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ELRIS (엘리스) Official Thread


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ELRIS (엘리스)



ELRIS (엘리스) is a South Korean girl group formed by Hunus Entertainment in May 2017. The group consist of 5 members: Kim Sohee, Yukyung, Bella, Hyeseong and Karin being the maknae. The group concept of each member will be representing an embodiment of natural elements – Sohee as the sky, Karin as the forest, Hyeseong as the wind, Yukyung as the water, and finally Bella as the heart.



We First [1st mini-album]
Released: June 1, 2017 


1. Searching for ELRIS (Intro)
2. 우리 처음 (WE, first) // MV
3. 나의 별 (My Star) // MV
4. Miracle
5. 너와 나 (You and I) // MV

[ Purchase We, First ]


Color Crush [2nd mini-album]
Released: September 13, 2017 


1. Heart Band
2. Pow Pow
3. Roopretelcham
4. Wonderland Girl
5. 짝이별 (ft. 김상균 a.k.a A-Tom)
6. Midnight, moonlight

[ Purchase Color Crush ]


Member Profiles



Yukyung's Prpfile




ELRIS Official Accounts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hunus_elris
Staff Twitter: https://twitter.com/ELRIS_staff
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MRBhuTep3dzojQd5RvoFA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elris.official
Naver TV: http://tv.naver.com/elris
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hunus_elris/



Credit: forELRIS.com / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

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The girls finally debuted. Since the first teaser video snippets were out, I was looking forward to their release. In the beginning I thought they would go with a more mysterious (?) than cute theme, which sadly didn't happen BUT I still like it even tho it's the generic cute girl group theme. It honestly sounds like somthing Lovelyz or Apink would do. 
The way I understand, they go for a "Alice in Wonderland" theme, right? It also just occurs to me that their name pronounced directly from Hangul sounds like "Alice"... why didn't I catch that sooner? ^^

I think I will stan Yukyung for now :3 

I think it would be better to link the official upload of the music video here. 


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170604 SBS Inkigayo Debut Stage



@HUNUS_ELRIS official twitter update

[#ELRIS]  ELRIS will be the third artist to perform on todays broadcast of SBS #Inkigayo! Must watch ♥♥  #엘리스 #WE_first #우리처음


@hunus_elris official instagram update

[#ELRIS]  Did you watch ELRIS stage at SBS Inkigayo~? To all the fans who cheered us on loudly, you’re the best ♥ #엘리스 #WE_first #우리처음

Source & Credit: itselris.tumblr.com


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