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Ahn Yong Joon 안용준

Guest loving_D

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Guest Rxgoodleaf

I'm so proud of myself. I search far and wide, considering that I don't understand Korean.

Hope I might share this with you guys.


Just click AYJ's name on the left panel.

Good job! :D

Still watching Capital Scandal...

Just finished episode 9...

Gonna have CS marathon this weekend now that it's finished... weekend with Kang Ji Hwan and Ahn Yong Joon!

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Guest greeny

Hi! i'm new here..!

I hated his character in Bahn ohl lim3, but couldn't stop staring and kept thinking 'hes pretty cute' lols. His acting really got the best of me.

He was also in a CF- for nonsmoking. It was cute hahaha. :)

He's really photogenic, AND looks good on screen.

I like him as an actor. :D

and he really looks like the younger version of Lee Jinwook.


this one is totally like LeeJinWook...! i even think, he is as mature as JinWook there... :rolleyes:


i love that "Wannie + InHo" pic..! :D

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got this banner when surfing daum cafe...


the boy in the left side YongJun right..? wonder what the CF advertise about... kind a course for hi school student...? :rolleyes:

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Guest cheesecake

thanks Rxgoodleaf for all the translations and resources. I finally know the answer to my question now lolz. I really thought that he was related to Song Il Gook. I do hope to see more of his pics here thanks and great job once again!

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omgosh he's 20?!

I so did not know that.

I would've thought he was my age.

& wow, 8 dramas in one year?

Watching Sharp 3, I wouldn't have ever guessed he was acutally THAT new to the acting industry.

His acting really improves as he works in so many roles.

I really admire him for that.

But he posesses reallly reallly good acting skills for a newbie.

Since he is fairly new, he's really underrated.

But he's got my vote. I can see him doing really well in the near future.

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Guest meyyale

Some pics from "I Am Happy"...


Hey, they were cast in Jumong, if I'm not wrong..

He's really so nice and cute..Hope to watch him more and more..

spaniel : I really like your signature..

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Guest hotnerd_03

As promised, more info on Ahn Yong Joon...

Web/Fan Sites:

Ahn Yong Joon Cyworld Mini Home Page

Daum Cafe - Yong Joon


Birth Date: 11/22/1987

Height: 175cm

Weight: 56kg

Blood: Type A


Ban Ol Lim 3 (2006)

My Love (2006)

My Love Mon Nan Yee (2006)

Secret Reform (2006)

Love & Ambition (2006)

Jumong (2006)

Capital Scandal (2007)


Myung Gee College, Drama Major

Other Appearances:

2/3/07: Best Theater Episode 661, Return Of Bong Jae

3/24/07: Star Golden Bell Episode 125

3/25/07: Sunday Sunday Night Episode 192, Dong Anh Club

4/8/07: Vitamin Episode 187 (danced)

4/8/07: Taste vs Taste Episode 199

5/5/07: Star King Episode 16 (danced)

6/10/07: Fantasy Couple Episode 3 (danced and played violin, he was sooo cute here ^^)

Will add more as I find more... :D

where can i watch him at star king??

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Guest spaniel

Hi ! Rxgoodleaf and every body

i dont come back for long




mayyele : Thank U. im happy that ur like even through it changed 55

hey! and the quick way to get some AYJ pic is on link my signature

Haven't been updating this thread...

Just a quick update...

AYJ is now in "I Am Happy", a weekend drama...


Yes Just Update :rolleyes:

i will waiting for update ^^

see u

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Guest spaniel

The Actor 안용준의 Keyword Interview / 곽민자

...일편단심 민들레 스타일? 아 직 나이가 어리니까 그냥 힘들 때 의지하는 정도의 사랑이죠. 104/105 안용준의 Keyword Interview 요즘 <행복합니다>에서‘이준영’역으로 주말 안방극장을 즐겁게 해주고 있는 배우 안용준. 드라마 <사랑과 야망>, <주몽>을 시작 으로 <경성스캔들>, <칼잡이 오수정>까지 사극과 현대극을 넘나들며 자신의 영역을 점점 확장해 나가고 있다. 새로운 훈남으로 떠 오르고있는안용

주니어 2008년 07월호



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