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[variety] Jipijigi 지피지기 Aka Gipizigi

Guest xx_swit_c_xx

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Watched the newest ep and it was lots of fun.

I really enjoyed the 2nd round even without subs. They basically have to answer a question while not being able to say certain specific words (like four or five of them) or they get punished. One of the words they couldn't say was the polite grammar thingy "Yo". It was so hilarious, they were so used to saying it that they just couldn't help themselves.

At one point Park Myung Soo got of his chair to push it, while pushing it he said something wrong. The guy behind the curtain didn't see the position he was in and pulled full force ROFL, the chair knocked him over head first onto the ground while making its way behind the curtain.

C'mon ppl, there's gotta be someone who can help us non-Korean speakers out. Just a freaking summary will do (it can be as big or small as you want).

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Guest Prince Tony

-Park Myung Soo talks about how he once left his lunchbox at home, and his dad brought it to his classroom wearing embarassing attire. Everyone was looking back at his dad, and so out of shame he ignored his dad.

-Hyun Young tells a story about how during high school times she didn't like how her dad would come home drunk sometimes and nag. ....Hyun Young felt regret for thinking so ill of him, so from them on, she made sure she always told him to come home early.

-Eru said that after he finished his first album activities, he felt pretty down about his lack of success and people's opinions.... Eru felt a lot of guilt over his dad who cares for him despite whatever he said. Since then, he felt that he really needed to become a better son.

Thanks for this!! I was wondering why they were crying...

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