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[movie 2006] My Wife Is A Gangster 3 (조폭 마누라 3 )

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Shu Qi, Lee Bum Soo, Hyun Young, Oh Ji Ho
Genre action


My Wife Is a Gangster 3: According to Variety, House of Flying Daggers thesp Zhang Ziyi will star in My Wife Is a Gangster 3, a co-production between China Film Group and South Korea's Hyun Jin Cinema.

The $9 million pic will be helmed by Cho Jin-gyu, who directed the original "Gangster" in 2001. Miramax bought remake rights to that pic, one of South Korea's biggest hits with 5.3 million viewers.

Zhang is a fan of the South Korean mafia comedy franchise and made a cameo appearance in last year's "Gangster 2," which failed to ignite the local box office.

The final part of the "Gangster" trilogy will have the female organized crime boss, played by Shin Eun-kyung in the first two installments, heading to China to take revenge for a murder, where she will encounter Zhang's character, the boss of a triad.

Shooting will begin in March. The picture is set for a late 2005 release in South Korea and China.

HSU Chi - 舒淇

YU Hyeong-Yeong - 유현영

OH Ji-Ho - 오지호

LEE Beom-Su - 이범수

CHOI Min-Su - 최민수










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Guest alcyone

i just watch this movie...darn it's so funny ^^

i kinda like Shu Qi in this movie, her looks suits the character.

Oh Hi Jo...~~

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Guest secretz

omg i watched this last night!!!! omg i loved it.it was pure jokes haha Shu qi looks so pretty in this movie...haha it's a must watch !

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rofl...did we all watch it last night?

i like the movie. there are quite some hilarious moments. i have to admit I watched it cuz I like Hyun Young. heehee, did she change her voice? it's not so high-pitched and whiny.

Aryoung's such a pretty lady. I like her tough persona; but when she smiles, she really looks sweet.

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Guest alcyone

Hyun Young is hilarious in this movie. I laughed so hard on the scene when she first came to the house! whispering and all...even purposely change the translation

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Guest Lil.Miss.A

the movie is quite funny!! :)

Zhang Ziyi was gonna play ShuQi's character? well I'm glad she didn't... -_-

ShuQi portrayed the character quite perfectly

How HyunYoung's character used the translations to her advantage was quite funny too ^^

Lee Bom Soo and Oh Ji Ho were the eye candies.. ^^ altho I was hoping for OJH to have bit more role than just the sidekick

very enjoyable movie!

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Guest Issey

Haha..just finish watching it and i must admit it was darn hilarious..shuqi's role in this movie really suits her and Oh ji ho was funny like hell..a pity that the movie didn't do very well in the box office..this movie is definetly 1 of my favourite movies i've watch recently..

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Guest dbsk_star

lol i bought it but didnt have time to watch it yet....

i have the 1st one,but not the 2nd one...

i will watch it tomorrow^^

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Guest oo l1lee oo

This movie was hilarious, I loved how there was Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese in it.

Every single character made me laugh.

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