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Ahn Yong Joon 안용준

Guest loving_D

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Guest loving_D

Rising Young Talentimage
Name: Ahn Yong Joon (or Ahn Yong Jun) 안용준
Birthdate: 11/22/87
TV: Ban Ol Lim 3, Jumong, Capital Scandal, [upcoming] Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung


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Guest flyfany89

yup saw him in capital scandal

i was just watching the drama and i see someone familiar

and i saw "Yuri Wangja" hehe

also the recent Learn Word episode

he came out ^^

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Guest Rxgoodleaf

Thanks for starting the thread...

He really caught my attention in Ju Mong...

Really help me through the "want-to-skip-last-few-episodes-so-that-I-can-finish-itis"... not sure if this "itis" (=medical term for infection or inflamation) affects only me but I get this most of the time especially if the drama episodes exceed more 20 episodes... :P

I don't think I would have made through if it wasn't for Ahn Yong Joon... :D

A thought... Ahn Yong Joon... Bae Yong Joon...

Hmm... AYJ definitely has the potential to become as popular as BYJ... don't you think??? ;)

When I get a chance, I will search around for more info on him...

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Guest Rxgoodleaf

As promised, more info on Ahn Yong Joon...

Web/Fan Sites:

Ahn Yong Joon Cyworld Mini Home Page

Daum Cafe - Yong Joon


Birth Date: 11/22/1987

Height: 175cm

Weight: 56kg

Blood: Type A


Ban Ol Lim 3 (2006)

My Love (2006)

My Love Mon Nan Yee (2006)

Secret Reform (2006)

Love & Ambition (2006)

Jumong (2006)

Capital Scandal (2007)


Myung Gee College, Drama Major

Other Appearances:

2/3/07: Best Theater Episode 661, Return Of Bong Jae

3/24/07: Star Golden Bell Episode 125

3/25/07: Sunday Sunday Night Episode 192, Dong Anh Club

4/8/07: Vitamin Episode 187 (danced)

4/8/07: Taste vs Taste Episode 199

5/5/07: Star King Episode 16 (danced)

6/10/07: Fantasy Couple Episode 3 (danced and played violin, he was sooo cute here ^^)

Will add more as I find more... :D

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I hated his character in Bahn ohl lim3, but couldn't stop staring and kept thinking 'hes pretty cute' lols. His acting really got the best of me.

He was also in a CF- for nonsmoking. It was cute hahaha. :)

He's really photogenic, AND looks good on screen.

I like him as an actor. :D

and he really looks like the younger version of Lee Jinwook.


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Guest Rxgoodleaf

Thanks jina for the Youtube links...

Here are some caps from the MV...

2NB Because I'm A Woman (여자이니까) and Fading From Memory, For You (기역속의 먼 그대에게)...









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Guest Rxgoodleaf

I just was scrolling down slowly and saw that he was Fantasy Couple Ep. 3?!



Here are some caps from Fantasy Couple episode 3...


Here AYJ is demonstrating iceskate starting position... apparently he is an excellent speed iceskater... won medals (I think he said gold) in Junior World Speed Ice Skating Competition, short track...


He played violin during the show... beautifully... he said he started playing violin as a hobby...

I have read (and he had mentioned in some of the above shows) that he has always wanted to be an actor, against his parents' wishes... went out on auditions by himself at early age...

Apparently he was an "accident" since there are 15 years difference between him and his older sister... I am not sure how many siblings he has though...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he is an excellent dancer as well... he danced in Vitamin and Fantasy Couple... :D

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Guest Rxgoodleaf

Caps from Vitamin...




AYJ appeared in the section where they talked about of all things, baldness!

I don't think he has to worry about that for long long time! lol

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Guest Rxgoodleaf


One more TV appearance, Star King Episode 16 (aired 5/5/07)...

Ahn Yong Joon 50 questions and answers from his fansite:

1。이름이 뭐예요?


1. What is your name?

Ahn Yong Joon

2。사는곳이 어디예요?


2. Where do you live?


3。생일이 언제예요?

┗▶11 22

3. When is your birthday?


4。별자리가 뭐예요?

┗▶ 전갈자리

4. What is your sign?


5。혈액형이 뭐예요?

┗▶ A

5. Your blood type?


6。키가 몇이예요?

┗▶ 175

6. Your height?


7。몸무게가 몇이예요?

┗▶ 56

7. Your weight?


8。종교가 뭐예요?

┗▶ 기독교

8. Your religion?


9。태몽이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 용이 승천했다네요....

9. Your Mom's dream of forthcoming conception?

dragon's ascension

10。취미가 뭐예요?

┗▶ 쇼핑하기, 시간나면 잠을 자는편....

10. What is your hobby?

Shopping, sleeping whenever I have time...

11。특기가 뭐예요?

┗▶ 바이올린

11. What instrument do you play?


12。좋아하는 음식이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 버거킹 햄버거

12. Your favorite food?

Burger King hamburger

13。싫어하는 음식이 뭐예요?


13. Your least favorite food?

some type of fish

14。좋아하는 과목이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 수학

14. Your favorite subject (in school)?


15。싫어하는 과목이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 국사

15. Your least favorite subject?


16。어느학교 다녀요?

┗▶ 명지전문대 연극영상학부

16. What school are you in?

Myung Gee University, Theater Major

17。좋아하는 계절이 언제예요?

┗▶ 가을

17. Your favorite season?


18。좋아하는 날씨는 뭐예요?

┗▶ 구름없는 하늘

18. Your favorite weather?

cloudless sky

19。이성을 사겨본 경험이 얼만큼이예요?

┗▶ 3명

19. How many girlfriends (so far)?


20。자신의 장점은 뭐라고 생각해요?

┗▶ 하고싶은건 목숨걸고 한다

20. What is your best character?

putting my life on the line for something I want to do

21。자신의 단점은 뭐라고 생각해요?

┗▶ 잠이 많다

21. What is your shortcomings?

I sleep too much

22。가장 감명깊게 본 영화가 뭐예요?

┗▶ 엽기적인 그녀

22. Your favorite movie?

My Sassy Girl

23。존경하는 사람은 누구예요?

┗▶ 울 아빠

23. Who do you respect most?

My father

24。알바경험은 어떻게 되요?

┗▶ 없다...

24. Any moonlighting experience?


25。첫키쓰는 언제 해봤나요?

┗▶ 중2

25. When was your first kiss?

Second year in Junior High

26。이상형이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 말하면 편한사람

26. Your ideal woman?

Someone easy to talk to

27。싫어하는 이성상이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 개념없으신분들...

27. Your least ideal woman?

Someone who doesn't know her own mind (?)

28。이성을 볼때 먼저보는곳이 어디예요?

┗▶ 코

28. Where do you look at first (of opposite sex)?


29。결혼은 몇살에 하고 싶나요?

┗▶ 당장

29. When do you want to get married?

Right now

30。성형수술 하는걸 어떻게 생각하나요?

┗▶ 저는 별로...

30. What do you think of plastic surgery?

Not for me... (or I am not too crazy about it...)

31。시력이 어떻게 되요?

┗▶ 마이너스.ㅜㅜ

31. Your eyesight?


32。좋아하는 색이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 검은색

32. Your favorite color?


33。가장 행복한때가 언제였어요?

┗▶ 정말힘들때 누군가 옆에 있어주었을때

33. When are you most happy?

Someone being there when going thru difficult times

34。미팅이나 소개팅 경험은 몇번이나 있나요?

┗▶ 한번도....못해봤어여..ㅜㅜ

34. How many meetings or setups?

Not even once...

35。쉬는날에 누구와 어디를 가고 싶나요?

┗▶ 요즘 하도 지방을 많이 다녀서 명동을 친구와 가고 싶다

35. On your day off, where would you like to go? And, with whom?

Since I've been traveling so much, I would like to go to Myung Dong with friends.

36。제일 좋아하는 요일은 언젠가요?

┗▶ 토요일

36. Your favorite day of the week?


37。노래방에 가서 자주 부르는 노래는 뭔가요?

┗▶ 아이빌리브아이캔플라이

37. Your favorite kareoki song?

I believe I can fly

38。좋아하는 운동이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 스케이트

38. Your favorite sport?


39。좋아하는 장소는 어디예요?

┗▶ 집

39. Your favorite place?


40。항상 가지고 다니는 것이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 핸드폰

40. What do you always carry?


41。스트레스를 어떻게 풀어요?

┗▶ 잔다

41. How do you de-stress?

I sleep

42。가장 잘 만드는 음식이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 라면

42. Your favorite food to make?


43。좌우명이 뭐예요?

┗▶ 항상 웃자

43. What is your motto?

Always smile

44。다이어트를 해본적이 있다면 몇 kg을 뺐나요?

┗▶ 해본적은 많지만 다 오히려 쪘다

44. Ever diet? How many kg have you lost?

Many times but I usually gain weight

45。영원한 사랑이 있을거라고 생각하나요?

┗▶ 있다!!!

45. Do you believe in forever love?


46。 어느 영화의 주인공이 되고 싶나요?

┗▶ 엽기적인그녀의 주인공

46. What movie character do you want to be?

My Sassy girl major character

47。이성에게 선물을 받는다면 무엇을 받고 싶어요?

┗▶ 옷~

47. What kind of present would you like (from opposite sex)?


48。엄마와 아빠중 누굴 닮았나요?

┗▶ 두분다 닮았다

48. Who do you resemble more? Mother or Father?

I look like both of them

49。자신한테 바라는 것이 있다면 뭔가요?

┗▶ 좀더 열심히 살자!!

49. What do you want more of yourself?

Live more fully!

50。마지막으로 하고 싶은말은 뭐예요?

┗▶ 파이팅!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

50. Last word?


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