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How We Doin’: First Impressions Of The New “Running Man” Mates

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People are generally unwilling to accept change, especially when it is to something we are so familiar and comfortable with. So when the deluge of Running Man news continuously broke out, most fans were angry, apprehensive, and wanted to swear off the show altogether. But let’s be honest here. With the departure of Gary and […]

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Guest nonaklepon

i agree that adding So Min and Se Chan is a good decision after all, like a little breeze in a hot day.

but here's a thought: i sensed that the games become less and less creative (until it's hard to be tolerated) from about a year ago, they didn't even do 'grandeur' episode anymore. i utterly disappointed at Gary's farewell episode. i expected some big, festive, yet personal episode, but they gave us a rather small episode inside his apartment. i think they let Gary (and other members) down. so one thing they should change before adding a new member is the PD, or at least some big revolution in the creative team should be done.

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