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Kat-tun Akanishi Will Not Be Participating In All Activities

Guest melxXz

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In The Meantime
was translating for my friend, so decided to post here as well. credit me if you take this anywhere.

Akanishi Jin Will Not Be Participating In All KAT-TUN Activities In The Meantime

October 12th.


KAT-TUN member, Akanishi Jin will not be participating KAT-TUN activities in near future as he would like to fulfil his long time dream of studying aboard.

He had wanted to study overseas before debut, but after much consideration for the fans and Johnny Jr. Company, he decided to delayed his decision.

The duration of studying aboard had not been fixed, and in the meantime, KAT-TUN activities will be carried out by the 5 members.

Thank you for your understanding and Johnny Jr. will not disclosed about his destination and flight details so that Akanishi Jin can focus on his studies.

Johnny Jr.

credits: melxXz@RealFace (translation), Johnny Jr. website (source)
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Guest superivystar

wow this kind of came as a surprise..since he's one of the more popular kat-tun members it's kind of odd that JE gave him a break..but good luck to him!!! :) i wonder where he'll be studying haha.

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