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[Eng] 15.12.24 From Seung Gi

Posted on Dec 26, 2015by tryp96

A big thanks to AnnMichelle (my lifesaver!) for translating SeungGi’s latest message! Happy holidays to everyone! <3

For SeungGi’s original message in Korean, please visit leeseunggi.com

All Airens~~Merry Christmas~~ 2015-12-24

Airen, how are you~~^^ Haven’t greeted you in a long time
I just finished the very fervent end-of-filming celebration of the movie “Marital Harmony”^^

Now back home taking a rest^^


Were it like before, I would feel some agitation when the topic of Christmas came up, thinking about having fun or some such thing. Perhaps because this year I have been filming as DoYoon, I don’t have any substantial feel about this Christmas. It’s just another ordinary day.

When we were shooting “Marital Harmony”, to all my Airens, who gave me support full of sincerity and love, in either mental or material form, I really…really want to say thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

The staff all said on Chungmuro (Korea’s movie industry) there’s no question we have to work with Lee SeungGi. And saying like that has spread wide. Moreover, some have proclaimed that they want to collaborate in Lee SeungGi’s next production…kekeke

All this is thanks to our Airen!!
You guys..
Super~~super cool

Every time you brighten the world, take people by surprise
Once again show us a new world of support activity. I just have the deepest respect and gratitude towards all our Airens,,,,,

Now’s time to take care of all the year-end business. I hope I can have the opportunity to see everyone again!!
Even though the wait for the movie is relatively longer, the anticipation exactly foretell the result would be cool and valuable
So, please wait patiently~~^^

Really thank you very much and love you too!

Wish everyone a warm Christmas~~~
and be prepared to add another year to your life^^
I love you~~^^

Merry Christmas~~~~~

source: leeseunggi.com
Korean to Chinese translation by choujin & seunggiah @ baidu tieba
Chinese to English translation by AnnMichelle, special contributor to Everything LSG

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15.12.21 Airen GoongHap Support Event Proof Shots & Autographed Messages – Lee Seung Gi

Posted on Dec 30, 2015by tryp96





To beloved Airens <3

Thank you for always being with me…
Everyone is happy so my shoulders are raised in pride!! ㅎ
Have a nice end of the year, and see you again next year!
I love you. <3


To Lee Seung Gi Official Fan Club Airen

Thank you so much for “GoongHap” support.
I’ll repay everyone with a movie that’s as great as your love.
I love you!! <3

credit: AIREN_fanclub
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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15.12.22 Photo with Lee Seung Gi at GoongHap Support Event

Posted on Dec 31, 2015by tryp96

This was posted by the fried rice truck caterer. She described SeungGi as “warm, bright, heodang, nice, gentle, upright, heartwarming young man.” During his break, SeungGi came out smiling and chatted with her. And even though he was tired from the late-night filming, he took the picture with her after he finished filming. You can tell from the picture how happy that made her. She used to think of SeungGi just as a nice and gentle face, but after meeting him in person, she won’t be able to forget his intense gaze.


credit: missgamasot
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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[ENGLISH] Cosmo Men Dec. 2015, Part 2 – Currently Most Brilliant/Radiant Young Man Lee Seunggi

Posted on December 30, 2015 by LSGfan

Cosmopolitan Korea uploaded the rest of the interview two weeks ago, and also gave us this great GIF moving cover image~~♡ https://www.instagram.com/p/-gRs6qsbKy/


Part 2 – Currently Most Brilliant/Radiant Young Man Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan via Cosmopolitan Korea


[Q]: Since both of you (Seunggi and Eunkyung) are actors who are adept with the comical, we’re anticipating your chemistry.


[Seunggi]: Although there is a slightly comical element, it is a fundamentally serious movie so we are conveying even the comical scenes a bit more minutely. I’m acting with restraint to get away from my previous comedic acting, and as Shim Eunkyung has her own individual comedic code, I feel there’s a great synergy.


[Q]: Apart from movies, you looked comfortable dishing out offensive jokes to the Hyungs on ‘New Journey to the West.’ It was kind of shocking since it was the complete opposite of your upstanding model image.


[Seunggi]: Actually that is how I really am. I was just being the way I’ve always been, but perhaps since I haven’t really participated in variety programs much following ‘1 Night 2 Days,’ this was viewed as refreshingly new.




Even in sunglasses and a simple sweater, it is more than sufficient to show onself. Sweater and pants each $850 all Prada. Sunglasses $165 Projekt Produkt.


[Q]: Everyone seriously busted out laughing when you threw out nicknames ‘Sangamdong Betting Man’ for Lee Sugeun and ‘Yeoido Divorcee Man’ for Eun Jiwon.


[Seunggi]: Honestly, all guys joke around like that when they drink or get together. Since it’s more weird to cover up the slights that everyone knows and to pretend not knowing. I merely just said things as they were but I didn’t know there would be such an explosive response.


[Q]: Perhaps there was something comfortable about traveling with people you’re comfortable with. During ‘Noonas Over Flowers’ you mentioned wanting to travel a lot, have you been able to travel a lot?


[Seunggi]: Only short 3-4 days after wrapping up a project. Later on, I want to leave for Europe. I haven’t traveled to Europe for vacation yet.




Standing on one’s own in an alley, in oversized coat draped on the shoulders. Coat $6800 Missoni. Turtleneck sweater price unavailable Christophe Lemaire. Sweater $765 Marni. Denim pants $850 Unused. Sneakers $850 Valentino.


[Q]: Are you the type to thoroughly make plans before traveling?


[Seunggi]: I do make basic appropriate plans. But I only make dining plans. I decide where to eat lunch and dinner before traveling, but I don’t really make other travel plans.


[Q]: Seems like you like to eat. You ate really well on ‘New Journey to the West.’ I thought you would be the thoroughly moderation type.


[Seunggi]: Since I eat well, I diligently work out. I used to moderate a lot a while back, but at some point, it felt as if I was following and moving according to some notion conjured up by others. You’re supposed to take care of yourself so you can be more healthy and bright, but it felt like my brightness kept getting shaved away and that was stressful. I think it’s more important to capture the balance that’s right for my body.




Realized the importance of stopping for a moment. Coat $1550 Dries Van Noten. Sweater $900 Gucci. Shirt price unavailable Burberry. Denim pants $350 Frame at Mue. Sneakers $500 Our Legacy at Beaker.


[Q]: I hear you cook well, having learned how to cook. What’s the most recent food you made?


[Seunggi]: I have a lot of interest but having learned a few times is all. I like to take expensive meals you eat at restaurants and make them at home, generously using good quality ingredients. Recently, I made roe pasta, buying really good quality roe and scraping in a lot of roe, making for half roe and half noodles.


[Q]: I think you’d be good at doing a variety program related to cooking or a food concept next time?


[Seunggi]: Actually, there was various plannings prior to filming ‘New Journey to the West.’ And eating street food fighter style abroad was also one of the ideas. Rather than thinking of it as work, variety genre is like a playground for me, where I can really comfortable laugh and joke around. It is most instinctive to me and matches well with me. Whereas acting and music are things that attract and draw me in and I feel I have to continually work hard at it.



Not made up and just as he is himself makes us fall for him more. Coat price unavailable Burberry. Sweater, shirt, denim pants all price unavailable Dior Homme. Shoes $400 All Saints.


[Q]: Seems you can afford more spare time now, since you’ve endured a packed 11 years.


[Seunggi]: Seems I can afford a bit more spare time. There are days where I feel I can let go of things and rest and I don’t think so pressingly about things. This is something I came to realize more recently. Up to this point, I worked without getting tired, and didn’t have any slumps and all the programs I participated in did so well. However, no one can continuously maintain their best days. Even if you’re active without resting. But if you continue to take good care, seems like you go straight forward with those shining days coming again and again. Before when I did a project, I would even think ‘Will this be a success or will it fail?’ but now, I think it is up to the plans of heaven. However, the energy of really wanting to do it, and do it well, is of course necessary.


[Q]: Next year will be the last year of your 20s and you’ll be 30 soon. What should we anticipate of Lee Seunggi in his 30s?


[Seunggi]: I really feel like it’s now the era of the real Lee Seunggi. In my early and mid-20s, I really thought I had found myself but that wasn’t the case. When I reached my late 20s, my own masculinity and straightforward ways just came out naturally. I too am curious to see how I will really be from hereon. If there was no resistance to myself in ‘New Journey to the West’ then it will be even more fun to see how my self spreads out from hereon. I hope to show all of myself to my heart’s desire in my 30s.



Retaining a familiar yet warm image, we anticipate the refreshingly new manner of Lee Seunggi. Turtleneck sweater $680 Jill Sander.


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[ENG] 12.31.2015 KBS: 2016’s Anticipated Movie ‘GoongHap’ Starring Lee Seunggi & Shim Eunkyung Completes Filming

Posted on December 30, 2015 by LSGfan

Read English translation…



December 31, 2015 – KBS Morning Entertainment News
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

Our first story is news that Lee Seunggi and Shim Eunkyung starring movie ‘GoongHap’ has wrapped up filming. Let’s hear about it now.

[Entertainment Hot News 1 – 2016’s Anticipated Movie ‘GoongHap’]

Lee Seunggi and Shim Eunkyung starring movie ‘GoongHap’ recently completed all filming. A princess who refuses royal marital expectations and the genius reader expert who deciphers the marital harmony of her and the spousal candidates, a story of destiny~ movie ‘GoongHap.’

Yeon Woojin, Choi Wooshik, Jo Boklae, and more from Chungmuro. And CNBlue’s Minhyuk and Shinee’s Minho, singer-actors. All adding to the buzz.

Like the movie theme, the chemistry among the actors was said to be perfectly harmonious.

[Lee Kangjin, movie ‘GoongHap’ producer]: The staff, actors, all filmed happily and with laughter on location and set. It was really great through the end of filming, without having even a single day of worries.

2016’s Chungmuro anticipated movie ‘GoongHap’~ we really want to hurry up and meet it soon.

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[ENG] Cosmopolitan Making Film and GIFs – Dec 2015 Cosmo Men ‘Lee Seunggi’s Brilliant Days’

Posted on December 31, 2015 by LSGfan



Read English translation…


Making Film – Cosmopolitan Dec 2015, Lee Seunggi’s Brilliant Days
English: LSGfan, Video: Cosmopolitan Korea

Seunggi: Hello to all of you who love Cosmopolitan, happy to meet you. I am the December cover magazine… hehehe… owner Lee Seunggi.

I hope you have a good end of the year and that you receive many blessings in the new year, and are healthy and have only good things happen.  Please continue to show a lot of love for Cosmopolitan.














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[ENG] 12.26.2015 Lee Seunggi Guest Performance/Talk at Psy’s Concert, For 3rd Consecutive Year^^

Posted on December 31, 2015 by LSGfan


Song 1 – Because You’re My Woman




♡ These close-up fancam videos via lsg 빛나다. Read English translation…



Talk 1




Talk after 1st song~ Seunggi:

Happy to see you, I’m Lee Seunggi. Psy hyung-nim’s concert and his 7th album and to all of you who love Psy~ thank you again. I am today’s December 26th part 2, last concert day visiting guest Lee Seunggi, happy to meet you.

Whoa this is 3rd consecutive year as concert guest at Psy sunbaenim’s concert, and I’ve taken on the very last day. I feel I will get the ‘Perfect Attendance Award’ which I wasn’t even able to get during my high school days. I wonder if there could be such a sweet dongseng  out there who participates continuously like this~ hahahahaha. Everyone~ you’re happy to see me too, right? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] I was waiting to come up here to sing, and after seeing all of you, I can feel your passionate excitement which has totally captured me.

Today, for the concert, I’m sure all of you came expecting a lot, but for 2 hours plus, I’m kind of worried about your stamina. So I hope during this short time, this stage will be able to refresh you. So this 2nd song is the last song… [Crowd: Nooooo!!!] You feel really disappointed, right? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] I feel super disappointed too but Psy hyung told me to only sing 2 songs. [Crowd: Nooooo!!!] Should I not do that? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] Should I really not do that? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] Since I can’t do it myself, for this final song, everyone create an atmosphere like ‘Lee Seunggi cannot leave with just singing 2 songs’~ are you ready? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] Ok 2nd level up there, are you ready? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] Is everyone ready to get excited? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] LEt’s go!!!!

Song 2 – Let’s Go On Vacation



Talk 2



Talk after 2nd song~ Seunggi:

[Crowd: Encore Encore Encore~] Thank you! Whoa coming to another person’s concert and receiving an encore doesn’t seem appropriate~ [Crowd: hahahaha] In order to provide more energy to our sunbaenim, I will sing one more last song. [Crowd applauds!] Ok everyone~ I’m so happy to have seen all of you, and for this new year, wrapping up the end of the year well, and in the new year, I hope we all meet in a more healthy state. Ok is everyone ready? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] This last song may be a song that you all may not know as well, but it’s a song that you’ll be able to get pumped up and enjoy, so hope you will enjoy this together. Ok~ Slave!!


Song 3 – Slave


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Lee Jung Hyun Shares Shot With Lee Seung Gi, PSY, Lee Byung Hun, Cho Seung Woo, and More


Lee Jung Hyun Shares Shot With Lee Seung Gi, PSY, Lee Byung Hun, Cho Seung Woo, and More

On January 2, singer and actress Lee Jung Hyun shared a star-studded photo to her Instagram!

The photo is a group shot that includes big names such as Lee Byung Hun, Ko So Young, Cho Seung Woo, Lee Hee Joon, Jung Doo Hong, PSY, Kim Min Jae, and Lee Seung Gi.

Lee Jung Hyun writes as the caption, “Starting the new year off together with these amazing people~! Enjoyed ‘Inside Men: The Original.’ It was fun watching it, even the second time.”

“Inside Men: The Original” is a director’s extended cut version of the 2015 political thriller “Inside Men,” which stars two members of the group, Lee Byung Hun and Cho Seung Woo.

Source (1)


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