similar??

    Yeah, I thought so too

    i guess that what would happen if the person who did it was dumb

  • sunhee *sunhee * Posts: 199Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2007
    my goodness!

    Yeah, like most people said, I usually only have a red dot on my arm. Did the nurse have trouble locating your vein and kept pricking the needle in different locations at first? That's what happened to my friend and she got totally traumatized, came out with a bruise like that. Or it's probably because the nurse was careless in taking the needle out. Ai, you should get it checked out for the peace of mind. While bruising is normal, I don't know if it is to that extent eeeek. Hope it's nothing serious!
    eyh 0909.257.012
  • Sekai no HikariSekai no Hikari You can call me Boss. Los Angeles, CaliforniaPosts: 266Friend of Soompi

    I once donated blood in high school. Stanford medical students were the ones doing it, but it took them 4 pokes to get my vein and it left a fat bruise (like that) afterwards. Another friend of mine had a nerve ruptured.

    Get it checked out to be safe.
  • Janice&lt;3Janice<3 nyc&#33;Posts: 4,307Member


    ... that's scary.
    i'd rather donate my hair.
    isn't it only supposed to leave a dot like a shot or a blood test?
    edited January 2007
    wtf. mine didn't look like that at all!

    lol i couldnt even find the place where they hit it exactly after i took the bandaid off!

    def go see a doctor. nothing really should show up, just a little blood and a little punction hole where they drew blood!

    i remember i kept squeezing my fist and they were like STOP!!! There's too much blood in the packet!!

  • iloveminwooiloveminwoo Posts: 75Member
    OMG! I donated my blood like a couple months was my first time. yea, it was painful..the needle was thick and all but they are suppose to be professional and know where to jab the needle the FIRST TIME. anwyays, mine didnt look like that AT ALL.. I only have a dot/hole on my arm (where the needle was at) and that was it. I hope you heal soon. :/ maybe youre skin is sensitive thats why. but I didnt have bruises at all.. =/
  • rong_con88rong_con88 Posts: 36Member
    OMG!!! I'm totally freaked out now. I was supposed to donate some blood like last november but I chickened out b/c
    I was afraid of the pain, and I saw some of my friends that donated their blood their arms bruised up but not that bad.
    I was thinkin of donating my blood the next time they have one of those blood drive at my school but now I'm really scared
    I know giving blood means saving a life but I have a bad case of fear for needles.
    Hope you'll heal soon, take care.
  • PINKXDREAMERPINKXDREAMER orange countyPosts: 1,769Member
    oh whoa. i have never seen anyone's arm turn like that after donating blood. you should go see a doctor asap
  • redringletsredringlets wa waPosts: 421Member


    if the person knows what they are doing, it shouldn't leave any mark at all~ i had blood drawn and quite a bit too and by the end of the day, there was no mark, no bruise, no sorry you had to go through that. i hope you feel better soon.
  • RiARiA Posts: 823Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2007
    the people who took your blood don't know how to do it properly. image i got my blood drawn out before for a medical check-up and it bruised my arm as well, but it the yellowing was very minimal and not too obvious. recently though i went to kaiser and had taken blood tests again. though they took like 5 test tubes of blood it wasn't very painful afterwards, it only left a small red dot to where the needle was poked. just don't poke it, leave it out for a few more days and it should get better.

    out of topic but i still do not know my bloodtype! i asked the medtechs at kaiser if there was a way for me to know it but they said that only the doctor could do it, or if i donate blood. and i missed the blood donation group thing, cause they came the day before. i was thinking of donating blood (at school) just so i could find out my bloodtype but after hearing your story...uhh maybe i should have it done somewhere else. image
  • paradox^paradox^ you dork. USAPosts: 1,300Friend of Soompi
    It's definitely not supposed to look like this! Go see a doctor.
    Someday it'll stop hurting so much....
  • lhaenalhaena Posts: 276Member
    edited January 2007
    haha.. this reminds me of when my friend tried inserting an IV in my arm... I ended up with a bruise about twice as bigger than yours.. the bruise got darker like almost black/dark blue for a couple of weeks and started turning green (sign of healing).. people kept asking me where it as from (looking at me like I was an IV drug abuser.... image ) anyways.. She gave me that nasty bruise because it was her first time trying.. I didn't give her a bruise when I tried inserting an IV because I practice a lot..

    the point.. the person who took your blood is a UNSKILLED VAMPIRE.. don't worry about it unless it gets red, warm, or swells
  • &lt;3goesDOKIDOKI<3goesDOKIDOKI Posts: 6,159Member
    nonono dont worry
    thats what happens when you poke and fiddle around with the needle.
    they had trouble pulling it out right?
    thats what happens your arm gets all bruised up
    it'll clear up in a couple of days and yes it is gonna feel sore.

    the correct way is to find the right spot, inject the needle, then pull it out smoothly.
    if u jiggle it around then it bruises you up.
    same if they cant find your vein...and poke around in a few places.

    you'll be completely fine.
    they're just bruises.
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