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[Official Thread] Joe Chen Qiao-En 陳喬恩 [Taiwan Artist]

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Joe Chen Qiao-En ★ 陳喬恩



Chinese name    陳喬恩 (traditional)
Chinese name    陈乔恩 (simplified)
Pinyin    Chen Qiao En (Mandarin)
Origin:    Hsinchu, Taiwan Republic of China
Born    4 April 1979 (age 37)
Other name(s)    小紅恩、教主、球恩
Occupation    Actress, Singer, Writer, Host
Label(s)    Chen Qiao En Studios


Cr: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Chen


Year Title Role
2011 The Allure of Tears (傾城之淚) Zhang Cai
2012 Happiness Me Too (幸福迷途) Song Qi
2014 The Monkey King (大鬧天宮) Princess Iron Fan
The Suspicious (最佳嫌疑人) Angel
Breaking the Waves (激浪青春) Ruan Xiaoyue
The Continent (後會無期) Zhou Mo
2015 The Queens (我是女王) Candy
Youth Never Returns (既然青春留不住) Zhou Hui
Our Times (我的少女时代) Lin Truly (adult)
Return of the Cuckoo (十月初五的月光) Qi Qi
Forever Love (北京時間) Xue Yalan
2017 Into the Rainbow (奇迹:追逐彩虹) Lian





Year Title Role Network Notes
2001 Lavender (薰衣草) Xiao Wei SETTV  
2002 My MVP Valentine (MVP 情人) Fang Yixue / Barbie SETTV  
2003 100% Senorita (千金百分百) Liang Xiaofeng / Zhuang Feiyang SETTV  
Lao Nen Da Si (老嫩大细) Liu Jinxing    
2004 In Love with a Rich Girl (愛上千金美眉) Ai Bi (Albee) TTV  
Red Woman is Flower (红色女人花) Luo Qiaoyun FTV, ONTV  
2005 The Doctor (大熊医师家) Xu Xiaoen TTV, SETTV, CTS Cameo
Sugo Mei Li GMA Network Cameo
The Prince Who Turns into a Frog (王子變青蛙) Ye Tianyu TTV, SETTV  
2006 A Game About Love (剪刀·石頭·布) Ye Duoli CTS  
2007 Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 (櫻野3加1) Xia Tian TTV, SETTV  
2008 Fated to Love You (命中注定我愛你) Chen Xinyi TTV, SETTV  
Woody Sambo (无敌珊宝妹) Chen Xinyi TTV Cameo
2009 Easy Fortune Happy Life (福氣又安康) Xie Fuan TTV, SETTV  
Let's Dance (守著陽光守著你) Ding Xiaohan TTV, SETTV  
2010 Zhi Xuan Ye Guang Ming (知县叶光明) Piao Piao CCTV Cameo
The Girl in Blue (佳期如夢) You Jiaqi Hunan TV  
2011 Youthful and Vibrant Zhu Nine Sister (春光燦爛豬九妹) Zhu Jiumei Anhui TV  
2012 The Queen of SOP (勝女的代價) Lin Xiaojie Hunan TV  
Beauties of the Emperor (美人心计前传) Lu Yue / Empress Lu Zhi Zhejiang TVShenzhen TVShanxi TV  
2013 Swordsman (笑傲江湖) Dongfang Bubai Hunan TV  
2015 Cruel Romance (錦繡緣華麗冒險) Rong Jinxiu Hunan TV  
Destined to Love You (偏偏喜欢你) Qian Baobao Hunan TV  
2016 Plastic Surgery Season (整容季) Wang Wenwen (Before) YoukuTudou Cameo
Marry a Husband (嫁个老公过日子) Chen Jiayu JSTV  
Stay with Me (放弃我抓紧我) Li Weiwei Hunan TV also producer
Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城) Shirley Yang QQ  
2017 The Legendary Tycoon (传奇大亨) Rose TBA Guest Role
Love Actually (人间至味是清欢) An Qinghuan Hunan TV  
The Unique China Queen (独孤皇后) Dugu Qieluo TBA  

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Ah.. where have I been.......

Love JOE Chen to the moon and back! One of my favorite actress since my teenage year.... happy white cloud

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