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Oh Man Seok 오만석

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Korea's multi-talented chameleon actor - Manzzang



Name: Oh Man Seok
Birthdate: December 12 (Lunar calendar); January 30 (Solar calendar) 1975.
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood type: B
Education: Seoul Yeong-dong High School; Korea Arts Unification School (theatre major).
Debut: 1999 play "Faust"
Nickname: Man-zzang (meaning "Man the Best", "1000x the Best". "Man" means 1000 in Korean.)
Marital status: Divorced, with one child (a girl).
Official website:
Daum cafe: (An Actor Who Sparkles Like A Jewel)
Naver cafe:
DC Inside Gallery:
Other: He's the vocalist of a band called "Little Wing". He's also the owner of OD Musical Entertainment Company. Most of his musicals were produced by his company. Also, he's in a soccer and a baseball league with other musical actors.


1999 Goethe Festival <Faust>
2000 Korea-England Joint Performance <Tae>
2000 Free Theatre <Ot Goot Sal>
2000~01, 2003, 2006, 2010 Theatre Company <Yi>
2004 Russia Tchaikovsky <Seagull>
2004 Russia 유리부�“�소�”� <Boy Check>
2010-2011 True West


2001 MBC New-school play <Serenade of Sorrow>
2001 <Rocky Horror Show>
2002 <Oh! Happy Day>
2002 <Forbidden Planet>
2003 <In Dang Soo Love Song>
2003-04 <Grease>
2004 <Lollipop>
2004-5 <Love Rides the Rain>
2005 <Hedwig>
2005 <Assassin>
2005 <Winter Traveler>
2006 <Finding Kim Jong-wook>
2007 <A Day>
2008 <The Harmonium In My Memory>
2009 <Dream Girls>
2010 <Toxic Hero>
2011-2012 <200 Pound Beauty>

2013 <Rebecca>

2013 <The Days>


2004 <Liar>
2006 <Cruel Attendance>
2006 <Bi Sang>
2007 <Soo>
2007 <Our Town> (Soompi thread)

2010 <Finding Mr. Destiny> (cameo)
2011 <Countdown>


2003 <Era of Warriors>
2005-6 <Shin Don> (Soompi thread; official website)
2006 <Vineyard Man> (Soompi thread)
2006 <Hyena> (Soompi thread)
2007 <Surgeon Bong Dal-hee> (cameo) (Soompi thread)
2007 <Transformation> (one-episode KBS drama city special) (Official website)
2007-8 <King and I> (Soompi thread
2008 <The Strongest Chil Woo> (cameo) (Soompi thread)
2009-10 <Everybody Cha Cha Cha> (Soompi thread)
2010 <Road No. 1> (cameo)
2010 <Drama Special - "Spy Trader Kim Chul Soo">
2011 <Drama Special - "Special Task Force MSS">
2011 <Warrior Baek Dong-soo>
2011 <What's Up>
2012 <Wild Romance>

2012 <Drama Special - "Dazzling Steel">


1999 Ahn Ae Soon Dance Troupe <On Time>
2000 Ahn Ae Soon Dance Troupe <Blank Space>
2002 World Cup Korea-Japan Joint Performance
Papatara Humara Dance Troupe <Saddle >
2008-9 Director: Musical <The Happy Life>
2009 Narrator: SBS Special <Jjajangmyun>
2010-2011 Director: Musical <The Harmonium In My Memory>
2011 Director: Musical <Toxic Hero>

2012 Variety show <Men and Women>

2013 Comedy program <SNL Korea> (as host)


2000 Korean Play Awards Best New Actor (Yi)
2005 Korea Musical Awards Most Popular Star (Hedwig)
2005 Korea Musical Awards Best Actor (Hedwig)
2005 MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor (Nomination) (Shin Don)
2006 Korea Musical Awards Most Popular Star (Finding Kim Jong-wook)
2006 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor (Vineyard Man)
2006 KBS Drama Awards Popularity Award (Vineyard Man)
2006 KBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award (with Yoon Eun Hye; Vineyard Man)
2007 The 1st Musical Awards Popularity Award (A Day)
2007 Korea Musical Awards Popular Stars Award (A Day)
2007 SBS Drama Awards Best Actor in a Serial Drama (King and I)
2009 KBS Drama Awards Best Actor in a Daily Drama


Man-zzang singing "Good Person" from the Finding Kim Jong-wook OST:
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=8OT6Q5GV

Vineyard Man MV - Lemon Taek-gi
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=UCZR99C3"

Vineyard Man collection - Singing Taek-gi (episodes 1-10)

Vineyard Man MV - Oh Man Seok and Yoon Eun Hye (featuring lots of yummy OMS clips and pics from outside of Vineyard Man!)

Mp3 of Man-zzang singing "Genghis Khan" in Vineyard Man
http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=5L669UW8

Man-zzang's live performance of the song "Wig In A Box" from his musical <u>Hedwig</u> at the Hi, Seoul Festival in 2006:


Credit for profile:



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