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Kia Williams

[Official Thread] Varsity (바시티)

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Meet Varsity! ~♪

Global K Center

Debuted on Jan. 3, 2017

Debut Album - Round One

Debut Song - Ur My Only One


Varsity is 12 member global group consisting of 7 Korean, and 5 Chinese members!

There isn't a lot of information about them at the moment, but I'll be updating this post as more info is released!



Kid (키드) - Vocalist

Bullet (블릿) - Leader, vocalist, rapper

Damon (데이먼) - Dancer

Xiweol (시월) - Main Vocalist

Xin (씬) - vocalist

Jaebin (재빈)

Seungbo (승보) - Vocalist

Riho (리호) - Vocalist 

Anthony (엔써니) - Vocalist

Yunho (윤호) - Dancer

Dawon (다원)

Manny (만니) - Rapper, Maknae




✧Ur My Only One ✧




✧Hole in One✧



Twitter  |  Facebook  | Youtube 

More info about members - Here

Other Groups that debuted in early 2017 - Here

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