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[Drama 2013] Jang Ok Jung 장옥정, 사랑에 살다



  • uburoiuburoi Posts: 347Member


    Btw In Kyung is like Molly to Lee Soon's Sherlock. Dongpyung would obviously be Watson and Jang Ok Jung a joseon Irene Adler. It's not clear yet, who will be the big bad Moriarty. 
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    Nancyzak said:

    If someone is bathing OJ, could it mean that she is granted a meeting with the king? I have no idea if this is true protocol from back then, but I remember in Dong Yi, the first time she meets him as king in the series, when he summons her, she has to be bathed and changed into silk etc before getting to see the king. :) just a thought. I confess to not being caught up on the thread - so I missed reading some prior posts. Either way, I hope he has summoned her but that is way too obvious. So it's probably not that. He needs to go incognito to see her.

    JOJ has that bewildered look in the bathing scene... :-O

    I hope she is not being forced to take the bath!

    Until the scene is aired and to pass time until the airing, my guess are 3: (1) JOJ is undergoing training by Dowager Queen Jo; (2) getting ready to meet SJ; or (3) getting ready to stay by the side of IK who is sick with transmittable small pox.

    In some books on Chinese Kingdom/Emperor/Empress that I've read, before the Empress/Concubine is presented to the Emperor, the Empress/Concubine has to go through the ritual of bathing and changing into silky and luxurious garments. Has anyone seen Korean historical drama where the bathing and changing are clothing is required before meeting the Queen/Dowager Queen?

    i also think ritual of bathing used when wanna meet King either or accompany King for some reason, because i watch TMETS also there is ritual of bathing, when HGI have to accompany King for treatment... but i don't know exactly ritual of bathing for real.....!!! :D

    Let me guess...after i watched preview 7... before IK sick, OJ has been accompany/help IK for dress, make up or something like that... as far as we know beforely, IK ask OJ to make her up for crown princess selection, and IK tell to OJ why she insist to help her for crown princess and OJ touchy because her sincerity to love LS... so, OJ decide to help IK. and now when IK dying because of small fox, OJ touchy because IK sincerity to love SJ 'till dying day, and finally OJ try her best to help IK who wanna see man whom she love "SJ" for the last time, and OJ visit SJ and ask him to see IK for the last time, i think its not easy for OJ ask SJ to visit IK (i bet there is some OJ's word to move SJ visit IK)... ^^
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    @briseis: thanks for your help! Actually I don't know the answer. I just spot those videos from SBS's website.

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    Anneyong everyone.
    I am new to Soompi and new to this thread,but it looks great! :-h
    welcome @plummblossom!!

    hope you find your stay in this thread enjoyable! hehehe :))


    Thank you for the welcome to the thread.
    Nice to meet you!


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    @Jillia: Choi Suk Bin became a concubine after Queen IH is deposed.
    @RanP: after IH & OJ's death, there is a 4th queen, queen Inwon.
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