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[Drama 2021] Love & Wish ❇️​ 러브 앤 위시 - YoungJae GOT7 & Choi Ye Bin


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   Kakao TV DRAMA   

 Love & Wish

러브 앤 위시




 Drama: Love and Wish , Leobeu & Wisi
Hangul: 러브 앤 위시

Director : Jang Jae-Hyuk
Writer : Yi Nae (webcomic)
Network: Daum Kakao TV, WeTV

Episodes: 09
Release Date: Dec 24, 2021 - Dec 25, 2021
Runtime: Friday, Saturday
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea



Son Da Eun, 17, is the youngest of three sisters. From an early age,

she and her sisters would spend their time reading romance-themed comics and novels,

and Son Da Eun would spend her nights dreaming of finding true love.

Her family moves to the South Korean capital, Seoul,

and she finds herself living next door to a handsome high schooler named Kim Seung Hyu.

He is charming and attractive and she feels that perhaps he might be her first true love.

When she discovers that Kim Seung Hyu is actually her new classmate at the high school

she has just transferred to, everything seems to be falling into place. Surely, she thinks,

this is fate and nothing could stand in the way of love now.

But as she starts to get to know him better and settles into life at her new school,

she realizes that he is holding something back from her:

He has been the victim of cruel and vindictive school bullying that

has left him emotionally vulnerable.

Can love conquer all, or will the demons of his past derail their fledgling romance?



  Official teaser & Trailer  

 1st Teaser  /  2ed Teaser  



  Official links   

Official website   /  YouTube   /  Webtoon  





 Choi Young-Jae as Kim Seung-yoo



 Choi Ye-Bin as Son Da-eun



 Yoo Jae Sang as Na Yoo Il




  Script Reading  





 BTS & Special 

YoungJae VLOG  

Productions Video


 Original Soundtrack  




Love and Wish  OST 

Track Listing

01. Day by Day –  Youngjae GOT7

Official MV 

02. 어떤 날 - Sondia [07:37]

03. 괜찮아 - 홍석민 (HONG SEOKMIN) [11:45]

04. 스산한 가을 앞에서 (feat. 백유진) - 김정민 [15:09]

05. 그리움 - 백유진 [17:49]

06. Really - 김정민 [19:33]

07. Betrayal - 홍석원 [21:41]

08. Think of you - 박정인 [23:54]

09. Final - 맹재준 [27:08]

10. Run away - 임연주 [29:45]

11. Day by Day (Inst.) - 영재 (Youngjae) [33:35]

12. 어떤 날 (Inst.) - Sondia [37:23]

13. 괜찮아 (Inst.) - 홍석민 (HONG SEOKMIN)

Listen Full Album 

>> cr. Spotify   <<




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GOT7’s Youngjae And Choi Ye Bin To Star In New Web Drama

GOT7’s Youngjae And Choi Ye Bin To Star In New Web Drama

Nov 30, 2021
by L. Kim

CINE de RAMA’s third project “Love & Wish” has unveiled its cast!

Titled “Love & Wish,” the web drama is based on a webtoon. It is written by Ine and distributed by Kakao Page, and it will be produced by Cube Entertainment. The webtoon has been loved by 1.5 million subscribers because it tells a story about love, friendship, and growth of high schoolers that teens and people in their twenties can deeply empathize with.

GOT7’s Youngjae will take the role of the male lead Kim Seung Hyu. This is the first time he has been selected to play the male protagonist of a romance drama since his debut.

The Penthouse” star Choi Ye Bin will play the female lead Son Da Eun. Yoo Jae Sang, who appeared in movies like “4th Place” and “Student A,” will star as Na Yoo Il.


Director Jang Jae Hyuk, the head of Cube Entertainment’s visual content group, will take the megaphone. Cube Entertainment shared it has created a new story based on the original webtoon, raising expectations for both drama and webtoon fans.

“Love & Wish” will be revealed via OTT platforms including Viki in mid-December.

Are you excited to see GOT7’s Youngjae, Choi Ye Bin, and Yoo Jae Sang in this new series?


Cr. Soompi

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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Love & Wish ✻​ 러브 앤 위시 - YoungJae GOT7 & Choi Ye Bin ✻ Premieres : Dec 24
  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2021] Love & Wish ❇️​ 러브 앤 위시 - YoungJae GOT7 & Choi Ye Bin ✻ Premieres : Dec 24

Watch: GOT7’s Youngjae And Choi Ye Bin Start Their Turbulent Romance In “Love & Wish” Teaser

Watch: GOT7’s Youngjae And Choi Ye Bin Start Their Turbulent Romance In “Love & Wish” Teaser

Dec 17, 2021
by S. Cho

GOT7’s Youngjae and Choi Ye Bin get tangled in a complicated love story in the teaser for their upcoming drama!

The web drama “Love & Wish” is a romance based on a webtoon that draws the story of love, friendship, and growth among high school students. The drama is written by Ine, distributed by Kakao Page, and produced by Cube Entertainment’s CINE de RAMA.

Youngjae will take on the role of the male lead Kim Seung Hyu and Choi Ye Bin will star as Son Da Eun. While 19-year-old Son Da Eun dreams of a fateful love, she gets tied up with the cold Kim Seung Hyu, who suffers through the pain of his past memories. Their love story will go beyond what is typical for high school students and capture true concerns and stories of growth among youth.

The teaser begins with Son Da Eun transferring to Kim Seung Hyu’s school. She comments, “I wanted a fateful love, more than anyone.” She instantly becomes fond of Kim Seung Hyu, constantly talking to him and trying to get close. As Son Da Eun starts to develop feelings, Kim Seung Hyu explains, “I didn’t want to run away. I wanted to try living like others.” Son Da Eun then confidently tells him with a bright smile, “Should I say it again? I like you.”

However, Na Yoo Il (Yoo Jae Sang) catches onto their relationship and tells Son Da Eun, “This isn’t like you.” She responds, “The one who ran away first was you.”

The screen reads, “I didn’t want to have regrets a second time,” “I wanted to receive love,” and “I wanted to love.” As tensions begin to grow among the students, someone comments, “Ask questions to the perpetrators.” Later, Son Da Eun calls out, “Stop it! Who are you guys to be bullying my friend?!”

They’re told by an adult, “Friends can fight. But they could end up dying.” While Son Da Eun cries in the hospital, Kim Seung Hyu whispers with a bloody lip, “It’s all over now.” At the end, Son Da Eun comments in a voiceover, “I wanted to say I liked you, in a world where they shout love.”

Watch the full teaser here!


Cr. Soompi

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  • Maetawinz changed the title to [Drama 2021] Love & Wish ❇️​ 러브 앤 위시 - YoungJae GOT7 & Choi Ye Bin

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