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Oh Man Seok 오만석

Guest Dahee Fanel

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this MAN is so super talented. i always have the view that stage acting is way more challenging than acting in a drama as the performance is 'LIVE'. you have to get it right the first time or you don't at all. you can't make up for it.

as for those who think he is ugly, take a CLOSE LOOK at the previous pics. some are gorgeous!

it's his styling in vineyard man, that's why!

and haha, i just have to say this. i've never really like eric mun but because of OMS (who reminds me of him at certain angles initially) i actually find that i'm beginning to like eric too. eric's fans may take offense but that's what is happening to me now. !!???

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I love this guys after watching him on "the Vineyard Man". He is so super talented and I dont care what other people say to me he is very attractive.

Congrats to Oh Man Seok and YEH for their drama was in the top 10 even with the very tough competition. They deserved it and hopefully one of them will get an award for this series.

Ok so many people have requested for the Dschinghis Khan song that OMS sang himself at the grape festival so I finally converted it to mp3 format..enjoy http://www.sendspace.com/file/au8ofr

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Guest vivjelly

Copied from the original thread.

New project for OMS:

repost from KMJ's thread



CJ media will start up a new cable channel tvN on this October. "Hyena" is its first drama (16 episodes, scenario: Lee Seong Eun, direction: Cho Soo Won). The format of this drama is one conclusion episode.

TVN original drama treats various themes more freely than the dramas of terrestrial broad casting station. They provide amusement that we couldn’t get from the previous dramas. The production cost of this drama is 5 billion won. Shooting will start from the middle of August.

"Hyena" is male version "Sex and the City". This story is about four unmarried men in their 30s. They are childhood friends. They keep their youthful vitality and sometimes make troubles but somehow we can’t hate them. It expresses frankly but sincerely about the daily life of men and their thought about love, work and friendship through the eyes of a woman. The drama is progress by the narration of a female lead.

The character concept of this drama is "You can find every type of man in this drama".

The Cast

Lee Jeong Eun (So I-Hyeon)

She is the center of the drama. She narrates the story. She is a talented woman who graduated the college of medicine. She throw away (give up) everything and loves Lee Seok Jin, but later she will get involved in a strange love triangle with Kim Cheol Soo.

Kim Cheol Soo (Kim Min Jong)

He is a producer of a TV station. He is a beginner lady killer dreaming about enjoying romance, passion and freedom like Casanova.

Choi Jin Beom (O Man Seok)

He is a younger brother of Choi Jin Sang (YDH). He was a classmate of Kim Cheol Soo (KMJ) and now they are colleagues. He is naturally a difficult man but he becomes very ingenuous in front of his first love Jon Soo Hyeon (OSM).

Lee Seok Jin (Sin Seong Rok)

He is a gentle man who is an ideal type of women. However after he engaged to Lee Jeong Eun (SIH), he began to worry about his gender identity.

Choi Jin Sang (Yun Da Hun)

Choi Jin Beom’s older brother. An internet writer past his prime. He is dreaming about his comeback but he can’t live keep his feet on the ground and wants to live an easy life.

Jon Soo Hyeon (O Soo Min)

She was Choi Jin Beom’s class mate and his first love. She is a cheerful personality.

She is a divorce who runs a shop in front of Choi Jin Beom’s company and is involved in a trouble because of him.

*translated by clover (MJ.net)

as posted by Quenie Leo

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Guest Dahee Fanel

^Wow, thanks for posting so many pictures! :)

Look at his elated smile after winning Best Actor at the Musical Awards ceremony. :blush:


I miss Taek-gi so much! :tears:



He looks so cute here! :lol:





From Hedwig:



With the cast:




Credit: Google

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