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Online Noraebang (karaoke)

spineruspineru WHERE AM I!!!Posts: 131Member
edited November 2006 in performers
This is a Korean website.
So most of the songs are Korean
And some English songs are available. (<- Don't expect too much about this)
No Japanese or Chinese Songs (I believe)

- Recording for songs (if you have a microphone) and movies (if you have a microphone and webcam)
- Tempo change
- Key Change

Register at

To get to the NoRaeBang Program
Click this link

For the list of the songs
Click this (rapidshare)

Click this (yousendit)

Last update of the list: 2006-11-21

I think you can sing 2 songs for free a day
But if you click the the NoRaeBang program link below, there is no limit. (so I think)
1. Open Internet Explore
2. go to
3. log on
4. go to
on the SAME IE window

I don't think there are any typos of the lyrics for most of the songs.
But I've seen a couple of typos for Baek Ji Young - I won't love (백지영 - 사랑안해)

I uploaded all of my fonts (about 90 MB)
Make a backup of your fonts before installing mine.
I will not be responsible for anything bad happens to your comps.

To see HanGeul (Korean) on the program, you will have to change the unicode to Korean.
For Windows XP
Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
-> Date, time, language and regional options
-> regional and language options
-> click "advanced" tab -> change the language to Korean.
Then restart your computer.


Scroll Down to See the Tutorial Made by flyaway01


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