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[tvb] Phoenix Rising 蘭花劫 [2007]

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Crystal, Louisa and Leila are sisters. Their parents died at birth and the three of them were sent to orphanages. They were later adopted to 3 different homes with different backgrounds.

Because Louisa killed her stepmother, Crystal wanted to save her sister and told officials that she was the one who committed the crime. Therefore, Crystal went to prison instead of Louisa. Leila tried to save Crystal but was caught and was sent to jail too. The 3 and the Jail owner had some hostilities, and thus the jail owner wanted revenge...

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couldnt find this from the couple of pages in soompi and couldnt find this series

but i just RLY needa talk about it? did anyone watch it?

lol... i love this show!

mostly because ther's Leila Tong XD

and i wanna discuss about the ending :D lol... but i dont wanna spoil it for others lol

did anyone watch?


Tin Yui Nei

Louisa So

Leila Tong

Sunny Chan

Jack Wu

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haha i just finished watching it

i didnt go in order or the ep. though

i just watched bits and parts when i had time

my family is like a tvb addict ^_^

iunno the ending pissed me off


leila is awesome though

i love all the drama's she starrs in

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