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where to buy circle lenses in koreatown in l.a.

YooraYoora 626Posts: 306Member
soo. i was wondering where to buy the prescription though the nonprescription are okay too.

i live in sgv but i rarely go to koreatown or have time. so im wondering if anyone knows where i can buy it at

the normal now.


  • runpurirunpuri Posts: 146Member
    edited July 2010
    I didnt go searching, but I stumbled into a store in K-town that sold circle lens for $50 x.x it was the plain geo angels too.

    In Littly Tokyo, there's this one clothing store across the street from pinkberry and across from the shiseido store that sold non-perscription circle lens for $25-$30. the had geo and eos brand.

    In alhambra, on garfield and valley, there's a store called Hiyaya nest to yogurtland, they have older brands like T.tops, Bt02's etc.. and price around $25
  • YooraYoora 626Posts: 306Member
    oh thanks! my friend found some at Diamond Square plaza and texted me yesterday after i just spent 30 dollars on a pair
    from Miss Q at the Hilton plaza in Alhambra. Non prescriptive. But since Little Tokyo and Alhambra is closer
    to where I love now (dorming) it would be less of a hassle.

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