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[movie 2005/6] June's Diary 6월의 일기

Guest ericmania

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Guest XJShinoda

Anyone has the movie?

I couldn't download it from the link given...:(

I don't mind them with only chinese sub...

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Guest szejia

Okay. I admit. I watched it because of Eric.

I didn't now the lady from Lost acted here until I came to this thread.

it's a good movie there. Probably on of the best Korean police flicks I ever watched. The fact that there was a dark side to it made Eric stand out from most singer turned actors. I like the goofy-eric parts of the show though. LOL.

The bullying in school... I felt that video they posted on the web was just...Too much. Let's hope this stays fictional. One of the kid made me laugh a little. The one who demanded a cigerete from Eric. Hahaha...

And I really admire Shin Eun Kyung. She's steadfast and yet emotional. Her acting was superb. The way the director used Ja young at her nephew in this movie made me cry. It's sad sometimes when a child rebels because the adult don't understand.

The messages were clearly sent out to the audience.

There was meaning. There was depth.

It's a must watch!

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^ Upon reading your review, I've decided to go buy the movie.

I've seen it sitting on the shelf at my favourite DVD shop, and I was a little peeved about buying it because I haven't heard much on it. But it was all too tempting when my husband of ALMOST 5 YEARS was on the front cover.

MMmmhh, I've mused enough, I shall go buy it. TO HELL WITH IT!!

Eric is too sexxy <3 ;)

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